-1Title: Naruto: A Heart Bent on Revenge

Author: Marlo Hayes

Chapter 1: Buried Alive

First thing he realized was that it was hard to breath. A cold sweat ran down his face, which made situation even more uncomfortable. His arms were crossed over his chest. Then he realized a searing pain in his left shoulder.

Once he got his breathing under control, he took time to survey his surroundings. Not much. He was underground. Lucky for him the soft soil had an air pocket where he was located. Still having trouble breathing he was going to try and dig out. Slowly he moved his arms up to the place in front of his face and began to scoop away dirt.

The soil was soft and moist. Every once in a while a bit of water would trickle through. His mouth was parched and he was tempted to drink some. Slowly the soil got softer and softer. After an hour had gone by he hit mud. Seeing he was near the surface he thrust his hand upward. Air!

Trying as hard as one can, he pulled himself up out of the grave and into the rain. First thing the boy did was take a deep breath.

'Air! Finally I can breath!' he thought.

But all his joy faded when he saw the grave next to him.