If you can' guess this POV, you're not a Naruto fan


A wind flies up from the east, swirling and dancing with smoke as it
goes. As the wind grows in strength, bits of ash and cinder swirl
and float, black against the chill blue sky.

Smoking husks that were once great trees cover the scene, and
shelter a shadow as black as they from view.

Useless. They're all useless.

One would think that out of an entire village of shinobi, at least one
would be able to break the hypnosis. All it requires is strength of will.

Then again, ninja are bred and born to die. Having a will of one's
own gets in the way of following orders. In which case, the corpses
below me have merely fulfilled their life's quest a little earlier than

Why does a child's corpse stink worse than a man's?

Most of the young population of Konoha is down there, burned black
bodies piled in heaps. The children were the ones who believed the
hypnosis, the suggestion, much more than the adults. The smell really
is terrible.

I wonder if it pierces the other's dreams.


Awyr here. It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been really sick with
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But I'm better now, and hopefully will be writing more chapters soon!
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