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Life with Evangelion chapter 3

The Eva's sanctuary, the Eva' sanctuary is basically where all the Eva's reside and roam free, it's located in the room where Lilith used to reside. They increased the space to have an area of 80 kilometres. It was cleaned of LCL and was coloured white except the floor which was blood red thanks to the amount of fights the Eva's had. Currently 44 (Including 00-03) Eva's were in there. In the centre was a massive pit where whales and other sea creatures were dumped to feed the Eva's. Because of the phase shift engines and because the Eva's now had no angel DNA in them what so ever, they would hunger and need to be fed which wasn't a problem.

The Eva's normally hanged around their dominant Eva, Tezum's squad slept and stayed around him and the same goes for the rest. However, the Eva which normally dominated all Eva's was Tezum. The Eva's were more animalistic and had a variety of animal traits and some unique ones of their own. For Example, Eva's rolled into a ball when they slept and could make their legs double jointed if they wanted to, which was all the time, so, they walked on all fours. One of the most popular things amongst the Eva's were the roars they emitted. Evangelion can't communicate mentally when Their pilots are awake and even when they are, they prefer to be more natural and simply growl, whimper, grunt and roar to communicate.

Another thing is that the appearance of the Eva's without their restraining armour had changed even though there was no record of the Evangelion's without the armour/restraint off after the angel wars, the pilots do relay what the Eva's tell them in a diary and apparently they all looked different from each other.

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Evangelion do have genders and only an Eva or a pilot would be able to tell the difference. Evangelion from recent accounts from the Eva's, can mate and they know how to, ( I'm not gonna say how because I'm still working on it with Rahhel) the females would lay eggs instead of the mammal way of giving birth. They could lay about 10 up to 300. This theory has not been tested…yet but Eva's do have mating seasons, however even they don't know when, all they knew was when it happened the females would become fertile and a smell that is faint but to Evangelion would be strong would come from them to show they were fertile.

The most they knew about their reproduction or willing to tell was that the armour would be shed completely and their bodies will make an EMP that would effect a certain distance until the seasons over and the EMP will fade away. The eggs won't be laid for two weeks and during this time the females will become isolated to the other males since Eva's were cannibals and could eat the eggs, so, The females would keep them away from the males at all costs until the eggs hatch. What happens next still has to be updated but apparently a subject the Eva's are weary about since they have never had a season and don't know what it will be like and so, they fear it a bit while others cannot wait for it. However, the season was coming soon since the females were starting to follow the males however 75 followed Tezum because he was the strongest male and the Females were thinking of the best protection for themselves and their future pups. (If you think you got a better word for Evangelion hatch lings then please put it in you review since I really want to know since pup is not the best word) The females don't really know why they feel like that, however, it was mentioned by Zikia(00) that everything new to the Eva's was truly based on instinct.

Right now it was dinner time and all the Eva's were surrounding the round pit and eating their favourite marine creature. Tezum claimed the most. Eva's were like Alpha and Tezum was the alpha male and all the females contended for his attention. Zikia and Azreil (02) were the Alpha females for the females and as such were the only ones who would contend for his attention while the females would just wait and try their luck some other time or go off to find a strong male.

One more thing is that females had a high pitched call which later on it means plea or a sound of desperation, it sounded like The Great Black-backed Gull's immature cry. (That's the closest I could link the sound with but it sounds like that but a lot louder) This was always used by the females to their partner to do something they can't do or to plea to them to leave them or something they want alone. 02 was not getting any food and there was not a lot left so, she did what she as a female would do, She began to plea to Tezum, who stopped to listen, she continued to plea for awhile before he roared amazingly loud and made all the Eva's stop and look while Azreil continued her plea. Tezum roared again and the other Eva's except Zikia began to flee. Azreil continued to plea until she was satisfied and then began to eat its food. Tezum had the last whale but shared it with Azreil until Zikia came down and started to plea as well and Tezum let her have some as well.

Azreil was not to happy about this and began to growl at her and she returned it, Tezum just continued to eat and his eyes turned from pure yellow/white to its original green eyes and soon his tail came up to dig in as well. After awhile the food was gone and Tezum moved on to his little place. Zikia returned to her place while Azreil wanted to follow Tezum and found a sort of nest made of mud/dirt trees bones clay and a lot more. Tezum climbed up his 80 meter nest which could hold four Eva's. Azreil started but the females from Tezum's section growled at her but she let off a more dominant before climbing to the top. Tezum was already preparing for a nice rest and was changing the layout of the nest and Azreil came over and started to help. Once they were done Azreil laid down first and waited for Tezum to lie down. She formed a ball and Tezum wrapped himself around the her and soon Azreil started to generate heat which went into conjunction with Tezum's. Azreil let off low and soft plea's which in Eva meant she was enjoying something, (It was their way off purring but only females could do it) they both soon fell asleep and in about 36 hours they would be up and about. However, the same thing echoed into their minds…the time of the mating season.

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