A day with Tezum the EVA

It was a nice sunny day in Japan, the clouds were white and the sky blue, the grass blades green. The river a dark and mysterious blue. And flying in the clouds with its eight yellow spectral wings and purple armour was Tezum…the Eva.

Tezum was a pre-evolved Eva and not full one like Azreil…Eva 02. He was currently doing what he usually did, which is flying around or swimming…sometimes digging to. He was doing the first one, Tezum was aloud to go outside for as long as it wanted to and for a few reasons.1 is that he did not like to be in NERV too long and would thrash about a lot and would destroy a lot of equipment.2 Tezum made the people of Japan feel safe when the Evangelion would show its presence in the sky like it was patrolling Japan and finally 3 he roared to damn much in NERV.

Tezum watched as little children in parks along with their parents, were pointing and waving at him, a thought Tezum. Tezum swooped down till he touched the ground and landed by the park. The result: the kids ran straight to Tezum however the mothers tried to stop them, the first kid was the first to start to pat the creature and the rest followed suit, the parents calmed down and smiled at the Eva.

"So isn't the pilot gonna come out" a women said

Tezum leaned forward opened the hatch and they were not that surprised to see no pilot inside.

"you doing your solo thing, huh?" the women said and Tezum just nodded

The women smiled

"Do you think you could let my son have a ride?" She said

Immediately after all the kids started to ask their parents if they could ride Tezum.



Shinji? I need your permission to take these kids on a ride.

Yeah…but if they vomit your in shit, alright?


And for the next 5 hours Tezum took the children for ride in the plug. After he finished he left while the kids waved to him as he disappeared into the clouds

(It's short, I know...it's only side story, the next chapter will be atleast five pages)