Now I See You, Now I Don't

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Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom...and I hate that fact!

Summary: Danny Phantom was a superhero whose future was bright. No ghost seemed to rival his power... until the accident. In a ghost fight, Danny lost his sight. Now he stumbles through the days, searching for a cure, something that can save him from the darkness. Will anyone be able to save the hero? DxS

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Danny Fenton wasn't your average teenager. In fact, he was quite the opposite. Danny was shy and somewhat clumsy during school. He had limited friends and a C average, but he had a secret. Danny Fenton was really only half human. The other half of him was the ghost superhero, Danny Phantom. Whenever an evil ghost escaped the Ghost Zone with plans to take over the world, Danny was there to stop it. He was smart, cunning, confident, and very powerful. When Amity Park had first seen him, they had thought of him as evil, but now things were smoothing out and the more he saved the city the more its people believed in his superhero status. Things were definitely looking up for the teen hero, but everything changed one fine autumn day when he and his best friends were taking a walk in the park.

Danny closed his eyes took a deep breath of fresh autumn air.

"I love the fall." He said contently to his two best friends, Sam Manson and Tucker Foley.

"Yeah, it's beautiful." Sam answered, taking in the sight of the trees that nearly glowed with the red, orange, and brown tinged leaves. The wind picked up a bit and a flurry of leaves fell from the trees and flew at the three teens. Tucker pulled a face.

"It's too windy in the fall. And all the leaves are dead." He said grumpily. Danny and Sam shared a glance. They looked away quickly to hide their snickers. Tucker had recently taken up hating the fall because the 'wind' had 'blown' half of his technology collection all around the block. He'd been searching for weeks to recover all the technology that the 'wind' had taken away and the 'wind' and Sam had gotten a huge kick out of it! (A/N If you can't guess who the green-eyed mischievous 'wind' was, I won't tell you)

Tucker glanced at his two best friends and frowned.

"What are you laughing at? Or are you just flirting again?" He asked, smirking. Danny and Sam stopped laughing but before either of them could open their mouths to chew Tucker out a blue mist escaped Danny's mouth and all three teens heard a scream.

"Ghost sense." Danny mumbled distractedly. He looked at Sam and Tucker, who both nodded.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny cried as he let two white rings travel up and down his body, transforming his normal clothes into a black and white jumpsuit with the DP emblem, his sneakers into white boots, his bare hands into gloved ones, his midnight hair silvery white, and his ice blue eyes neon green. He was Danny Phantom.

Without a second's hesitation, Danny shot through the trees of the park towards the scream. Sam and Tucker ran after him at a much slower pace, being as though they couldn't fly and had to run around trees instead of through them.

Danny stopped and surveyed the chaotic scene before him. There was a little girl who couldn't have been more than two years old dangling from fifty feet in the air by the hand of a ghost he had never seen before. It was tall and looked remotely like a human with pale blue skin and flaming blood red hair. Its eyes were also a blood red; they had no pupils. The ghost was wearing a spiked choker collar and a black shirt with blue flames drawn across it; apparently he was an Ember fan. In the hand that wasn't clutching the screaming girl; the ghost had a sword with a silver hilt and a glowing black blade.

Danny knew it was foolish to approach an enemy before he knew what kind of threat it posed, but the ghost looked about to kill the girl and he threw caution to the winds, favoring the life of the girl above his own safety as usual.

The ghost yelped in surprise as Danny grabbed the girl and flew to the ground. Danny gave the little girl to her anxious parents, who were a few feet away and flew back up to the strange ghost.

"You just messed with the wrong ghost, punk!" It shouted. Danny glared at it.

"And you just messed with the wrong halfa! Who are you?"

"I'm Ace! Lover of the blade and acid. And you must be Danny Phantom." The ghost said icily, grinning in a way Danny didn't like at all. He frowned, wondering what Ace meant and if it was worth keeping in mind.

"You might want to fly away, but I'm not gonna give you the chance!" And with that Ace lunged with his black blade, missing Danny by inches. Danny immediately fired a green ecto-blast at Ace, which he dodged, laughing insanely.

"You'll never catch me like that, Phantom!" He yelled. Danny narrowed his eyes and shot another ecto-blast at the red-haired ghost. He missed. Even angrier now at the ghost's evasive techniques, Danny threw a volley of attacks. One of the fifteen or so attacks hit its mark. The red-haired ghost yelled in pain as the ecto-blast seared his shoulder. His red eyes narrowed and turned black as the hand without the black sword balled itself into a fist.

Danny shrank back, knowing this wasn't good. He was tense and as prepared as he could be for the strange ghost's attack.

Ace shot forward and sliced at Danny's neck. Danny threw up a shield and the sword bounced off, but where it had hit the shield began to melt away. Ace threw a jab and Danny flew out of the way, his ecto-shield gone.

"Like it? This sword is coated in ecto-acid. It's next to harmless to humans, but it can melt pretty much anything ecto related." The ghost laughed, striking at Danny again. Danny went intangible. He cried out as the sword swept through his finger even in intangibility. He looked down for a fraction of a second to see the finger burned and beginning to blister and Ace took advantage of his distraction. He shot acid from the tip of his sword just as Danny looked back up.


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