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In the last chapter…

"Of course… he wouldn't show his face just like that." Kurenai, a black haired, red-eyed woman in a tight white and black dress and black heels.

Jiraiya sighed. "We'll just watch how it goes and if anything happens… you know what to do." All of the teachers nodded, and then walked away from Jiraiya and Tsunade, who both just stood there.

"I need to get my mind off this situation Jiraiya…" Tsunade mumbled.

"Sex?" Jiraiya asked with some- okay a lot –of his perverted-ness showing.

"Sex." Tsunade replied with a sigh.


Chapter 4: If you love them…

Shino looked at the brunette walking next to him, who was surprisingly enough, blushing. It wasn't like Shino was touching him or anything -though he did want to- so, of course, Shino was rather confused.

Kiba looked at Shino through the corner of his eyes, blushing a little bit more and quickly looked ahead of him.

'This was getting old', were the words that ran through Shino's head. Kiba had been doing that same thing ever since they left Naruto and Sasuke at the random food place they all ate at. The reason they left? Simple. Sasuke told Shino to help get him alone with Naruto so he grabbed Kiba and left. But now he didn't know what to do with the rest of their day off from school.

He had told Kiba that he would walk him home but he didn't know if he should stay at Kiba's home or leave right after they get there. Shino wanted to stay there more then anything and maybe get some action but that might make Kiba avoid him and he really didn't want that.

'What do I do… What do I do…?' Shino thought, sighing. Almost instantly Kiba looked at Shino when he sighed but just as quickly looked back in front of him. 'He's acting quite weird… Would he happen to be embarrassed about earlier? Good guess… Or maybe he likes me. Possible… but very unlikely.

"S-Shino?" Kiba asked, blushing a little bit more as he stared directly ahead of him.

The said person's response was a simple "Hm?"

Kiba blushed even more at hearing his voice. "Would- would you like to stay over at my place to… to play?"

Shino started coughing at once, knowing he didn't mean it the way he said it but he'd be damned if the didn't sound like an invitation to touch him. "P-Play what exactly?"

"Games of course! Like… Like… Like video games or something!" Kiba starred at Shino, who had stopped coughing and was starring back him, though he only knew this because his head was turned in his direction. "What did you think I meant?"

"Think about what you said and put it with my perverted mind…"

At once Kiba turned cherry red as he continued to stare at the taller boy. "Your… Your such a pervert!"

The said pervert smirked, stopped walking and grabbed Kiba's arm to prevent him from walking any further. "Am I now?"

"You even said y-you had a p-perver-!" Kiba was cut off by a pair of lips pressed against his own. It was just a short kiss but it seemed to be much longer to Kiba. "Perverted mind…" Kiba whispered once Shino pulled back, trying to see the eyes behind the black sunglasses.

"I would love to stay at your house to play some games." Without meaning to, he said that in a very husky and sexy tone, making Kiba blush so bad that his ears turned red.

"P-P-Pervert!" Kiba said, getting his arm out of Shino's grip. He then started walking again, hurried-like towards his house, making Shino look at him funny.

As it was, Kiba confused Shino more then anything in the world. This was part of the reason why Shino had fallen for him in the first place. He liked confusing things, like bugs and it just so happened Kiba was confusing to him. But how could one not be confused when you watch the dog boy for years and still are finding out new things about him. Maybe it wasn't that he was confused, maybe he was intrigued with the shorter brunette. Who knew? He sure didn't. The only thing he did know was that he loved him, really loved him. 'When did my love grow so deeply? Oh yeah… when we got drunk at the bar and I saw him naked. (1) I still can't believe I 'came' by just looking at him...' Shino thought as he walked rather close to Kiba, his hand brushing the others ever so slightly.


"Teme, stop!" Naruto half whispered and half shouted. "Sto- Ah!" Sasuke, at the moment, had just found a sensitive area on Naruto's neck and bite down lightly, then sucked it hard enough to give the blond a hicky.

The raven then moved back to Naruto's lips but never got a chance to actually kiss him, for at that moment Naruto had decided to bang his head against Sasuke's, making the Uchiha stumble backwards to the other side of the stall.

They were in the café's bathroom, in the first stall Sasuke saw when coming in here. The reason they were in here in the first place? Well once their friends left, Sasuke dragged Naruto into the bathroom, pushed him into the stall, and then attacked him, as Naruto called it. So here they were, glaring at each other.

"I said stop! Don't you listen to me?" Naruto shouted, a tint of pink to his checks. "I don't want to do anything… here."

"What about my house then?" Sasuke asked with a smirk.


The Uchiha sighed. "We can go to your place if you really want to…"

Naruto blushed. "You sick bastard…" he paused to glare at Sasuke but then let a rather embarrassed expression show, much to Sasuke's surprise. "Y-Y-Your place… I-I like- I like y-your pla- place… better." He looked at the ground, blushing madly.

Sasuke smirked again, placing a hand on Naruto's chin and lifting his head upwards, both starring into the other's eyes. "I think right here is perfectly fine. Besides," The raven pressed his hips up against Naruto's, letting the blond feel his hard-on. "I'm hard and walking down the streets like this would only bring embarrassment."

"Embarrassment to you or me, teme?"


"Okay then, we're walking down that street."

"Not before I make you hard as well." Naruto was about to say something back but all that came out with a loud moan as he felt a hand rub against his cock through his clothes. So then Naruto tried again but this time a gasp came out when he felt another hand twist his nipple and a mouth sucking at his neck.

'Oh dear god… If this goes on any longer I'll be-'


"Eh?" Naruto said when he heard Sasuke mumbled something before latching himself back to the blonde's neck.

Sasuke sighed and pulled away again from his prey's neck and moved his arms so his hands rested on ether side of Naruto's hips. "Your already hard… That's just no fun." He smirked again when Naruto's jaw dropped and looked down to see if the Uchiha was right- which he was.

'Oh isn't this just wonderful? Damn him and his perverted self! Damn him!' Naruto looked back up at the other and glared. 'He's a complete pervert! Well there's no surprise… he just about as perverted as Ero-Sennin and Kakashi-sensei. But hey, I'm lucky neither one of them are helping him by putting any perverted thoughts into his brain, otherwise I would be in deep trouble.' And that was where Naruto was wrong. Kakashi and Sasuke happened to be related one way or another- it's a mystery how but they are- so that means, of course, Kakashi had been putting perverted ideas into the Uchiha's brain ever since he was little. In fact, Kakashi even let Sasuke read some books on 'How to Have Great Sex'- a book with a countless number of graphic photos- and 'Easy Ways to Get Another to Bed'. Poor, poor Naruto, he was sure in for a surprise.

Suddenly Naruto felt a hand go under his shirt, rubbing against his soft, tan skin. Naruto stiffened at the touch of skin contact and looked into the black orbs that were coming closer and then, he couldn't help it, he closed his eyes just as a warm pair of lips pressed on to his.

'He's being gentle on me! Oh fuck no! I'm not a girl or anything! Naruto, to prove how he didn't want to be handled like a girl, kissed him back and pushed his hips into Sasuke's.

Sasuke groaned as he felt Naruto's erection push up against his own. 'You don't want me to take it slow and gentle? So much for me trying to be nice for once…' Sasuke thought as he began to rock his hips into the blonde's, moving his tongue into Naruto's mouth forcefully. Both of them moaned aloud at the pleasure of feeling their members brush against each other. The Uchiha's hands moved down and gripped Naruto's ass, pushing the blond more deeply into his thrusts, making the blond slightly shocked at his actions but all the same moaned louder.

Naruto continued to moan uncontrollably, only thinking about how much of an idiot he was to start this but then he started thinking about how good it actually felt… "God, teme!" Naruto moaned in pleasure, breaking the kiss for much needed air. Sasuke didn't even bother to reattach their lips and decided to move his mouth down to Naruto's neck and start to lick and suck at it for a little bit, only making Naruto moan louder, if possible.

Then Sasuke pulled back and stopped both their hips from moving, earning a questionable look from the blond. He grabbed the bottom of Naruto's shirt and tugged at it. "Arms up, dobe."

"D-Don't call me that teme!" But all the same Naruto lifted up his arms over his head and allowed Sasuke to pull his shirt off his and throw it on to the titled floor. "You shouldn't call me that when you're trying to please me, you know…"

"Okay, Naru-chan, I just thought dobe fit you… that's all." Sasuke said in a teasing tone, kissing him lightly on the lips. "But I'll call you Naru-chan for now on, if you want."

Naruto blushed slightly as he stared into Sasuke's eyes once again. "That's fine… Princess-chan." A grin popped up on Naruto's face at that moment.

This, of course, made Sasuke's eyebrow twitch in annoyance. "Prin-cess-chan?" He said slowly. "Do I look like a girl to you?"

The blond continued to grin as he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's neck and pulled the Uchiha even closer then before, letting Sasuke push him against the stall's side. He moved his head so his mouth was right next to the taller ones ear and said, with his warm breath hitting Sasuke's neck, "I don't think girl's have dicks."

"I would like girls if they did." Sasuke replied with a smirk, and then let Naruto move his head back in front of his face, pressing their lips together once again, tongues instantly in one another's mouths.

Sasuke then began to stroke the blonde's shoulders, and then moved his hands down to the boy's muscular chest. He started to play with Naruto's nipples, making the shorter one moan softly into the kiss. The Uchiha pulled away from Naruto's lips and lowered his head down over one of the blond boy's nipples and started sucking on it, making Naruto moan loudly and grab the back of Sasuke's head to hold it in place. When Naruto felt the raven-haired boy's teeth pulling at his nipple, he threw his head back and cried out in pleasure.

Sasuke moved his head over to the other nipple when he felt Naruto's hands had loosened their grip on his hair. He repeated the same actions on it, as he had done on the other. He became even more aroused at hearing the cries of pleasure coming from his blond. Sasuke then left the nipple and started trailing kisses down Naruto's abdomen. He dipped his tongue inside the boy's navel and smirked when he saw the stomach muscles below him twitching.

But then he reached clothes, pants to be exact. He put his tongue back into his mouth and moved back up, still holding onto the blond, who was quite confused with his actions.

"They got to go."

Naruto blinked several times. "Huh?"

"Your pants and boxers… they're in the way."

Naruto's face turned red, hugging the Uchiha tighter as he buried his face into his chest. Then it was at that moment when he realized something. "You're still fully dressed…" Sasuke opened his mouth but Naruto spoke first, "You strip first then I'll let you strip me… do we got a deal?"

'How stupid can one be?' Sasuke thought, sighing. 'I've seen him naked before… stupid virgin.' "Yeah, fine. Just let me go so I can take off my clothes." Sasuke said as he let go of Naruto, Naruto doing the same, still blushing.

As quickly as possible, Sasuke pulled off his shirt and pulled down his pants, leaving him in his dark blue boxers. Naruto's eyes danced over Sasuke's body, memorizing every curve and exactly how muscular the boy was. Then Sasuke put his hands on the top of his boxers; making Naruto turn completely red as he remembered last time he saw Sasuke's 'manhood'. Only to make Naruto blush even more, Sasuke slowly, but sexily, pulled down his boxers, revealing his hard-on, making him hiss slightly when it met cold air.

Drool was visible on the corner of Naruto's mouth as he stared at Sasuke's cock, not remembering it being so huge. (Apparently he didn't get a good enough look last time.) "Now if I remember correctly," Naruto quickly broke his gaze and looked into Sasuke's eyes, noting that they we're full of lust and amusement. "I get to strip you down." Naruto nodded, unsure if it was a good or a bad thing that Sasuke was the one to take his clothes off.

Sasuke then reached out and pulled down Naruto's pants, revealing black boxers with orange and green dots, making Sasuke almost want to laugh. Then he grabbed the top of Naruto's boxers and started to pull them down but when his hand rubbed against Naruto's cock, he instantly let go of the boxers and grabbed on to it, making Naruto cry out in shock and pleasure. With the hand that wasn't in use, he wrapped it around Naruto's waist to bring him closer to himself and then with the other, he began to move it up and down, earning even more moans. But just like that he remembered the boxers and stopped what he was doing and pulled his hand away, using that one to complete it's mission, to take off his last piece of clothing.

Another smirk appeared on The Uchiha's face when he saw Naruto's cock, only making the blond virgin blush even more.

Quickly, Sasuke fell onto his knees, lowering himself until his mouth was over his dobe's erection. He wrapped one hand around the base of the cock, and then blew warm air over it. He looked up at Naruto to see his reaction. His blond was looking down at him with lust-filled eyes and was still cherry red. He smirked again, and then looked back at Naruto's cock again.

Sasuke licked the head of Naruto's erection and then pushed his tongue into the slit. Naruto moaned aloud in pleasure and reached down with one hand and held the back of Sasuke's head, while the other scratched the stall side, trying to grab a hold of something.

Sasuke began sucking on the head, and then he stopped and began licking instead. He drew his tongue from right above his hand, up Naruto's cock, until he reached the head. The taller one continued bathing the cock with his saliva, then lowered his mouth over the erection, going as far down it as he could handle without gagging. He began to suck Naruto's cock, moving his mouth up and down it.

Naruto couldn't hold back his cries of pleasure; he started to buck his hips to drive himself deeper into Sasuke's mouth, but was halted by the raven-haired boy's hands pressing down on his hips, to hold him in place. "Teme, please! I can't take it any longer!"

No reply came from Sasuke since really, he couldn't. So he just continued to suck on Naruto's cock, biting every now and then, until finally, Naruto came, throwing his head back so it banged against the stall's side, moaning out Sasuke's name. Thats when Sasuke stopped his actions to swallow Naruto's seed and pulled back, licking the limp cock clean before he let Naruto fall to his knees as well.

"S-Sasuke…" Naruto whispered as he was pulled into a warm embrace. A soft smile appeared on Sasuke's face as he buried his head into Naruto's spiky blond hair.

"Next time you're going to be walking down the street." Sasuke said smirking once again as Naruto stiffened in his hold.

"F-Fine…" Naruto mumbled. "Oh by the way Sasuke, you got to take a cold shower once we get to my place, your dick his stabbing me in the stomach."



"Raidou! Let me watch them!"

"Isn't hearing them enough?"


At the moment a man named Raidou was holding back his boss from running into the bathroom and watching the blond and the raven go at it. Raidou was the person everybody looked up to in this restaurant and he was more or less the boss around the place. But the real boss was the man he was trying to hold back but he never once did anything but hit on every person with a dick that walked in to eat.

They had just managed to get some book writing pervert out of the restaurant and finally able to close it down for the day. The reason why they hadn't just stopped the on goings happening in the bathroom? Because their boss was way too perverted.

Raidou sighed, shaking his head slightly as his boss tried to wiggle free of his grip. "Genma… please try to be normal for once, for my sake."

"I'll be normal some other time! Now let me-" He was cut off by a rather loud moan of someone's name. "Raidou! You made me miss the whole thing!" Then finally he was able to get free of the others grip and ran towards the bathroom door but never made it there, for a waiter had put their foot out and tripped him.

"At least let me see the after math!" Genma yelled after he landed on the ground nowhere near gracefully.

The redhead waiter starred at his boss, not even slightly surprised by his perverted-ness. "I'll make it so you can't fuck your boyfriend over there for a month if you go into that bathroom, got it?" Genma nodded slightly, on the verge of crying anime tears. "Good."

"How is it that Gaara can make you listen and not me?" Raidou asked with his hands on his hips, glaring at his boyfriend with all the anger he could muster, which happened to be a lot at the moment.

"Because he's de-balled people before and you haven't."

Raidou was silent for a little bit before he turned around and walked towards a table that needed to be cleaned. "Good answer…"

Gaara shrugged and walked into the back to help wash the dishes, leaving a pouting Genma to well… pout.

After Raidou had cleaned two tables, the bathroom door opened to reveal Naruto and Sasuke, both looking like nothing had happened, surprisingly enough. The only thing surprising the two workers was how hard Sasuke was. They had expected him to be… not hard, after what just happened.

Genma, of course, perked up as soon as he saw the two but before he could run over to them, Raidou was right behind him, holding him back. Naruto blushed slightly at the sight of only two people. "Uh… where did-"

"We closed it down for you two." Raidou said with a hand over his boss's mouth, trying not to blush at the tongue seductively rubbing across his hand. "Just try not to do that here again."

Before Sasuke could speak, Naruto blurted out, "Don't worry! We won't!"

Sasuke frowned. "Why? You don't want me to do-"

"Put on a show for us!" Genma said as he pushed Raidou away gently and ran over to the two boys. "If not I'll be willing to suck the cute blond off!"

"Get away from him." Sasuke growled out, quickly getting in between his crush and the pervert, earning a relieved sigh from Naruto and more pouting from Genma.

Genma tried to get past Sasuke put ended up getting a shoe print on his white shirt. "But he's so-"

"Boss! Rayne broke the oven again!"

"Shut up! It's not my fault it's on fire!"

"Then whose fault is it?"

"The ovens!"

"Oh my god! It's on fire! Rayne you idiot!"

"It's not my fault this thing is- Ah! Put it out! Put it out!"

"Stay still! Gaara with help put it out for you!"

"That's oil! Don't put oil on it Gaara!"


The four that weren't in the back looked at each other in confusion before Raidou and Genma ran into the back in worry for their workers and supplies.

"Gaara! Use water!"

"We've been trying to tell him that Raidou!"

"Rayne put your hair out!"

"I'm trying! I'm trying!"


"But Raidou-!"

"There's a fire!"

"But- But-"

"Help put it out! And Gaara, for christ's sake, STOP!"


Sasuke looked over at Naruto, who was just as shocked as he. "Did you know Gaara worked here?" Naruto shook his head, mouth hanging open. "Neither did I…"

"How much do you want to bet this place won't be here tomorrow?" Naruto asked, grinning.

"I got 200 on me… I'll bet you all of that."



"Come on… come on… God damn it! That's the seventh fucking time that damn computer has beaten me!" Kiba yelled at no one in particular, shaking his fist in anger at the TV.

He and Shino decided to play a racing game on Kiba's PS2 once they got to Kiba's place. This was only because Shino caught the 'perverted bug' and had decided to molest Kiba a few –okay a lot- times, though Kiba had to admit, he brought it on himself by inviting the bug lover to his place.

Shino sighed. "At least you didn't come in last place for the fourteenth time…" He was usually very good at video games but he was in a sour mood since Kiba had stolen his sunglasses and hid them but then later they found out that Akamaru had found them and thought they were a rather good chew toy.

"True, true!" Kiba said laughing. But then he suddenly stopped when he felt a hand on his thigh. "S-S-Shino!" he shouted, jumping off the couch, or so he tried but the hand that was touching him suddenly wrapped around his waist, pulling him onto Shino's lap. "Wha-What are you doing?.!"

"I'm bored…"

"I refuse to have sex with you Shino! I want to stay a virgin for a little bit longer!" Kiba yelled, trying to get off Shino's lap but no avail.

"Kiba…?" Kiba fell silent and looked at the man he was sitting on. "You're just sitting on my lap… I don't think this is called sex." At once, Kiba started blushing, realizing how stupid he was. Shino sighed, resting his head on Kiba's shoulder. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Aren't you going to fuck me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"I might."

At once Shino lifted his head off Kiba's shoulder and looked into Kiba's eyes, noticing how red he was at once. The bug lover tried to find his voice but some how or another lost it. 'H-He might? What the-'


"Ithoughtyoujustsaidyouwantedtostayavirgin!" Shino blurted out quickly, jumbling his words together, making Kiba quite confused. (What he said: I thought you just said you wanted to stay a virgin!)

Kiba laughed. "I knew that would be your reaction!"


Before Kiba knew it, he was pushed on to the floor, watching Shino walk away from him to go into the kitchen. He blinked a few times before he finally picked himself up and walked after him, mumbling curses underneath his breath.

Kiba kicked the kitchen door open and was prepared to glare at Shino but all he could do was, well, drool.

Sitting on a wooden chair beside the kitchen table was Shino with his jacket now unzipped to show the Black T underneath. He was staring up at the ceiling, lips slightly parted. But the reason why Kiba was breathless was because Shino's legs were slightly parted, giving him full view of the clothed hard-on.

'And why am I so surprised?' Kiba thought, trying to get his now red face back to its normal color before making his presence known. 'How in the world did he get so hard so fast? He was only in here for what? Two minutes?' He sighed loudly, alerting Shino that he was in the room, making the bug lover instantly cross his legs and look at his crush.

"Don't even bother… I already saw how hard you are." Kiba mumbled, walking forward and sitting down in a chair next to the other. "What exactly…?"

Shino shrugged and went back to the position he was in moments ago, but now he was looking at Kiba. "I was thinking of what I would have done if you weren't joking earlier." He said without even a hint of red. He rested his elbow on the table and his chin on his hand, still staring into Kiba's black, dog-like eyes.

At once, Kiba found himself blushing again. "You're such a pervert!"

"Your point?"

"I- Well I… DAMN IT!" Kiba yelled, pointing accusingly at Shino. "Stop being such a pervert!"

Shino sighed loudly. "Aren't I better then Sasuke? You wouldn't be a virgin if I was him." At once Kiba broke out laughing, grinning at the thought of that. 'His mood sure changes quick…' Shino thought before he said, "Though since I'm pretty close to Sasuke's 'perverted level', you won't be one for long."

This shut Kiba up.


"Damn it Shino!" Kiba yelled, standing up and glaring at the bug lover. "I knew I should have-" He cut himself off, eyes wide at what he was about to say. "Uh… never mind."

Again Shino sighed. "Stop regretting breaking up with Hinata… it's pointless." Kiba opened his mouth but Shino cut him off by grabbing Kiba's shirt and bringing him down to kiss him roughly. The kiss lasted only for a few second, Shino pulling back slightly to say, "Her 'love' was only a silly crush, unlike mine."

Kiba was lost for words. He wanted to say something like 'Two years, Shino! She's liked me for two years!' but that couldn't beat Shino's eleven years, so he kept his mouth shut, waiting for the other to say more. But the only thing Shino did was kiss him again, a kiss filled with lust.



"You heard me!"

'Gaara… is gay?.!'


Tenten was lying on top of her bed with her cell phone to her ear. At the moment she was talking to Temari, giggling every now and then. She had decided as soon as Gaara agreed to go shopping that she needed to help push the two boys along, and this meant getting the help of one of her best friends, Temari. Of course she could ask Hinata but she didn't really think Hinata would be in the mood to help two guys get together. She also knew that she could ask Sakura and Ino to come along, but having them there might only scare Neji and Gaara away.

She sighed loudly as Temari erupted into uncontrollable giggles. Unfortunately for Gaara, Temari was a yaoi fan girl.

"How are we going to get them-?"

"Don't worry about that! I got plenty of ideas."


"Don't ask."

"I wasn't going to…"

"So Tenten… how do you feel about your long time crush being gay?"

"It was just a crush…"

"True but…"

"Hey, at least he's happy… well he will be as soon as he gets with Gaara."

Tenten heard Temari sigh into the phone before she said. "If you truly love them… you let them go, I guess."

"It was just a crush!"

"Was it really?"


"Are you ok?"

"I want him to be happy, Temari."

"And I want you to be happy."

"Don't worry about me, I'm fine."

"Alright, alright." Temari paused. "So I'm guessing your logic is: The sooner he falls in love, the sooner I'll forget, am I right?"

Tenten smiled sadly as she looked up at the ceiling where she use to hang a picture of Neji. "Your correct."

"Okay then! I'm helping you out as much as I can. For your happiness!"

"And for the Yaoi Fan Club."

"That too." Temari said, giggling slightly.

"Okay well I'm going to let you go now. See you Saturday."

"Yeah okay, see you."

Then Tenten pressed the off button on her phone and gently laid it down on the table next to her bed. She sighed and looked over at her desk, where she used to have nine photos of Neji, all of them taken in secret.

She had called the Neji Fan Club earlier that day and quit being the vice president for obvious reasons. Also when she called, she found out that there was now a Shino Fan Club, where some of the members of her old fan club where now. It was strange that Shino got a fan club but she guessed some girl managed to see him without his glasses, making her wonder how that happened.

Again she sighed, closing her eyes as she felt them starting to water.

'I don't know if I can ever truly forget him…'

To be continued…


(1) There's a story behind the whole naked at the bar thing and I plan to tell you all in a future chapter since it's being brought up so much.

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