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Warnings: Shino and Kiba are not OOC! At least you can't claim they are OOC because have you seen ether of them in any type of romance seen in the manga? I haven't. So the way they act is normal, at least until decides to make them a couple doing all sort of 'things', then you can yell at me for making them OOC. Oh and this is a boy on boy fic- yaoi, there is some angst but none that will make you hate me (I hope), lemons, language, and some violence- just a few fights here and there.

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(Please read for I do not wish to reply to questions that can be answered with this information.) Characters: Students-

Shino- 18, 6 ft 2 inches, gay

Kiba- 17 (almost 18), 5 ft 7 inches, straight, then bi, then gay

Naruto- 17 (half way to 18), 5 ft 7 inches, was straight, now gay

Sasuke- 18, 6 ft, gay

Neji- 18, 5 ft 9 inches, bi (He just doesn't want to admit that he is completely gay)

Gaara- 17, 5 ft 5 inches, gay

Temari- 19, 5 ft 6 inches, straight

Kankuro- 20, 6 ft 1 inch, bi (Very… uh… proud of it.)

Shikamaru- 18, 5 ft 9 inches, bi (He just doesn't care)

Sakura- 17 (almost 18), 5 ft 3 inches, straight

Lee- 18, 5 ft 8 inches, straight. (Is very homophobic. This is the reason why he's very crazy… too many bi and gay people around him.)

Ino- 18, 5 ft 5 inches, straight (Though people think she's bi at times)

Chouji- 18, 5 ft 6 ½ inches, straight

Sai- 18, 6 ft, bi

Tenten- 17, 5 ft 4 inches, straight

Hinata- 17, 5 ft 3 inches, straight


(Science) Orochimaru- 48 (almost 49), 6 ft 3 inches, bi

(Gym) Gai- 37 (Just turned 37), 6 ft 5 inches, nobody really knows….

(Math) Kakashi- 36, 6 ft 4 inches, gay

(Social studies) Iruka- 32, 6 ft ½ inch, was bi but now completely gay

(Principal/Nurse) Tsunade- 48, 5 ft 8 inches, straight

(English) Jiraya- 49, 6 ft 6 inches, straight (How could he not be)

(Health) Shizune- 31, 5 ft 6 inches, straight

(Arts) Anko- 34, 5 ft 7 inches, bi

(Librarian) Kabuto- 30, 5 ft 9 inches, straight

(A-M Councilor) Kurenai- 35, 5 ft 7 inches (Though she's an inch taller because of her heals), straight

(N-Z Councilor) Asuma- 36, 6 ft 5 ½ inches, straight

A big maybe character-

Itachi- 26, 6 ft 3 inches, bi (Swings more to the gay side but since he's so often clobbered by girls…. Yeah…)

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Chapter 1: Hot Spring Surprises

"Sir here's your towel." Said a smiling blond haired lady in a bright blue kimono with small dark blue flowers woven into it.

The brunet receiving the towel smiled back. "Thanks." Then he walked away from her to change out of his baggy black pants and grayish blue T-shirt.

He sighed as he walked down the hallway, thinking about his friends. I can't believe that Sasuke is gay… well I sort of suspected it but… ugh. Anyways I'm glad there's no more rumors about me being gay now that I'm going out with Hinata! He blushed slightly, smiling to himself. Though Shino, Hinata, and I haven't had a group study thing in about a week and Shino won't talk to me. Maybe it's because I started going out with Hinata? But why the hell is Shino avoiding me? Damn!

Kiba crossed his arms and glared at the door he needed to walk into the go change. I haven't done- Ok I did put a worm in his ramen and I did 'accidentally' burn his textbook… Yeah, he's mad at me, I know it. He sighed again and reached for the door handle but then it opened by someone on the other side of the door.

"S-S-S-Sai!" Kiba muttered, surprised to see the raven-haired genius in a hot pink shirt with the words 'Pink is the new Black' and tight dark blue jeans.

"Um… are you… surprised… to see me here?" Sai asked looking Kiba up and down for some odd reason.

The dog boy smiled slightly. "Yeah… That and what are you wearing?"

"Oh… Well this is what I normally wear outside school… just don't tell anyone, okay?" Kiba nodded, trying not to laugh. "Okay, well hot spring is free, I think." Sai said walking by Kiba, nodding his head as a way to say good-bye. Kiba watched his classmate walk down the hallway, and then went through the door, bursting out in laugher in the descent sized changing room.

He stripped down quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist. Looking up at the ceiling, sighing once more, wishing Shino would just get over his little pranks. Then he opened the other door in the room that lead into the hot springs and walked through.

Walking only about a few inches he saw a guy about his age in the hot spring, and he knew exactly who it was, Shino.

Well this is a surprise…Kiba thought looking over at the bug lover, blushing as he realized Shino had to be covered with only a towel. Shino… naked… me… naked… together… I hope he isn't gay. Well I mean it wouldn't be bad… What am I thinking?

Kiba walked forward a little bit, still starring at the back of Shino. Does he still have his sunglasses on? He almost tripped as he saw that the sunglasses were to his side. I got to see this!

He sped up a little, but was still silent. He didn't stop until he was right behind Shino, grinning evilly. The short brunet bent down, hardly able to resist laughing at Shino who still hadn't noticed him. His hand shot out and tapped on Shino's shoulder, making him jump and turn around quickly.

Kiba couldn't help but blush as he saw Shino's face. His eyes looked into Shino's sparkling brown eyes, noticing his soft pink lips and slight pink on his lips ether from the spring or the fact that Kiba was seeing his face without his sunglasses for the first time in years.

"Uh… Kiba?" Shino mumbled, scanning Kiba's cherry red face.

No reply came out of the shocked boy, at least not until Shino tried to reach for his glasses. "No!" Shino froze and starred at the other. "I-I-I mean… you… l-l-l-look g-good l-like this…" If possible Kiba's face turned even redder.

Shino smiled very slightly. "Are you saying you're attracted to me?" Shino was never really one to say such things but when he said them he was usually right.

Kiba gasped. "N-N-No! I-I-I m-mean… y-y-yes b-but…"

The small smile grew just a little bit, making Kiba another shade darker. "You're acting like Hinata."

This phase surprisingly snapped Kiba out of his stuttering and he shouted, "I am not!" He paused to think this over. "Okay… I sort of was…"

Shino's little smile stayed as he turned around and said, "You came here to get in the springs right? So get in." Kiba nodded though Shino couldn't see and got in, right across from Shino, still blushing.

"You're acting sort of funny." Kiba mumbled, looking at the water, noticing it's milky color.

The bug lover just shrugged, starring at Kiba with his visible brown eyes. I guess I am acting abnormal to him. Shino tried to erase the smile that was rarely there but no avail.

Kiba shifted his eyes so he was looking at the other boy, still blushing. "W-why are you s-staring at me?" He asked shyly, slightly surprising Shino.

Me and my stupid habit of starring at him… this is why I wear those sunglasses. But he didn't stop looking at him, scanning over Kiba's bare chest that was damp from him going under water once or twice.

But as soon as Kiba realized what Shino was looking at, he slide down so only anything above his nose was above the water. Shino almost laughed at this but of course didn't. "You're acting strange as well."

The rest of Kiba's head popped out of the water so he could say, "Its only because you keep looking at me! If I didn't know better I would think that you always stare at me like this!"

"Who says I don't?" The words came out of Shino's mouth before he realized it but didn't really regret it. Might as well come out in the open anyways. Kiba was as red as he could get, making Shino smile just a little bit more.

"W-W-What do y-you m-m-m-mean?"

Shino sighed. "I only wear that thing so you won't notice me starring at you." Also because he hated the sun but he left that part out.

"B-But you've been wearing those since we were s-seven! Don't tell me-" Kiba's hands covered his mouth as he looked at Shino in complete and utter shock. "That can't be…"

"It is as it is." Shino said calmly, starring deeply into Kiba's eyes. "Might as well stop hiding the truth from you." He paused as Kiba's eyes widened, knowing what was coming. "Kiba-"

"Don't say it!" Kiba yelled standing up but before he knew it Shino had grabbed his arm, dragging him back down, landing on Shino's lap. (Remember they both have towels around their waists covering up their 'things'- that's it though) "Hey what's the-" But Shino softly pressing his lips against his own, cutting him off.

The kiss didn't last long, leaving the shorter of the two in shock. "Kiba…I love you more then anything, ever since I was seven." Shino said calmly, though the inside of him felt… funny.

"But I'm dating Hinata!" Kiba yelled, not bothering to struggle to get off since he knew that that would make matters worse.

"Do you love her?" Shino asked, eyes narrowing slightly.

Kiba paused to think this over. "I wouldn't… go that far."

"Do you love me?"

Kiba's eyes widened as he thought about this. Friendship that's all! But I mean maybe it's a little more but not love! Well he certainly loves me… eleven years! God I don't know how I feel! I mean that kiss was… oh god… now that I think about it I liked that! I mean it felt… not weird. But I'm not gay! Maybe I'm bi like Neji… no he's gay but just doesn't want to admit that- oh shit! OH SHIT! I'M NOT GAY! Bi maybe… gay… NOT A CHANCE! But really, what's the difference? SHIT!

Kiba closed his eyes and rested his head on Shino's shoulder, surprising the taller boy. "God… I don't know how I feel Shino…" He paused as Shino's arms wrapped around him. "I mean that kiss felt good but… I don't roll like that!"

Shino couldn't help but smile, thankful that Kiba couldn't see him. "You decided that you bi now, haven't you?" Kiba nodded slightly, wanting to say it's your fault but of course resisted. "I can work with that." Kiba's eyes flew open as he tried to get out of Shino's embrace but he failed and ended up just letting Shino press their bare bodies together.

"Don't rape me." Kiba mumbled, blushing as he thought of how smooth Shino's skin was and how good it felt against his.

The smile stayed on Shino's lips. "Fine but I might molest you."

Kiba was expecting that answer so didn't move the slightest. "Not in school."

"Of course not."

"You're talking too much, it's weird."

"You're ruining the moment, that's rude."

Kiba frowned but stayed quiet, at least until Shino started to suck on his neck. "S-Shi- Shino!" Kiba felt another major blush forming and did nothing to stop it, as he was more concentrated on pushing Shino away. It worked for getting Shino to stop sucking on his neck but that didn't stop him from stealing another kiss from Kiba. But this time, Shino was licking Kiba's lips asking for an entrance. Kiba reluctantly obliged for a reason unknown and opened his mouth, letting Shino's tongues run wild in his mouth.

Shino finally broke the kiss when he was almost out of air, starring at Kiba who looked too sexy for words to Shino. The smaller brunet's hair was slightly damp, a tint of red was on his checks, and he was panting through his slightly parted, soft pink lips.

"You're a… good kisser." Kiba mumbled as Shino shifted Kiba on top of him so Kiba was straddling him, both blushing as the bulges between each other's legs rubbed against each other slightly. "W-What are you t-thinking?" Kiba raised an eyebrow as Shino's hands moved to ether side of his hip.

"More?" asked Shino in a tone that could rival Sasuke's best sexy voice.

Kiba thought for a few seconds then replied. "I'm going out with Hinata, Shino… I don't think it would be such a good idea…"

Shino frowned. "Do you want more?"

The dog lover blushed and nodded slightly. "I think… I think I'm going to… b-break up with her… I would feel too g-guilty being with her…"

"Is that the only reason?"

"Maybe." Kiba replied with his usual grin. "I'm bi remember, I still like girls so-"

"Right." Shino interrupted, slightly smiling again, making Kiba think, Fuck! He's too damn sexy… he could make any girl pregnant by just looking at them! Maybe that's another reason why he wears those sunglasses…

"More?" Shino asked again in the same sexy voice as before, making Kiba all nervous on the inside.

Kiba look into Shino's eyes and replied, "When I say stop, stop and don't go too far." He paused. "I don't want to 'come' here." Then he blushed even more as he realized what he just said.

"Oh?" Shino raised an eyebrow. "Then where do you want to do 'that'."

"Y-You know what I mean!" Kiba thought this over and then said, "I don't want to 'come' so soon in our relationship and-"

"Whatever happens happens." Shino said after he quickly kissed Kiba softly on the lips. "I didn't know we had a relationship yet."

Kiba blushed. "Ask me out when I break up with Hinata…"

It was easier to make him fall for me then I thought. Shino thought. I wonder when he's going to admit to himself that he's completely gay. "Gladly." Then before Kiba knew it he had Shino's tongue in his mouth yet again.

The dog lover wrapped his arms around Shino's neck, turning his head sideways a little so he could deepen the kiss. The only time they parted was to take a short breath or two. Some while in, Shino's hands had begun roaming, feeling every part of Kiba that was above the towel. And not too long after that their hips were moving, rubbing their arsenals together, both moaning uncontrollably as the water moved lightly around them.

Shino stopped kissing Kiba, not daring to stop anything else he was doing and started kissing Kiba's neck, finding quite a few sensitive areas, biting them gently, making Kiba moan even louder.

"That's great!" squealed a pink haired girl in a light pink tank top and jeans, holding a towel in one hand and a black hairbrush in the other. "You've liked him for a long time!"

The blond one out of the four girls clapped her hands together. "We should call him and get him to come over here! Wouldn't that be great?" She was wearing a black mini-skirt and a short sleeve, low cut purple shirt that stopped right above her belly.

"Ino! Don't rush things!" The pink haired one said crossing her arms.

"Ah but come on, it won't be that bad Sakura!" Ino replied, trying to look innocent put it really wasn't working out for her.

The brunet in the group sighed. "I go with Ino just because I don't care." She was wearing jean shorts and a yellow no sleeve shirt.

Ino smiled and wrapped her arm around the girls shoulders. "See Tenten agrees with me!" she said just as Sakura mumbled something able Tenten being around Shikamaru too much.

"What do you think Hinata?" asked Tenten, pulling off Ino's arm. All of the girls stopped to turn at the bushing purple/black haired girl walking directly behind them.

"I-It might shock h-him a little but okay." The smiling girl was wearing a white sundress with yellow and pink flowers everywhere. Ino of course cheered at this.

Sakura sighed along with Tenten. "Okay lets use my cell phone, just because I have a lot of minutes to use up." Ino smiled as Sakura talked, taking the cell phone away right when it was handed to her.

The blond dialed in the number and waited for it to ring but when she did she heard a phone ringing on the other side of the door they were standing at. "What the- do you think he's already at the hot springs or do you think that was just a coincidence?" Tenten asked looking at the door with interest.

Ino shut the cell phone, ending the ringing behind the door, mumbling the word weird. "Call again just to see if that's his phone." Sakura said turning to her best friend. The blond nodded and called again, making the phone behind the door ring again.

"H-He's here!" Hinata exclaimed.

"Wow… this is a shock." Mumbled Tenten. The others nodded.

Sakura scratched her head. "Lets go in and see what's he's up too." She paused as a smiled and a tint of red appeared on her face. "If we're lucky we might be able to see something interesting." The girl's gasped, all blushing except for Ino, who had already seen 'it' far too many times to be surprised or embarrassed. "Just don't faint Hinata if we do, okay?"

Hinata nodded. Tenten turned to face the door and swung it open to find a changing room. They all stepped into it, closing the door behind them and walking to the door across from the one the just went through.

"Ready?" Tenten whispered, hand on the doorknob.

"Hell yeah!"

"As ready as I can be."


Then they opened the door, all of them freezing up at what they saw. Their mouths dropped in disbelief as they watched, nether of the guys they were watching noticing that the door had opened and four girls were staring at them.

Ino finally had the guts to say something. "W-What the hell are you guys doing?"

To be continued… (Dun, dun duuun…)

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