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Rating: PG-13...for naughty words...inapropriate make-up use, and other crazy things.
A/N: So, after much debating, I decided what the hell, and to post this. It's short, SHORT chapters. Not long at all. Snippets. Don't except much of an over-arching plot, as real life rarely seems to have one.
Summary: Just another year, for Jess Mariano.
Spoilers: Gilmore Girls seasons 1-6.

A Year in the Live of Jess Mariano

Ch. 1: June 14th. Happy Brithday

At 3:43 am on June 14th, Jess Mariano's cell phone started ringing. He sat up silently and slowly before picking it up.


"Happy birthday."

"It's my birthday?"

He heard her giggle. "Yes, silly. You're 22 today."


"Go back to sleep, Jess."

"Okay, Mom." With that, Jess hung up.


"Here! Over here!"

"Ssssshhhh! You're gonna wake him up!"

Jess's eyes cracked open. "I'm already awake."

He sat up and found his two roommates standing over him, holding a copious amount of female beauty supplies.

Matt smiled nervously. "Happy birthday?"

Chris snorted with a loud laugh.

Jess glared. "Fuck you both."


"Happy birthday."

Jess grinned into the phone. "Thanks, Uncle Luke."

"How does 22 feel?"

He shrugged. "Just about the same as 21…a lot calmer than 20."

"Good to hear."

"How are you?"

"Uh…Lorelai and I broke up."

"Oh, man."

Luke sighed. "She wanted to elope. I wasn't ready."

"So she broke up with you?"

"She didn't exactly say that, but she did go and sleep with Rory's father."

Jess flinched. "Actions speak louder than words."

"Right. Hey, enough about me. Got plans to celebrate?"

"Chris is forcing me to go to Hooters."

Luke snickered.

"Shut up."

"Have fun with whatever crazy birthday dance they make you do."

Jess fought back laughter. "How would you know they make you do birthday dances?"

"Bye, Jess."


His father and mother both called during the day.

Jess's phone rang again as he was closing up the bookstore.


No one answered.


He sighed when he still got no answer.

"I'm hanging u-"

"Happy birthday." Click.

Jess blinked and hung up. "Dammit, Rory."