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Ridding Me of You

By Boyarina

Chapter 32: All Is Out

Naruto went to the Hokage's office to turn himself in. He seriously has to make sure he prevents Kyuubi from drinking Sakura's blood again. It tasted too good; there isn't any chance that he would pass up on mauling her on sight the moment he is given the second opportunity.

The problem that he has now is convincing Tsunade-baachan to give this the same level of gravity that he is treating it. Sitting serenely behind her desk with hands steepled in front of her, her expression ranged from being neutral to eager, an almost approving expression. She doesn't seem to be very bothered by the development he reported.

"You had been talking to the 9-tailed demon?" Tsunade-baachan asked again. She sounded like she would never expect anything like this would happen. "And you and him bonded with Sakura?"

"By having her blood, yes!" He was more than exasperated by the repetitive questions.

The hokage mulled this over for what seemed like the thousandth time, now and then glancing at him. If Sakura's life had not been at stake, he would have walked right out in supreme frustration.

What is in his words and the despicable situation that she is not getting?

"This certainly is a stroke of luck that I wasn't expecting." She remarked thoughtfully. She rose from her chair and walked towards the window. "Do you have violent tendencies?"

'In or out of the bed?' Snickered Kyuubi.

"No!" Naruto spluttered and sent a frown to his inner demon. The suggestive phrase had caused the beginnings of a flush to commence rising from his navel.

"No sudden urges to rip something apart?"

Naruto has yet to recover from Kyuubi's uncouth statement when the demon hastened to give another dirty response.

'We already did rip something apart!'

Can you cut the crap? Naruto hollered internally.

"Naruto?" Tsunade-baachan looked at him quizzically.

Rendered mute, Naruto shook his head in a violent manner.

Hands on her hips, Tsunade-baachan continued. "Any lingering frustration?"

Naruto tried to block another round of filthy nuances with a silent scream, but the words of the Kyuubi still came across clearly: 'Sexual frustration? Hell yes! Gaki, aren't we supposed to meet Sakura? What in the world are we still doing here?'

The growing tightness in his pants had Naruto scrambling for a memory that would dampen it. Unfortunately, his options are limited. His recent memories (delicious and unforgettable) are his trysts with the girl whose name he is not going to mention now (lest he ends up crashing the hokage's door due to an uncontrollable urge to look for her and ravage her again). Then, there were those moments with Sasuke, which frankly, he just got stuck with.

To dispel his getting stronger by the minute need to kidnap Sakura and get her back in the sack, Naruto carelessly brought up the image of Sasuke thoughtlessly enjoying a hotdog, not even noticing the drops of mayo that had gotten smeared on the corners of his mouth. It had been the freakiest, may-Kami-forbid-from-letting-the-scene-get-replaye d-again-moment.

He really shouldn't have insisted for Sasuke to try hotdog on-stick. If there had been an early warning system that alerted him that told him head-on that he would end up with bile bubbling up his throat at the sight, he would have destroyed the idea all together.

"Naruto? You're spacing out again!" The hokage rebuked. He didn't even notice that she had strode over to him, hand poised to flick his forehead. He bent backward just in time when she released her finger.

"Hey!" She snapped, her body readying itself to execute the next move to punish this ninja who dared to daydream in her presence. She swung her leg to bring him down, but just as she was a hair breadth's away from touching him, he sprang up and completed a perfect back flip.

Some tell-tale signs of the Kyuubi's effect on Naruto are showing, and Tsunade is beginning to see it. To validate this, she decided on more test. She rushed to him, arm cocked to deliver a crushing blow. Naruto put his palms out from which a red wall of ki ballooned, neutralizing her attack.

He forced her back to starting point, creating shallow trench in the path they trod on.

"Baachan? Easy there." His voice sounded as though it was interlaced with another's more gravelly tone.

She stared at Naruto intensely and he stared back at her in shock.

"Did you realize that you've gotten faster and stronger?"

Naruto still looking stupefied, tried to grasp for something to say. "This... Aren't you worried?" He finally bleated. The wall of chakra dissolved, allowing her to see clearly how troubled he is.

"I'm thinking about it," Tsunade replied after a brief pause. She set her hands, in preparation for a jutsu to attack him with. "Let me just check on a couple of things..."


Five minutes of waiting for their Sensei and Naruto to appear had Sakura tearing down anything she can land her hands and feet on. The bushes innocently lying around the patch of forest she and Sasuke decided to wait in is now sheared of grass and bushes; even the tree they had stayed under for shade are now missing several of its low hanging branches.

"I think there is a deforestation law in Konoha," Sasuke commented wryly.

"Are you sure it's good for you to bring that up now?" Sakura growled. She wanted to kick him on the side of the head, but she didn't like starting her day with violence. Maybe later, give or take 5minutes.

"Well, if you must know," Sasuke replied in a conversational tone. "What I really want to bring up is your ramp on the bed with the dobe."

Sakura's body jerked in alarm. "How... Wha-when did you know?!" Taking one giant leap towards her teammate (who had inexplicably became nosy overnight), she slapped her palm over his mouth, fingers splayed all over his face. "Did you tell anyone?!"

Sasuke swatted her appendage away. "Don't get your panty in a twist. Kakashi-sensei was the one who blabbed about it." He got up to momentarily rummage through the deep pockets of his shorts and sat back down again. He had pulled out what seemed like a journal with the title "The H Plan" and an expensive looking fountain pen.

"Let's get to the bottom of this. Before he shagged you, did he use any pick-up lines?" Sasuke looked at her with anticipation.

Completely floored in having heard Sasuke utter the word 'shag', Sakura choked mid-swallow. "What in the world has gotten into you?"

"So that's a no," his pen hovered over the blank space beside what he just scribbled down (I.e., step 1.a - charming her with words). He paused, waiting for her to either negate or affirm the statement. When she steadfastly didn't answer, Sasuke moved to the next question.

"What erogenous zone did he touch to get you excited?" He smirked triumphantly when she spluttered, face blooming into a vibrant cherry color.

"From the looks of it, I'd say LOTS," he snorted smugly. "So what did he do? Breathing in your ear? Cupping your face - or other parts that can be cupped and starts with letter B? Brushing your hair? Tickling? Chaste kisses?"

She is purple by now - she is quite certain of it. All the blood, all the hot flame of embarrassment suffusing her face is undeniable. "None of those happened in my bed room!" She denied a bit too vehemently.

Sasuke nodded. "Okay then. All checked and everything was done in Naruto's bedroom."

A big nerve popped right out of her temple. She would have instructed said vein to karate chop Sasuke's nuts, but she didn't have the patience right now to give it instructions where and how to find these. With the level eccentricity that Sasuke possess, she wasn't even sure his body parts would exist in the same normal state and location as with any normal human being.

"Will you give me that damn notebook," Sakura growled and made to swipe the journal out of Sasuke's hands. He quickly moved it away though and sent a rabid glare her way.

"Mine," Sasuke snapped. Regaining his cool, he continued. "I'm doing a study."

"For a tabloid?" She asked irritably. Her mind flashed back to the title of notebook and she reeled in realization. "Are you trying to get someone?" A smile bloomed on her face when Sasuke did not control his features fast enough for her not to notice his thief-caught-red-handed expression.

"You're trying to get a girl!" She announced gaily.

"That's a load of buttcrack," Sasuke responded in staunchly.

Sakura was triumphant. She knew she is right. In her estimation, Sasuke must not be faring very well with the girl he had his eye on, making him desperate enough to look for (gasp!) Girl Tips.

"Have you already done your frowny-angsty look?" She asked in a helpful tone.

"When do I not wear my frowny - that's not what it's called," Sasuke regarded her with affronted eyes. "It's my 'brooding' look." Then, he ended up frowning slightly.

Sakura ignored him. Gathering bits of what she assumes what makes Sasuke attractive to females, Sakura laid it all out on the table. "How about your constipated grins? Chilling stares? From the bowels of hells giggles? Have you already flashed her with your pasty abs and pecs?"

"Hey," Sasuke sourly complained. "Again, those are not what they're called." He straightened up and attempted his best to exude his handsome-as-the-devil airs. Putting one finger up in the air, he matter-of-factly started ticking off the corrected names of his wiles that make girls swoon. "They're my lopsided grins, cool stares, husky giggles and porcelain pecs and abs."

Sakura shrugged. "Sure. The question still remains. Have you done them?"

Deflating a bit, he crossed his arms and riveted his gaze in a different direction. "I'm working on it."

Sakura snapped her fingers as though coming to a startling conclusion. "She doesn't really like you does she? She likes somebody else!" She snapped her fingers a second time. "That's why you are making so much effort!"

Sasuke's sour mood escalated. "She likes me in her own way!" he exclaimed sharply.

"Well, has she gone to you willingly? Sought you out? Preferred you over somebody else?" Sakura fully expected for Sasuke to become stone cold with realization on account of her questions. Contrary to this, Sasuke became revved up, his face lighting up considerably.

"She did prefer me over somebody else," he happily stated. Mood changing suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and directed his full attention on her. "You haven't answered my question yet. How did Naruto get you to bed?"

Sakura's face flamed anew. "Are we back to that again?!" Flicking her head away, she snubbed him. "I am not going to tell you anything."

Sasuke gritted his teeth. Genius brain working triple time, he came up with a stupendous rebuttal to sway her in giving him information. "The girl that I like has a crush on Naruto." He gave a dramatic pause for the information to sink. "If I don't get her, she will take your Naruto."

Paling in response, Sakura scrambled to rectify her error. "I'll tell you everything!"


The throbbing bruise on his eye certainly did not help in getting him to see and think straight. Sure, it always irks Naruto to see his kunoichi sidling up to teme, but this level of uncontrollable jealousy goaded one, two, three of his demonic tails to burst out and slammed ominously on the ground.

"I don't like this," Naruto ground out as he stood there, a mere three feet away. He gestured with his, hands encompassing the scene unfolding before him. "I don't know if there is a good reason why this is happening, but I'm certainly and absolutely hating it."

Sakura bit her lip. The corners of her lips twitched as though threatening to break to a mile wide grin. She fluidly brought herself to her feet, one foot landing forward and towards his direction. However, she went no further.

"Hi," she plainly greeted. It was effective enough to curb his anger.

She wanted to go to him. But, despite of the slowly dispersing of the mass of chakra tails behind him, she is hesitant to do so. There were warning bells tolling, asking her to take heed.

"I shouldn't be here," Naruto explained. "But I sure glad I was."

Sakura deemed to look sheepish. Licking her lips, she felt too conscious. Naruto's accusing stare lay heavy on her. "I was helping Sasu-"

Sasuke shot up from his seating from his position and cut Sakura off. "He shouldn't know!"

Hackles rising, Naruto venomously asked, "What and why shouldn't I know?" The last remaining tail that was slowly dissolving into the air started to solidify once more.

"None of your business," Sasuke replied curtly.

"Sasuke!" Sakura admonished. Her gaze shifted worriedly from Naruto's murderous glare to Sasuke's defensive pose. Eyes widening into saucers, she noticed Naruto going into a crouch, undeniably plotting an attack.

There was no time to holler out a plea for someone to pause and think about what they were about to do. Naruto, fuelled by his anger, dashed forward thunderously, eyes locked into Sasuke's form. His oncoming blow was blocked by Sasuke, but just barely. They both skidded, Sasuke being pushed back in the process.

"Guys!" Sakura yelled hysterically. She wanted to join in the fray, but her actions might be misinterpreted. Whether she comes to Sasuke's aid or goes to impede Naruto's progress in murdering their teammate, Naruto would just be incensed further.

If Naruto does not stop in his berserker like rage however she just might need to start coming up with Sasuke's eulogy and a lengthy defense report to keep Naruto from getting the death sentence.

Sakura took out a kunai from her pouch with no clear intent what she is going to do about it. The only thing that's obvious to her is that she has to make Naruto understand. She must catch his attention, no matter how drastic it would take, and then calm him down.

Throwing her caution to the wind, Sakura ran closer to ground zero (ready to block any accidental kick or punch or jutsu sent her way) and shouted, "Hinata's here!"

She gasped when Sasuke stumbled and then wildly searched the area, more than likely looking for the aforementioned kunoichi. Horror (with undertones of gladness) filled her when the mention of Hinata's name did not even deter Naruto at all. If for anything, he is intent on nothing except to make a pancake out of Sasuke.

Grasping at straws, she blurted out, "She wanted to undress me using this kunai!"

The effects that she was going for was not quite what it turned out to be. Instead of stilling from his actions and gaping at her openly, Naruto reversed trajectory. It happened in the blink of an eye. One second he was after Sasuke's demise, the next he was shooting towards her - his legs ate up the distance between them like he was flung from a well strung bow to get to her.

The moment he was close enough to do so, Naruto snatched her up and folded her body against him. He jammed his legs against the earth to stop them from propelling further. They slid for several heart lurching moments before finally settling down, dusts of air rising up around them.

"Why is everybody out to take you away from me?" Naruto roughly said, burying his head against the nape of her neck.

"I wasn't going to let them take me," Sakura retaliated softly. His breath tickled her; his nose, his lips were both pressed against her skin. "I might let you though."

Daring fate, she pushed herself more into him until she felt Naruto nip her. She groaned and he growled back.

"Don't tempt me."

Sakura didn't listen. Angling her head to expose more of her neck, she waited for him to do more than just nip her. It does not sound logical, but it felt like she was performing a ritual - Naruto will feed on her and he will let her take a couple of sips from him.

"It's like watching the prologue of a very pornographic movie." Sasuke quipped, apparently having recovered from the skirmish just moments ago.

Lost in their own world, they both ignored him. Sakura had her eyes closed and she could feel Naruto's breaths becoming hotter. She knew his resolve not to do it was weakening.

The moment came. Sakura did not even flinch just as Naruto decided to give in and sank his teeth into her. A little whimper escaped her lips, but her sighs of arousal soon followed.

Sasuke who had been fascinatedly watching them before reared back. Paling considerably, he spluttered, "What the hell!"

From his stock knowledge, from the description and instructions that Sakura gave him, none of that came even close to this rather kinky-beyond-borders acts of...he couldn't even find an adjective to describe it. This he was certain: not unless he wants to score weirdo points with Hinata, he definitely would not apply this.

Despite the demanding voice in his head telling him to katon his teammates and get them back to their senses, Sasuke restrained himself and took this opportunity to venture out to uncharted territories. Clearing his throat (lest he squeaked in the process of executing his question), he asked, "Can you demonstrate something normal? You know, like dry humping?"

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