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Bad Habits

He has been so busy hiding it from me, but i think other wise.
He takes shower as soon as he returns from work, scrubbing it off from head to toe.
He thinks i dont know about it, but i do.
I mean, I know everything about him.
I can memorize him from his perfect face to bottom of his feet.
My older brother, just became a nicotine face.
"Do you know what tar is, Ni-chan?" I asked him one night while munching on dinner.
He munched back silence.
"I heard it look like bottom a melted sandal. You know, like Aspalt."
He began to stab at his meat with chopstick rather violently.
"Luffy, eating with out you telling me things like that are appreciated."
"alright, alright." I stared at him with one eye before going back to my dinner.
After the Dishes have been done, i wiped my hands on the clothe hanging in the kitchen.
I turned to find Ace staring blankly out the window in our living room... chewing at a pencil like a madman.
His face was so serious compare to what he was doing.
This was becoming ridiculous.
I called out to him and he turned to me.
His attention was only half hearted so i swung my shirt over my head.
His eyes became wide for a split second but it soon went back to its normal size.
So i kicked my pants off. My brother stared with slight amusement.
"strip show, Luffy?" Pencil contiuned to dangle around his mouth.
My boxer soon dropped to my feet. So did the pencil.
"..Whhhaat are you doing..?" Oh look at that. "Just taking your mind off things.. you know." Its just so fun to see your perfect sibling turning that shade of red.
So fucking pleasant.
"I understand that you have picked up a bad habit, Ni-chan."
"...I don't know what you are talking about." Denial, Denial. I inched toward him.
"Why are you turning so red? Its not like you havent seen me naked before."
Oh look at that sweat breaking at sides of his perfect face. Priceless.
"..ubb...ub...coughLuffy! you have school tomorrow."
"No excuses, Ace. Be a man about it." I settle myself on to his lap and he looked panic stricken-but...excited?
I sled my hands underneath his shirt.
The smell of Soap he used sprang up into life, and it was surprisingly attractive.
Isnt it strange? How a cheap smell could turn into something totally...delicious. On him of course.
My hand sled the shirt over his head and exposed a nicely tone body that my brother kept hidden underneath his shirts.
If we had a real parents that took care of us, it is possible that he could be those kids with stupid fan girls in school.
If he still went to school...instead of choosing work over it. I look at his face and he had this..awfully seductive tint to his cheeks.
I letched my self onto him and grabbed him for a messy kiss.
If i remember correctly almost every kiss we had were amazing. This one topped everyother ones.
His hand on back of my head forced this heaven to continue.
He began to buck his hips against me.
His other hand pulled my hips down to grind onto me.
Unbelievably intoxicating, his ways.
Next thing i knew i was under, and he had his control over me.
His pants were off. i saw his orange checkered boxers beaten up about few yards away from us.
And a protection rubber dangling on his mouth, unopend.
A pack of lube laid abandoned on the floor after being used up. Um... yea.
"Ace..Can you stop for a minute...?" I asked him, but alas, my protest(well not really) in vain, i was in for some serious...stuff.
Since the Very first time we ever intercourse...i must admit, its surprising to find my back still intact to my..lower half.
First time was hell, But as it happend more and more often, i began to feind for it.
Today was not an exception.
I totally forgot all of my plans on "talking" to him about his new habit of sucking on tar stick.
All i remember was...I was kinda of angry at myself for not being able to orgasim more than four times.
When i finally snapped out of it, i was lying on top of his sweat drenched body.
I was so exhausted.
Than i heard a sound of match match striking...and..Tar stick hanging lose from my brother's mouth.
I opend my mouth to say something, but i couldn't.
As much as i hated to admit it, there was just something so sexy about the way it dangled around his mouth.
"What?" He asked.
"I like it." I said.
"well, I dont wanna see you smoking, luffy." He said, smoke escaping out of his...mouth.
"What?" "I wanna lay on top of you all night"
He smiled. I wonder if he smiled like that to everyone else.
"Sure. just dont complain about your back tomorrow"
You damn well know i will. But i stayed quite.
Sleep creeps up like the endless washes of the shore.
And so i sleep again. Let this moment forever be remembered.
It looks like this is going to be another habit of mine.

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