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The Winchester's… Plus One

Chapter Twenty-One: Salvation


Meg turns to killing John's friends in order to get the Colt. Sam, Dean and Emma stakeout the Demon's next target, a family with a six month old baby showing signs of special abilities. John heads off alone to confront Meg.


In a small church in a small Minnesota town, Pastor Jim stood at his alter within his safe place. He had true faith, something so few people possessed these days, and he knew deep within his soul that within these walls, nothing could harm him.

A gust of wind signalled the opening of the church doors and Jim looked up as a young blonde girl, clearly distraught, entered this safe haven.


"Good morning. Can I help you?" Jim asked, seeing nothing but the sweet, innocent girl that she appeared to be.

"I kind of… I need to talk," Meg muttered, sitting at the pews.

"Well, that's what I'm here for," Jim said, walking over to her.

"I've done some things… not good things," Meg began.

"Well, there's always forgiveness for us if we seek it," Jim encouraged her on.

"For everyone? Are you sure?"

"I like to say salvation was created for sinners. Tell me what's on your mind."

"Well, I've lied… a lot. I've stolen. I've lusted. And the other day, I met this man. A nice guy, you know? And we had a really good chat. sort of like this. Then I slit his throat and ripped his heart out through his chest."

Jim's face turned from concerned to puzzled… until Meg looked up at him, her eyes black as coal.

"Does that make me a bad person?" Meg said, just as sweetly as before.

"I know what you are," Jim said through his shock, backing away from her as she blinks, her eyes turning back to that of the home town girl her body was. "You can't be here. This is hallowed ground."

"Please," Meg said, standing up. "Maybe that works in the minor leagues, but not with me."

The sanctity of his 'safe place' now crumbling before his very eyes, Jim ran for his life, down a flight of stairs that led him into the basement, closing the solid doors behind him.

Meg didn't run. Meg just walked calmly across the room, letting him close that door. Because with one hard kick, the door practically splintered beneath her feet… just in time for hr to catch the knife that Jim threw at her.

"You throw like a girl," Meg quips simply.

"What do you want?" Jim asked, backing himself into a corner.

"The Winchesters," Meg answered simply.

"I haven't spoken to John Winchester in over a year," Jim said, bargaining for his life at this point. "You're wasting your time. Even if I did know where they were, I'd never tell you."

"I know."

With a slash of the knife Jim would have used for protection, Meg slits his throat, walking away with a grin as she lets the dear friend of John Winchester slowly choke to death on his own blood.


Across the state, in Manning, Colorado, the hunters in question are holed up in a motel room. Now that John has officially let Sam, Dean and Emma be part of his team, his years of research in the form of maps, newspapers articles, books and photograph are strewn across every available surface, walls included. In the middle of this, John is sat at the table, the three eager young hunters stood in front of him, listening as he speaks.

"So, this is it," John told them. "This is everything I know. Look, our whole lives we've been searching for this demon, right? And not a trace, just nothing… until about a year ago. For the first time, I picked up a trail."

"That's when you took off," Emma piped up.

"Yeah, that's right," John answered her. "The demon must have come out of hiding or hibernation."

"All right, so, what's this trail you found?" Dean asked, getting back on topic.

"It starts in Arizona, then New Jersey, California," John spieled off. "Houses are burning down to the ground. It's going after families, just like it went after us."

"Families with infants?" Sam clarified.

"Yeah, the night of the kid's six-month birthday," John told him.

"I was six months old that night?" Sam clarified again, this time for his own benefit.

"Exactly six months," John told him again.

"So, basically, this demon is goin' after these kids for some reason, the same way it came for me?" Sam said, almost speaking to himself now. "So, Mom's death, Jessica… it's all 'cause of me?"

"We don't know that, Sam," Emma immediately said to him.

"Oh, really, 'cause I'd say we're pretty damn sure, Em," Sam argued back.

"For the last time, what happened to them is not your fault," Dean said, coming down strongly on his girlfriend's side.

"Yeah, you're right, it's not my fault, but it's my problem!" Sam continued to argue.

"No, it's not your problem, it's our problem!" Emma tried to still in him once again.

"Okay. That's enough," John said, getting to his feet as h became the peacemaker, knocking the three of them silent.

"So, why is it doing it?" Sam spoke into the silence, needing answers. "What does it want?"

"Look, I wish I had more answers," John said, as softly as he could. "I do. I've always been one step behind it. Look, I've never gotten there in time to save…."

"All right," Dean said, hearing his father's voice trail off. "So, how do we find it before it hits again?"

"There's signs," John told them. "Look, it took me a while to see the pattern, but in the days before these fires, signs crop up in an area. Cattle deaths, temperature fluctuations, electrical storms. And then I went back and checked, and…."

"These things happened in Lawrence," Dean finished for him.

"The week before your mother died," John said with a nod before turning to Sam. "And in Palo Alto… before Jessica. And these signs, they're starting again."

"Where?" Sam asked.

"Salvation, Iowa."


Making their way down the road to Salvation, hopefully in more ways than one, the four were in two separate cars, spilt back into their original hunting parties.

Only moments after passing the 'Welcome to Salvation' sigh, John's car turned off the road, parking in a dirt lay-by. Sam, Dean and Emma followed, all passengers stepping out of their cars.

"Damn it," John uttered, slamming his fists against the roof of his truck.

"What is it?" Dean asked him.

"Son of a bitch!" John continued to curse, ignoring the three.

"What is it?" Emma tried again when Dean got no reply.

"I just got a call from Caleb," John finally answered.

"Is he okay?" Emma asked, remembering John's long time friend who her, Sam and Dean had occasionally spent time with when they were too young to go along on a hunt.

"He's fine," John told her. "Jim Murphy is dead."

"Pastor Jim?" Sam said, receiving a nod off John. "How?"

"Throat was slashed, he bled out," John told them, the trio now too stunned to ask anything else. "Caleb said they found traces of sulfur at Jim's place."

"The demon," Dean said, getting a light nod and a look from John. "Thedemon?"

"I don't know," John said with a slight sigh. "Could be he just got careless, he slipped up. Maybe the demon knows we're gettin' close."

"What do you want to do?" Emma asked the obvious question.

"Now we act like every second counts," John told them. "There's two hospitals and a health centre in this county. We split up, we cover more ground. I want records. I want a list of every infant that's gonna be six months old in the next week."

"Dad, that could be dozens of kids. How the hell are we gonna know which one's the right one?" Sam asked.

"We'll check 'em all, that's how," John said, as if the answer was so simple. "You got any better ideas?"

"No, sir," Sam answered after a pause, him and Dean moving to get back into the car. Before climbing back into her seat in the Impala, Emma looked up to see John still leaning against his truck, his eye-line off as he was lost in his own mind.

"John?" Emma spoke softly, waiting a moment before John turned his attention to her.

"Yeah… it's Jim. You know, I can't…." he trailed off, his voice more determined when he spoke again. "This ends. Now. I'm ending it. I don't care what it takes."


Going there separate ways to look for the names, Sam, Dean, Emma and John took their own hospitals and their own ways of getting inside.

Outside of Salvation Women and Children's Hospital, John sat in his truck, refilling through his ID's before finding the one he wanted, an ID for a hospital staff.

In the next hospital, Salvation Iowa Medical Centre, Sam is sat at a table, looking through a pile of files while a receptionist brings him even more to look through.

"Here you go, Officer," the receptionist said with a sweet smile.

"Thank you," Sam replied as she walked away, going back to the files in front of him.

In the final hospital, Salvation Hospital, Dean and Emma walk in, Dean's eye immediately going to the attractive brunette behind the front desk. Dean walks over to her with his usual swagger, Emma content to just stand back and watch him… for the moment.

"Hi. Is there anything I can do for you?" the woman asks.

"Oh, God, yes," Dean replied, the girl giving off that stupid, tinkling laugh the Emma just couldn't stand. Without saying a word, Emma stepped up to Dean, making sure her presence was known. Feeling her staring him down, Dean cleared his throat, taking out his police badge. "Only I, uh… I'm working right now, so…."

Giving Dean a soft smile, the nurse walked away to get them the help they needed. On their own now, Dean turned his attention to Emma, an apologetic smile gracing his features. Emma just stares back, hands on her hips, and a crooked little smile twisting up the corner of her mouth.

"One day, that look is gonna stop working, Dean."


Back at Salvation Iowa Medical Centre, Sam has the information he needs and is on his way back to meet the group at the motel. Just as his feet step up onto the sidewalk on the opposite side of the road, Sam's head splits apart in pain, images flashing behind his eyes in quick succession.

He sees a mother placing an infant into her crib. With another flash of pain also comes the images of that same woman opening that bedroom door to see a man standing over her baby, the noise from a passing train outside the window.

Taking deep breath as the visions and the pain stopped, Sam stood straight, pulling a map out of his bag.

"Train…." he muttered to himself, seeing that he was right. A train-line passed right beside the street that housed one of the kids on his list.


Following the direction on the map, Sam found himself outside of the house he had seen moments ago in his vision. And the mother and child he had seen were walking in front of it, the new woman struggling to juggle pushing the baby carriage while at the same time pulling down the umbrella.

Without any further thought, Sam crossed the road to her.

"Hi. Here, let me hold that. You don't need that anymore," Sam said, playing the helpful stranger as he placed his hand on the baby carriage.

"Thanks," the woman said with a small laugh, clasping shut her umbrella.

"She's gorgeous," Sam said, looking down into the crib. "Is she yours?"

"Yeah," the woman replied with a soft smile down at her young daughter.

"Oh, wow," he said, giving a small laugh as he looked back up at the woman holding the baby carrier, holding out his hand for her to take. "I'm sorry, I'm rude. I'm Sam. I just moved in up the block."

"Oh, hey, I'm Monica," she told him. "This is Rosie."

"Rosie? Hi, Rosie," Sam said to the young child.

"So, welcome to the neighbourhood."

"Thank you. She's such a good baby."

"I know. I mean, she never cries. She just stares at everybody. Sometimes she looks at you, and I swear, it's like she's reading your mind."

"What about you, Monica? Have you lived here long?"

"My husband and I, we bought our place just before Rosie was born."

"How old is Rosie?"

"She's six months today," Monica answered, a stunned look crossing Sam's features. "It's big, right? Growin' like a weed."

"Yeah," Sam said with a half-hearted smile, clearly confusing Monica more and more by the moment. "Monica?"

"Yeah?" Monica said, staring up at Sam as he looked down at her with a sad smile, pausing as he thought what to say next.

"Just take care of yourself, okay?" Sam eventually said.

"Yeah. You, too, Sam. We'll see you around."

"Yeah. Definitely."

He watched as, with a smile back at him, Monica walked away with Rosie towards a car pulling up into their driveway, a man, clearly Monica's husband, stepping out of it. As Sam watched from across the street, pain flashed behind Sam's eyes as another vision played in his mind.

He watched the scene play out in full this time as the clock on the wall of Rosie's wall stopped, while the mobile above the bed began moving on its own. Sam watched as a shadow of a man moved into the room, stopping over Rosie's crib. Dressed in a white nightgown, Monica walked in behind him, staring at the unknown intruder into her daughter's room.

"What are you….?" The demon looked back at her, his eyes flashing, and MONICA is thrown back against the wall, pinned as her body slid up to the ceiling. "Rosie! Rosie!"

The demon ignored the cries of the young mother, his eyes still glued to her body as a pool of blood appeared on her waist, the woman crying out to her baby daughter one last time before she burst into flames.


Back at the motel, Sam had found the other three already there and he had relayed to them what had just happened to him. And now his part was done, Sam just wanted to down a couple of hundred aspirin's and get rid of his killer headache. Being the ever sympathetic 'big sister' that she was to Sam, Emma was sat beside him, her arm round his shoulder as her hand massaged his hair, while Dean and John watched from their spot across the room.

"A vision?" John repeated, still clearly not grasping this part of the whole thing.

"Yes," Sam clarified again. "I saw the demon burning a woman on the ceiling."

"And you think its gonna happen to this woman you met because….?" John asked.

"Because these things happen exactly the way I see them," Sam said simply.

"It started out as nightmares," Dean added, walking across the room to where Sam and Emma were. "And then he started havin' them when he was awake."

"Yeah," Sam continued. "It's like the closer I get to anything involving the demon, the stronger the visions get."

"All right, when were you gonna tell me about this?" John asked, his anger levels rising slowly.

"We didn't know what it meant," Emma piped up.

"All right," John said. "Something like this starts happening to your brother, you pick up the phone, and you call me."

"Call you? Are you kiddin' me?" Emma remarked as Dean headed over to his father.

"Dad, I called you from Lawrence, all right?" Dean said. "Sam called you when I was dying. Gettin' you on the phone… I've got a better chance of winnin' the lottery."

"You're right. Although I'm not real crazy about this new tone of yours, you're right. I'm sorry," John said, making Emma smile behind their backs.

"Look, guys," Sam said, getting them back on topic. "Visions or no visions, the fact is, we know the demon is coming tonight. And this family's gonna go through the same hell that we went through."

"No, they're not. No one is, ever again," John said as Sam's cell phone rang.

"Hello?" Sam said into the receiver.

"Sam?" a female voice trilled over the other end.

"Who is this?" Sam asked.

"Think real hard," the voice said. "It'll come to you."

"Meg," Sam said after a moment, the shock evident in his voice and on the faces of Dean, Emma and John. "Last time I saw you, you fell out of a window."

"Yeah, thanks to you," Meg said, the smirk on her face clear in her voice. "That really hurt my feelings, by the way."

"Just your feelings? That was a seven-story drop."

"Let me speak to your dad."

"My dad… I don't know where my dad is."

"It's time for the grown-ups to talk, Sam. Let me speak to him, now."

Reluctantly, with no other way to go, Sam handed the phone over to John.

"This is John," John spoke into the phone.

"Howdy, John. I'm Meg. I'm a friend of your boys and that little girl of theirs. I'm also the one who watched Jim Murphy choke on his own blood," Meg said coldly, John taking in a much needed gulp of oxygen as he tried to stomp down his emotions. "Still there, John boy?"

"I'm here," John said, his voice almost as emotionless as Meg's.

"Well, that was yesterday," Meg told him. "Today, I'm in Lincoln… visiting another old friend of yours. He wants to say hi." Meg presses the phone to the ear of the guy tied in a chair next to her, removing his gag for a moment.)

"John, whatever they do, don't give…." he began before Meg took the phone back.

"Caleb?" John cried into the phone out the sound of his friend's voice, Sam, Dean and Emma's worried faces turning to him as he spoke to Meg this time. "You listen to me. He's got nothing to do with anything. You let him go."

"We know you have the Colt, John," Meg said simply.

"I don't know what you're talking about," John lied so easily.

"Oh. Okay. So, listen to this," Meg said. Moving the phone away from her ear, she held it out towards Caleb as, with the same knife she got from Pastor Jim, she slashed across his throat, letting John hear as he gagged on his blood.

"Caleb? Caleb!" John screamed down the phone.

"Can you hear that?" Meg said, putting the phone back to her ear. "That's the sound of your friend dying, now let's try this again. We know you have the gun, John. Word travels fast. So, as far as we're concerned, you just declared war. And this is what war looks like, it has casualties."

"I'm gonna kill you, you know that?" John said, true venom in his voice.

"Oh, John, please. Mind your blood pressure," Meg said, almost laughing at him. "So, this is the thing. We're gonna keep doing what we're doing, and your friends, anyone who has ever helped you, gave you shelter, anyone you ever loved… they'll all die unless you give us that gun. I'm waiting, Johnny. Better answer before the buzzer."

"Okay," John said quietly.

"Sorry? I didn't quite get that," Meg said.

"I said okay. I'll bring you the Colt."

"There's a warehouse in Lincoln, on the corner of Wabash and Lake. You're gonna meet me there."

"It's gonna take me about a day's drive to get there."

"Meet me there at midnight tonight."

"That's impossible. I can't get there in time, and I can't just carry a gun on a plane."

"Oh. Then I guess your friends die, don't they? If you do decide to make it, come alone," Meg said, slapping the phone shut. Turning, she gave Caleb's dead body, eyes open and staring at her, a look of utter contempt. "What the hell are you lookin' at?"


In their motel, Sam, Dean and Emma listened as John told them what had been said on the phone between him and Meg.

"So, you think Meg is a demon?" Sam said once he was finished.

"Either that or she's possessed by one," John answered. "It doesn't really matter."

"What do we do?" Dean asked.

"I'm going to Lincoln," John told them.

"What?" Emma was the first to pipe up what all of them were thinking.

"It doesn't seem like I have a choice," John said. "If I don't go, a lot of people die. Our friends die."

"Dad, the demon is coming tonight for Monica and her family," Sam reminded him. "That gun is all we've got. You can't just hand it over."

"Who said anything about handing it over?" John said, confusing Sam, Dean and Emma all the more. "Look, besides us and a couple vampires, no one's really seen the gun. No one knows what it looks like."

"So, what, you're just gonna pick up a ringer at a pawn shop?" Dean said.

"Antique store," John corrected him.

"You're gonna hand Meg a fake gun and hope she doesn't notice?" Emma said, not quite believing this plan just yet.

"Look, as long as it's close, she shouldn't be able to tell the difference," John said, and it almost felt like he was trying to convince himself more than anything else on this.

"Yeah, but for how long?" Emma needed to know. "What happens when she figures it out?"

"I just… I just need to buy a few hours, that's all," John said, the finer points of the plan dropping into place for Sam, Dean and Emma now.

"You mean for Dean, Emma and me," Sam said, only getting silence from John. "You want us to stay here… and kill this demon by ourselves?"

"No, Sam. I want to stop losing people we love. I want you to go to school. I want Dean and Emma to have a proper life together," John pleaded passionately, turning his back on them as tears sprang to his eyes. "I want Mary alive. I just… I just want this to be over."


Having persuaded the other three to see his point of view, John was stood by his truck with Sam, waiting on Dean and Emma, who pulled up seconds later.

"Did you get it?" John asked. In answer, Emma pulls the fake gun her and Dean had just required in the antiques shopped, wrapped in paper, and handed it over to John.

"You know this is a trap, don't you?" Emma pointed out bluntly. "That's why Meg wants you to come alone."

"I can handle her," John reassured her. "I got a whole arsenal loaded, holy water, Mandaic amulets…."

"Dad," Dean butt in.

"What?" John asked.

"Promise me something," Dean told him.

"What's that?" John asked.

"This thing goes south, just get the hell out," Dean requested of him. "Don't get yourself killed, all right? You're no good to us dead

"Same goes for you. All right, listen to me.," John said after a slight pause, pulling the real Colt from his coat pocket. "They made the bullets special for this Colt. There's only four of 'em left. Without 'em, this gun is useless. You make every shot count."

"Yes, sir," Sam said automatically.

"I've been waiting a long time for this fight," John sighed. "Now it's here, and I'm not gonna be in it. It's up to you boys now. It's your fight. You finish this. You finish what I started. You understand?"

Each one of them nodded in unison, each of them having their own reasons for wanted this night over and done with as well. Making a swap, Dean handed the real Colt over to Dean.

"We'll see you soon, Dad," Sam said confidently.

"I'll see you later," John said with a smile and a nod, getting in his truck and driving off, Sam, Dean and Emma watching him leave in silence.


After hours of driving, John finally pulled up at a warehouse that was to be the location for this clandestine meeting between good and evil.

Stocked up with everything he could possible need, John cautiously entered the building, listening for any sound that might be out of the ordinary, and skulking around to put his exit plan into motion… just in case.

Reaching the roof, John found what he was looking for, the water tower, and climbed the ladder at the side. Opening up the hatch at the side, John dangled a set of rosary beads over the edge, saying a Latin prayer to bless the water.

Dropping the beads into the tank below, John closed the hatch and made his way back to the main area, ready for anything.


Back in Salvation, Sam, Dean and Emma were sat in the parked Impala, keeping watch on Monica's house from across the seat.

"Maybe we can tell them there's a gas leak," Sam said, thinking up another idea on how to get the family out of the house to safety. "Might get 'em out of the house for a few hours."

"Yeah, and how many times has that actually worked for us?" Dean asked, Sam's defeated silence enough of an answer.

"Could always tell 'em the truth," Sam said finally, gaining a look from Dean and Emma.

"Nah," the couple in the front seat said in unison.

"I know, I know," Sam sighed in agreeance. "I just… with what's coming for these people…."

"Sam, we've only got one move, and you know it, all right?" Emma said softly, getting a nod from Sam. "We've got to wait for that demon to show itself, and then we get it before it gets them.

"I wonder how Dad's doing." Sam asked the car in general.

"I'd feel a lot better if we were there backin' him up," Dean said.

"I'd feel a lot better if he were here backin' us up," Emma made a correction to Dean's comment, knocking the car into silence as they just continue to watch the house.

"This is weird," Sam said after a moment, breaking the silence that had enveloped the car.

"What?" Dean asked.

"After all these years, we're finally here. It doesn't seem real."

"We just got to keep our heads and do our job like always."

"Yeah, but this isn't like always."


"Dean, Emma, uh…." Sam stuttered out, Dean and Emma turning to him. "I wanna thank you."

"For what?" Emma asked, coming back into the conversation.

"For everything," Sam stated simply. "You guys have always had my back, you know? Even when I couldn't count on anyone, I could always count on you two. And now… I don't know, I just wanted to let you know… just in case…."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, are you kiddin' me?" Emma interrupted him.

"What?" Sam asked.

"Don't say, 'Just in case somethin' happens to you', I don't wanna hear that freakin' speech," Emma said indignantly.

"Nobody's dyin' tonight, bro," Dean piped up onto Emma's side. "Not us, not that family, nobody. Except that demon. That evil son of a bitch ain't gettin' any older than tonight, you understand me?"

Sam just nodded, going back to watching the house, and both Dean and Emma could really see that the nod he gave wasn't fully wholeheartedly meant.


Across the country, the missing member of their group, John, walked into the warehouse to find Meg already there waiting for him.

"John, you made it," Meg said overly cheery. "Too bad, really. I was hoping to kill more of your friends."

"Sorry to disappoint," John said in a monotone voice.

"I can see where your boys get their good looks. But I must admit, considering what they say about you, I thought you'd be… taller," Meg said, failing to get a rise out John. "Well, aren't you the chatty one? You wanna get to business? Fine. Why don't you hand over the gun?"

"If I give you the gun, how do I get out of here?" John asked thobious question.

"Well, if you're as good as they say you are, I'm sure you'll figure something out."

"Maybe I'll just shoot you."

"You wanna shoot me, baby? Go ahead. It won't end anything. There's more where I came from."

At that moment, Meg's statement was proven to the point as from within the shadows, a handsome young man, Meg's accomplice Tom, stepped into the room.

"Who the hell's that?" Joh asked.

"He's not nearly as much fun as I am, I can tell you that. So, I suggest you give us the gun," Meg said, but John didn't move. "Now!" Giving up, John pulled the fake gun from his inside pocket, handing it to Meg for her to examine.

"This is the Colt?" Meg asked. John nods, and she hands the gun over to Tom. "What do you think?"

Tom takes it from her, examining it closely while John waits with baited breath. Without any warning, Tom turns, shotting Meg in the stomach. Meg stumbles against the pressure of the shot, but straightens herself, glaring at Tom.

"You shot me!" she cries out, the injustice she is feeling outweighing the impossible fact thatshe is still standing after being shot by 'the Colt'. "I can't believe you just shot me!"

"It's a fake," Tom said, throwing the gun aside as Meg turns her glare to John.

"You're dead, John," Meg said, advancing on him. "Your boys are dead. Your son's little whore is dead."

"I never used the gun. How could I know it wouldn't work?" John lied easily.

"I'm so not in the mood for this. I've just been shot!" Meg yelled at him.

"Well, then, I guess you're lucky the gun wasn't real," John quipped.

"That's funny, John," Meg said with an overly forced smile. "We're gonna strip the skin from your bones, but that was funny."

Meg looks at Tom, as if waiting for instructions, and John took this chance to make his escape, running from the room and locking the door behind him.

Making a quick dash down, he finds the trapdoor leading to the boiler room, Meg and Tom hot on his trail as he runs. Turning on the faucet as he runs past, water comes spraying out across the floor, blocking the way between him and the demons. Meg and Tom pause for a moment, before Tom heads forward, his shoe sizzling and burning as he steps into the pool of water on the floor. He jumps back, shrieking in pain, as Meg glares through the water at John.

"Holy water, John," Meg said. "Real cute."

John just smiled, turning and making his easy escape unfollowed.


While John's side of things were just full of action, Sam, Dean and Emma were still waiting, getting less patient by the minute, keeping watch over Monica and baby Rosie. With nothing else to do, Dean was on his phone, tryng to get through to John.

"Dad's not answering," he said, hanging up unsuccessfully.

"Maybe Meg was late. Maybe cell reception's bad," Sam said, trying to come up with all of the none worrying theories.

"Yeah, well…." Dean began, letting the end of that sentence trail off. Before he could finish it, the car radio switched itself on, static the only thing that was getting though.

"Guys, wait. Listen," Emma said, making the boys take notice of the first sign. The next came as the lights on the outside of Monica's house began to flicker rapidly, leaves blowing across the street ominously like something out of a scene from a cheesy horror movie.

"It's coming," Emma said as the trio jumped out of the car.


John had forgotten one of the most basic things about hunting. Don't believe you're safe until you know it for a fact. You just get sloppy when you think you're safe.

He found out the hard way as, getting to his truck, h found the tyres had been slashed.

"Damn it," John cursed out loud, trying to find another way to get himself far away from the warehouse.

Running round and round the building, he finds nothing but a lot of dead ends. Going to plan B… or perhaps C by now, John takes out his cell phone, dialling out to Sam, Dean and Emma. But before he can finish dialling, some unseen force threw him back against the wall, pinning him there.

Screaming out, he was left helpless as Tom came out from behind the building.


Seeing the signs, Sam, Dean and Emma had immediately snuck their way into the house, Dean picking the lock to let them in. But their sneak attack hadn't been so sneaking as moments later, Monica's husband, Charlie, came flying in from the other room, swinging a baseball bat directly at Dean's head. Dean ducked Justin time, swinging around to easily pin Charlie against the nearest wall.

"Get out of my house!" Charlie screamed at all thee of them. "Get out of my house!"

"Mr. Holt, please," Emma said, as always trying to calm the situation.

"Be quiet and listen to me," Dean said, getting straight to the point. "We're trying to help you, okay?"

"Charlie, is everything okay down there?" Monica's vice called from upstairs.

"Monica, get the baby!" Charlie called out to his wife.

"No, don't go in the nursery!" Sam screamed, acing up the stairs after her.

"You stay away from her!" Charlie screamed after him.

Upstairs, Monica had already entered Rosie's nursery. And just like in the vision Sam had, she walked in on the demon stood over Rosie's crib.

"What are you….?" Monica called out.

The demon turned away from the crib for a second to look at Monica, pinning her back to the wall as he pins his eyes on her. Just as his powers were raising her up onto the ceiling, Sam burst in, knocking the demon's attention to him, his yellow eyes flashing towards Sam.

Both the hunter and the wounded boyfriend in Sam spring to the surface, immediately raising the gun in his hand to take a shot, but the demon dissolved into a cloud of smoke, the bullet passing harmlessly through him and burying itself into the wall. As the demon disappeared, so did his power over Monica, who collapsed down to the floor, Sam moving to her side to help her up.

"Where the hell did it go?" Sam cried out as Dean and Emma entered the room, Sam steering Monica away.

"My baby!" Monica cried as she struggled to get back into the room.

"Emma's got her," Sam said, watching as Emma rushed further into the room, scooping Rosie up out of the crib and into her arms seconds before the crib went up in flames.

Outside, Charlie watched as the bedroom that his daughter slept him burst into uncontrollable flames, the window blowing out into shards across the front lawn. Movement at the front door, caught his eye and he looked down to as Sam, Dean and Monica ran out, Emma running close behind with Rosie in her arms.

"You get away from my family!" Charlie immediately screamed at the intruders.

"Charlie, don't! They saved us. They saved us," Monica said, taking Rosie from Emma's arm. She stepped back, moving to stand beside her husband who softly kissed her forehead. "Thank you."

Dean and Emma smiled at the sweet young family, still alive and together, as Sam turned back to the house, looking up into the scene of the crime just in time to see a silhouette of the demon still inside the room.

"It's still in there," Sam screamed out, hading to race back into the house, had it not been for Dean and Emma holding him back.

"Sam, no!" Dean screamed at his brother, him and Emma wrestling to keep Sam from going back into the house.

"Let me go! It's still in there!" Sam screamed against their protests.

"Burning to the ground, it's suicide!" Emma told him.

"I don't care!" Sam said, pure honesty and conviction in his voice.

"I do!" Emma yelled back at him, making Sam pause and look down at her… just long enough for the demon to vanish once again.


Having skipped out long before the authorities got there, knowing the family were alright, Sam, Dean and Emma were now holed in back in the motel room, waiting for news from John on how his end of the deal went. Which had Sam and Emma sitting on the beds while Dean stood near the table, trying to get through to John.

"Come on, Dad. Answer your phone, damn it," Dean said, hanging up as he got no answer once again. "Something's wrong." From across the room, he got no answer, Emma not knowing what to say while Sam was still staring intently at the floor.

"You hear me?" Dean said, looking up at the two of them. "Something's happened."

"If you had just let me go in there, I could have ended all this," Sam said, still on this topic.

"Sam, the only thing you would have ended was your life," Emma repeated to him for what felt like the hundredth time.

"You don't know that," Sam said.

"So, what, you're just willing to sacrifice yourself, is that it?" Emma said.

"Yeah. Yeah, you're damn right I am," Sam said, standing up away from Emma.

"Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen, not as long as I'm around," Emma said defiantly.

"What the hell are you talkin' about, Emma?" Sam said, turning back to her. "We've been searching for this demon our whole lives. It's the only thing we've ever cared about."

"Sam, I wanna waste it," Emma reminded him. "I do, okay? But it's not worth dyin' over."

"What?" Sam said as if not believing she would really say that of all things.

"I mean it," Emma repeated. "If huntin' this demon means you gettin' yourself killed, then I hope we never find the damn thing."

"That thing killed Jess. That thing killed Mom," Sam felt the need to remind everyone in the room.

"You said yourself once… that no matter what we do, they're gone," Dean repeated Sam's old word. "And they're never comin' back."

That was very much the wrong thing to say as Sam suddenly sprang forward, ramming Dean into the nearest wall. Emma sprung to her feet as well to separate, flashbacks of reversed roles on a bridge in Jericho coming to her mind.

"Guys, please, not this again," she said as she tried to pry them apart.

"Don't you say that!" Sam said, turning to repeating Dean's old words angst him. "Don't you… not after all this, don't you say that!"

"Sammy, look, the four of us, that's all we have. And that's all I have. Sometimes I feel like I'm barely holdin' it together, man," Dean told him, Sam letting him slip from his grip as he let Dean's words sink in. "Without you and Emma and Dad…."

"Dad…." Sam breathed out, turning him back on Dean and Emma. "He should have called by now. Try him again."

Dean did just that, picking up his cell phone and dialling John's number as Emma leant into his side. This time, the phone was answered, only it was the voice Dean expected to hear on the other end.

"You boys really screwed up this time," Meg's voice spoke into his ear.

"Where is he?" Dean said, barely containing his anger and frustration.

"You're never gonna see your father again."

Dean instinctively felt his grip on the phone tighten, glancing between Emma at his side and Sam across the room as he tried to calculate just what their next move was going to be.


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