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"Close enough" said Jack.

Sam just looked at him,

Daniel and T'ealc missed this exchange and began Barbequing the meat they had brought.

Daniel opened a beer and handed one to Jack and one toSam.

They exchanged small talk for several hours and Daniel and T'ealc eventually left.

Sam stayed behind to help Jack clean up.

After they had cleared away the mess they both returned to sit by the pond outside Jacks cabin. The moon was rising, the stars were clear and bright and the night sky was beautiful. Sam took this opportunity to talk about something she had hidden for so long.

"Colonel", "Jack" she said tentatively.

Sensing what was coming, Jack answered "Yes, Cart .. Sam"?

" I can't help but feeling, something is missing".

"Ya think" he replied in his usual sarcastic tone.

"I have to tell you something. It may cause problems, but screw the regs". Jack, I'm in Love with you, I have been for ages, but was always too concerned about the consequences to say anything about it. But now, I feel, that if I don't say something to you, I'll never be able to say it and we'll miss out on something wonderful.

Jack just sat there staring at her for what seemed an eternity. He couldn't remember feeling so light, like he was floating on air. She loved him! She told him she loved him, she had broken the rules, he was her C.O, but he still didn't care, he loved her too and he would tell her so, no he would show her!.

Thinking that he was angry with her, she got up to leave, not being able to bear the look of rejection she imagined would come her way, but as she turned to leave, she felt a gentle touch on her arm.

"Sam , don't leave, stay, please. We have a lot to talk about".

With that he took her hand and led her inside. He put on some soft music and poured 2 glasses of nice red wine and handed a glass to her. They sat on the couch together, not touching, both too scared to start something they knew was going to cost one of them their careers. Jack came to a decision, he loved Sam, and he had loved her since he first laid eyes on her, she was incredibly smart, incredibly beautiful and incredibly sexy and she was in love with him. He wanted this with her, he was 15 years older than her, and he would retire "again" so he could be with her. He wouldn't sacrifice this second chance at happiness he had been given. He put his wine glass down on the table and took her hands in his.

"I have to tell you something, I wish I had told you a million times before, I'm in love with you too, for longer than I want to admit and now, that I have this opportunity to be with you, I want to grab it with both hands. I've never been good at telling people how I feel and I've waited far too long to share this with you. I don't want to loose you Sam, and I won't, not for anything".

Jack leaned toward Sam and saw her shiver in anticipation. His lips gently brushed hers and he pulled away just a little and just looked into her crystal pools, "she has such beautiful eyes" he thought to himself. Sam stared back, not quite sure what to do next, she knew what she wanted to do, but wasn't quite sure how to get there. She raised her hand and stroked his cheek, and leaned forward to kiss him back. The kiss started innocently enough, but as it progressed, it became more passionate as they began to submit to the feelings both had kept hidden for far too long. This made their need so much greater, the fact that they had been denying each other the same thing. Before Jack knew what was happening he was on his back on he couch, shirt torn off and on the floor somewhere.

Sam was all over him, kissing him here and there, touching his many scars, running her hands through his chest hair and down his sides, sending shivers through him from head to toe and ending at his very aroused manhood. Sam stopped what she was doing and stood up. She reached out her hand and Jack took it, following her to his bedroom.

The music from the lounge room followed them too and it was now a soft sensual sound to match their long held desires. Sam began to undress Jack and he let her do it.

Soon he was naked and she looked him over completely, she touched all of his battle wounds and held her hand over his heart to feel his emotional scares. He then undressed her and did the same to her. It was like a ritual, a healing ritual for them both, for they both had been terribly hurt, both physically and mentally and they understood each other. Jack for the loss of his son and the failure of his marriage, Sam for the loss of her father, having to kill Martouf and having to break it off with Pete, so she could have the chance to be with Jack, because she knew if she stayed with Pete, if she married him, any chance, albeit miniscule, she might have of being with Jack would have been lost forever. Jack raised his hands and wiped away the tears that had begun to fall from her crystal coloured eyes.

"Don't cry baby, we'll make this work" he whispered soothingly as he held her to him. He laid her backwards onto the bed and climbed up beside her. He gently caressed her body for what seemed and eternity and eventually she was breathing heavily and he knew she was asleep.

Eight years of waiting had taking their toll, this was extremely emotionally draining for both of them. They had hidden and denied their feelings from themselves and each other and they were exhausted from showing it to each other. Jack desperately wanted to make her truly his in every sense of the word, but he would wait. They had forever to look forward to and he was in no rush.

He got up and headed for the shower to cool off. He would let her sleep. Not long after running the water he heard the door open and wasn't really surprised to see Sam standing there in one of his shirts.

"God you're beautiful" he told her.

"You're not too bad yourself. Can I join you?"

"Youbetcha!" he replied, almost a little too eagerly.!

"I see 'little jack" is happy to see me", she quipped, referring to his growing erection.

"hey what'd ya mean? 'little Jack!", that's no way to speak to your future husband". "My god, did I actually say that out loud", he gasped.

Sam brought her eyes to his "did you mean that"? she whispered.

Jack, unable to control himself any longer, unable to hold the emotions at bay, stepped from the shower and groaned as he got down on one knee, "of course I mean it, I was hoping to have more clothes on when I asked you this, but Samantha Carter, Will You Marry Me"?

Tears started to fall freely from both their eyes, Sam, held her hands out to Jack and said "here, let me help you up old man, oh and by the way Yes of course I'll marry you, but will you please make love to me first".

"Old man" he whispered as he gently kissed away her tears. "This old man has plenty to show you".

With that he scooped her up into his arms and headed back to the bed. "I'm actually gonna do this, I'm going to make love to Sam", he thought to himself,

"WOW", he accidentally said out loud as he laid her on the bed again.

"what jack" she asked.

"I can't believe what I'm about to do. I have waited for this moment all my life Sam, I don't want to ruin it".

"Just make love to me Jack" she said, crying again.

"hey baby, don't cry", we'll make this work".

"It's not that Jack", she sobbed. "I just haven't felt like this in so long. I'm nervous and horny and I'm so in love with you and it's just a lot to come to terms with all at once, ya know? We've both been holding back for so long, that I thought it would never happen, and here we are, laying together naked, ready to give ourselves fully to the other. I just thought, it would never happen and now it is".

"we can wait baby, we don't have to go any further tonight. If you're not ready, we can wait" he said gently.

"No, I've waited long enough Jack, I can't wait any longer. Make love to me".

At her command, he leant forward and captured her lips in his own. He could taste the salt from her tears on them and when she opened her mouth to him, he eagerly entered, tongues dancing together, running over teeth. Gently he moved above her and began kissing her neck, she moved her head slightly to allow him better access, enjoying every single feeling he evoked in her and every single tingle and sensation.

He whispered in her ear "I love you, Samantha". She loved the way he said her full name, not Carter, not Sam, but Samantha.

"Do me a favour Jack, always call me Samantha. I love the way it sounds when you say it".

"youbetcha" he growled in her ear.

Moving down her body, he stopped at her breast and kissed and nipped each one equally. When she grabbed the side of his head and pulled him back to her lips for a mind-blowing kiss, they both knew it was "time".

He gently positioned himself between her legs and positioned his fully erect self at her entrance. As they stared into each other eyes, he entered her, painfully slowly, but generating such electricity through both their bodies, that they both felt like they had never felt before, it really felt like magic, like the heavens themselves finally breathed a sigh of relief and the universe whispered "finally".

Between loving whispers of "Jack" and "Samantha" they found a rhythm and began to climb to the heights of fulfilment together. Now Jack being the man that he was, well endowed and very much in control of his body (thanks to 10 years in black ops!),was able to bring Samantha to orgasm twice before he began to loose control. He had never heard a more beautiful sound in his life than the sound that escaped Samantha's lips as she came.

"Oh my God JJJAAACKKK! I'm coming again, Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" she continued to whisper as she came down from her high.

Still feeling his erect penis inside her (oh she could die like this!),

"Jack, you Ok".

"Just getting started baby, hold on for the ride of your life".

With that he began thrusting faster and deeper than he had previously and once again, Sam was on the brink of another orgasm. She had never come more than once in any lovemaking session (mind you none of her other lovers (not that there had been many of them) had even tried!). She wanted Jack to come with her this time, she wanted to feel him fill her with his seed. She regained some control over her body and placed her hands on each side of his face, bringing his face to hers.

"I want to see you Jack, when you come inside of me. Let go Jack, lose control, for me, show me you, show me all of you".

Eyes burning into each others soul, he let go, he gave into everything, he gave over to his body and let it go, he reached the highest pinnacle of his life and flew with Samantha over the highest peak and together, they screamed each others name, as she came again and he came inside her for the very first time. Something neither of them thought would ever happen. As he collapsed onto her, a strange sound escaped his lips. Samantha had to listen hard over their haggard breathing, but she was sure he was crying. She touched his cheek and he raised his wet face to hers, tears mixed with sweat.

"Jack, what's wrong" she asked.

"Nothing baby, everything is so right". "Like you said before, it's just a lot to deal with all at once, ya know". …

Sam brought her lips to Jack and gave him the sweetest, most tender kiss he had ever received in his life. He closed his eyes, whilst she kissed his tears away. Jack couldn't remember feeling this much emotion before, he couldn't remember feeling this loved before. Not when he married Sarah or even when Charlie was born. He felt empty and desolate when Charlie died, but he didn't cry. But he cried now, because Sam made him feel everything and it was really hard to deal with, but he wasn't going to run from it this time. He would show her him, who he really was and not the Military persona that had consumed his life.

Then Jack had a horrible thought, what if Sam didn't like the real Jonathon "Jack" O'Neill. What if she was only in love with the Soldier in him? "Nah, She really loves me," He said to himself, she has seen me at my worst, after Charlie died and seen everything I've been through in the last 8 years. "Get a grip O'Neill, She LOVES YOU, or she wouldn't be here."

Jack opened his eyes and returned Sam's loving gaze. "I love you Sam, more than I thought I could love someone, and this here, what we've shared now, makes me feel like, I don't know, like I've never felt before, I feel like I'm going to explode, maybe it's because of the 8 years I wasted not saying anything. I was really hopeful after the Zartac incident, and have to say that I was devastated when you wanted to keep it in the room. But I held my tongue, didn't want you to ruin your career, but I won't let you go this time Sam, I'm going to hand in my resignation in the morning. I'm not going to DC, I'm going to stay here with you.

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