Final Chapter,

Once again, I don't own anything, just playing with them. I really wish someone would do something with the show and end it on a real romantic high. We don't want to see Sam or Jack with anyone else but each other. It's just the same old, same old, isn't it, frustrated viewers hoping beyond hope that their fav characters will get together, and the writers of the show, too wrapped up in their own angst to do anything about it! Anyway, everything belongs to the creators, GEKKO, Double Secret etc etc and the ever-sexy R.D.A.! The words to the portion of song I use belong to the writers of the song and to the singer, Brian Adams. Sorry it's taken so long to complete my "huge" 4 chapter story, I'm not very creative, so it takes a long time for ideas to come to me, usually late at night when I'm really tired you'll find me sitting at the computer or in bed with my laptop, my hubby snoring next to me, waking occasionally to complain about the light! Hope you enjoyed my story.

Six Weeks later.

Jack and Sam weren't able to get married as quickly as they had hoped. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. They couldn't get the marriage licence because Sam couldn't give a blood test through the normal channels due to the protein markers left by Jolinar; Jack got stranded off world after being summoned by Thor; Teal'c had to return to the Jaffa council for urgent meetings and then Sam got stuck off world whilst being lent out to SG3. Finally, just days before, they decided, that they would do it on the weekend.

The sun was shinning, it was beautiful day in Minnesota. The sun was reflecting off the lake, the birds were singing, a gentle breeze blew, they couldn't have asked for a better day. Jack and Sam had decided to get married out by the lake at Jack's, no their cabin because this is where they first confessed their real love for each other. Cassandra had adorned the alter with roses and lilies, the seats decorated with pink ribbons,

Meanwhile, inside the cabin;

"Jack, don't." Sam whispered quietly. "We're not supposed to see each other on our wedding day".

"Sam, I haven't seen you for over a week, I haven't made love to you since that first time, I'm dying here, I've missed you so much, I just want to see you and hug you and touch you and.." he whined

"Jack, I know how you feel, but we agreed that we would remain celibate until we're married, because we wanted it to be like our first time all over again. I'm sorry it's taken so long, I'm sorry I got stuck off world with SG-3 last week, but It'll be worth it, just you wait, a few more minutes and then I'm all yours for the rest of our lives"

"Just a quick look, just a peck, I can't wait" he begged.

"NO JACK! GO AWAY! Sam demanded

"Ok, but I'm not happy about it". He sulked.

30 minutes later;

Jack stood at the alter with Teal'c and Daniel. He was in his dress blues and looked so hot and gorgeous, some of the female guests were envious of Sam. Teal'c was in his formal Jaffa robes and Daniel in a black tuxedo. They all looked very handsome indeed.

The weren't many guests present, mainly due to the secrecy of the Star Gate programme and Sam and Jack wanted a personal, intimate wedding. Sure they could have got married at the SGC with a big alien contingent, but they wanted simple and intimate, not some big inter-galaxy shindig. Even though they had many interplanetary friends, they decided that Teal'c would be the only alien present, although, others would certainly have come if they had been invited. They were quite surprised when the President accepted their invitation, he had arrived just minutes before with a minimum secret service contingent and made his way directly to Jack at the alter.

"Thanks for coming Mr President" Jack said.

"It is a pleasure to be here Jack" he responded. "Can't stay long though, don't want to overshadow your and Colonel Carter's big day".

"No problem, Oh and by the way, thanks for the permission to marry Sam, you have no idea how much it means to me, means to us" Jack replied seriously.

With that, the President found his seat and sat down, flanked on either side by his secret service agents.

Meanwhile back in Jack's room.

Samantha looked at herself one last time, before leaving the room. Janet would have loved this! Seeing Sam marry the man she had loved and lusted after for so long. Sam began to tear up as Cassie came in to see if she were ready.

"Sam, what's wrong?" she asked

"Oh, Cass, I really miss Janet. I wish she were here with me" Sam replied.

"Sam, I miss her too and she is here, she's here in our hearts, don't ever forget that".

"You really are wise beyond your years, you know that".

"Of course I do, I'm more advanced, remember!"

"Smartass" Sam quipped.

"OK" Sam said "let's get this show on the road, where's General Hammond".

"It's George today, Samantha. Ready?"

"Never been more ready in my life".

All of a sudden, the wedding March began and out strode Cassandra, looking radiant in her bridesmaid dress. Sam didn't have any other attendants, it didn't seem right to her to try and replace Janet, so she didn't. She looped her arm through George's arm and set off out through the door and down the path to the clearing by the lake.

"Here she comes" Daniel whispered to Jack, who was gazing off into the future, surrounded by love and happiness, he only wished Charlie could be here, but then again, if Charlie were still alive, he'd probably never have gone to Abydos on that very first mission or decided to stay with the Star Gate programme at all, would never have met Sam and probably would still be married to Sarah.

Jack, roused from his daydream, spun around and said, "Oh my god, she is more beautiful than I could have imaged"

"You know, we never thought you guys would get here, but we're all so happy that you finally have" Daniel told Jack

"Thanks guys" Jack said without looking at either Daniel or Teal'c, he couldn't take his eyes of the vision of loveliness heading towards him. Sam looked radiant in her wedding dress, a simple, but gorgeous, full length slip dress in off white. Her blue eyes glistening with unshed tears as she made her way to her beloved.

"Hey beautiful" Jack whispered to Sam as she took her place by his side.

"Hey handsome" Sam replied, trying to keep the nervousness from her voice.

"Ladies and Gentlemen", the celebrant began, "we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill and Samantha Carter in holy matrimony. Jack and Samantha have written their own vows and will now read them. Samantha, would you like to go first?"

"Jack, when I first met you I thought you were arrogant and rude. That first day I wasn't sure if I wanted to slap you across the face or jump across the table and kiss you stupid. I thought you were so HOT! Over the years I've seen the real you and never thought I could love you more than I already did. But I do, I couldn't imagine one more day without you. I'm sorry it took me so long to act, but I'm glad I finally did. Jack you are my love, my life and my soul mate".

"Samantha, that first day, I was expecting some science geek. I certainly got that and so much more. I thought you were gorgeous and sexy, with intelligence to match, what more could a man want. But then you went on to prove your loyalty and gained my respect; you helped me through really tough times and saved by six more than once. Even though you continued to confuse me with your techno-babble, I fell stupidly and head over heels in love with you and I love you more than I can say" and with that, Jack broke into a spoken serenade;

"Everything I do, I'd do it for you. There's no love, like your love, and no other could give more love, there's no where, unless you're there, all time all the way, I'd fight for you, I lie for you, walk the wire for you, I'd die for you, everything I do, I do it for you." He finished in a broken whisper, unable contain the weight of emotion he was feeling, silent tears falling from his eyes as he looked at her.

"Oh Jack" Sam wept

After a few more words from the celebrant, he announced them man and wife.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I now present you Mr and Mrs Jonathan O'Neill".

"Would you like to kiss the bride," the celebrant asked of Jack.

"Youbetcha" and with that he swept Sam into his arms and kissed her for all he was worth. It was almost like that first kiss on Jack's couch more than 6 weeks ago, expressing need and desire. After what seemed forever, they broke apart to thunderous applause and gazed dreamily into each other's eyes.

Sam leant forward to Jack's ear and whispered to him "Jack, I have a surprise for you. I'm pregnant"

"What" he yelped "You're sure"

"Sure am, the standard blood tests after returning from off world picked it up. I didn't even know myself until yesterday".

"Wow, that's fantastic Samantha, I love you so much" and as he swept her into his arms again and spun her around, he yelled "Hey everybody, WE'RE GONNA HAVE A BABY".

Several hours later as they bid the last of their guest's goodbye, Jack took Sam into his arms and carried her to their bedroom. He set her on her feet and gazed lovingly into her crystal pools. "Sam, I'm the happiest man in the world, no in the Universe, you have given me everything I could ask for and all unconditionally and now you're carrying my, our baby, I just can't believe it, I never thought we'd get together and now we're married and going to be parents, the way I feel right now, is indescribable"

Without saying any more, Jack gently undressed her, just like that first night, savouring the feelings they evoked in each other, taking the time to caress every inch of her bare flesh. When she was naked, he laid her down on the bed and quickly shed his own wedding attire. This time was only their second night together, because they had chosen to abstain until they were really united as one. Jack continued to caress her and felt her body shudder and shiver, resulting in goose pimples when he reached the apex of her thighs.

"Jack, I need you inside me so bad, please Jack" She begged.

"Oh Sam, we have plenty of time, we have forever, please let me taste you " he whispered huskily. Without waiting for her answer, he dipped his head to her golden curls and inhaled her aroma, it was intoxicating, her scent filled his senses and all he could see was her and their future together, she filled him completely. He felt like he was drunk, drunk on her essence and when he took her folds between his lips and let his tongue taste her, he thought he had died and gone to heaven!

"God Sam, you taste so good, if I'd know it would be like this, I don't think I could have left it in the room. If I'd had an idea I would have resigned that day and taken you then and there, in front everybody, I wouldn't have cared".

"Oh Jack, that feels so good, and I'm sorry I wasted so many years".

"Sam don't go there, let's not talk about what time was wasted or what could have been let's just enjoy what we have now and what we can do together".

Jack didn't speak again, he continued to massage her folds with his lips and began to probe her velvet heat with his tongue. Within seconds Sam was on the brink of unfathomable pleasure and she begged Jack to stop, she wanted him to come with her, over the edge, to the place where only they could go.

"Jack, stop, come with me, please" she begged.

At her command Jack stopped ministering to her most sacred of places and raised his face to hers, taking her lips in a tender yet passionate kiss. As she tasted herself on his lips, he entered her, slowly again, just like that first night and together, once again, they found their rhythm and soon they were both reaching their peak and again, falling together in pleasurable release. As they fell asleep entwined in each other's arms, the universe rested, fate had done its job, the saviours were truly joined and there was no going back, good would defeat evil and light and love would once again rule.


Neither Sam nor Jack could officially leave the SGC behind. Thor insisted that he still be the Asgard/Earth Ambassador, so occasionally he was summoned for official duties and went off world several times a year. Sam continued on with SG1 and went off world regularly, but as the war against the enemies were won, one by one, she spent more time at the SGC itself, in her lab, where she was most happy as she was close to home.

"Hey, Jack, I'm home" Sam yelled as she shut the front door.

"Out here baby" She heard Jack call from the back yard.

She found him playing with the kids. Their first born, a girl, named Janet aged 5½, born 7 months after they were married and two boys, the eldest named Jonathon, aged 4 and the other Jacob, aged 2. All three children were exceptional in their own ways. Janet was like her mother, she had a brilliant mind. Jonathon was like his namesake, a warrior, even though he was not the oldest child, he was their protector and Jacob, well Jacob was a combination of the two, a brilliant warrior!

As Jack carried the Ancient Gene and Sam was one of the most brilliant and definitely the most gorgeous astrophysicist on the planet, all three children were born with knowledge beyond their years and would gow up to be involved in things that the rest of the human race would be oblivious to for many years to come.

They were destined as their parents were, to keep the earth and in essence the universe safe.