Author's Notes:

This is another shot at sasuxnaru fic. I just really want them to be together so I pieced this fic dedicated for Sakura and Naruto.


I could say that the cat got my tongue...but then again, they would say that i won't have to use my tongue to give the disclaimer i'll make this easier...i accidentally slammed the door on my fingers and the pain would start up whenever i type the!

Muserella: she is lying, as you guys all know by now. I chucked her out of the window so i could type this disclaimer in peace: BOYARINA DOES NOT OWN NARUTO. Naruto defintiely owns the both of us though.

Ridding Me of You

by Boyarina

Chapter 1: Screaming into the Darkness

"Why in the name of everything that is SHITTY and CRAPPY are you in my head? I don't deserve this! Why are you tormenting me?"

She screamed the words out, forcing the air out of her lungs and straining her vocal chords to their limit enough that she could be heard by the pople of the next village.

And, hopefully, by the person whom she really want to direct her words to.

"I've drunk a gallon of beer to kill several of my brain cells today but you're still stuck here in my brain like the pest that you are! Couldn't you just get yourself gone so I could live peacefully?"

Over the canyon, her questions and declarations just rebounded back to her. No one here is going to answer her and she did not expect one.

"All day, five days a week, we see each other! Why ARE YOU STILL IN MY HEAD! We spend a million minutes in each other's presence and still once the day is over, even after we have said our goodbyes, you still lurk somewhere in my subconsious! Why is that! Don't you have anything better to do? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!"

She is snarling by now, her frustration, instead of being abated by all of her ranting, is steadily mounting.

"And you ask me WHY I don't get ramen with you? Haven't you figured that out yet? I CAN'T have ramen with you because it's simply TOO MUCH ALREADY!"

With a savage force, she tore her hitae-tai from her head and mussed her hair the way only an insane person would do it.

"Could you not see that if ever I would have ramen with you, I'd end up not only thinking about YOU, all the thing that you have done, all the things that you have said, but also of my actions; of whether I was too much of a prick or I have given too much of myself away...ARGH! See! We didn't even have that ramen date yet and I'm thinking of how I'd be a THINKING about you!"

She rubbed her hands roughly on her face. She came here to let out and let go, but the only thing that she is accomplishing is making herself hoarse.

"I'm pathetic," she said pitifully, her voice raw. Summoning what's left of her vocal chord's strength, she yelled for the last time. "I'm not allowed to abuse drugs, but you are one drug that's hard to get RID OFF! I'm ADDICTED to you, did you HEAR that!"

Her knees buckled, sending her butt to unceremoniously slump down to the ground. The last declaration that she made rung so TRUE it rattled her. Though she is the one who is making the revelation to the world (or this canyon, for that matter), she stunned herself stupid when that last statement burst out from her.

"I've been denying it all these time, Uzumaki Naruto," whispered Haruno Sakura to the piece of rock she found sitting beside her, "I just realized now because have been blaming you. I couldn't help it. How could I? It's YOU that I'd ALWAYS find inside my head."

Yep, indeed. She is officially losing it. She's talking to a rock who she thinks is Uzumaki ANruto. This is bad. Had it been a person, she would have been able to forgive herself still. But an INANIMATE object?

Ugh. She's really losing it. She gotta have to rid herself of this obsession.