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"Danny, please don't leave me." She begged as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Danny wiped them from her face and worked to take another pained, shallow breath.

"I...I'm sorry." He breathed, so quiet she could barely hear. His hand fell back to his chest and he took a shuddering breath before his eyes slid closed, and his whole body went limp in her arms.

Chapter 14: Those Blue Eyes

"No." Was all she could say. She pulled his limp, blood-soaked body closer and rested her cheek against his, sobbing.

"No! No! Danny!" Sam sobbed hopelessly. Tucker and Danni stood a ways off, watching helplessly as Sam cried over the body of Amity Park's fallen hero; her best friend. They both had tears streaming down their faces. Danielle had even turned human.

Sam started as Danny's body began to glow green. She loosened her grip on the bloody mass and watched in numbed misery as the green glow covered his body, ending at his once vibrant, sparkling eyes. She vaguely wondered what was happening, and her wonderings were soon answered. The glow turned sharply from green to bright, ice-blue and Sam watched in frightened amazement as the blood disappeared from Danny's mangled body, shortly followed by the deep gashes, cuts, and bruises. The glow turned silver now, milky white next. At last, the glow turned back to blue and faded into nothingness. Danny's body looked as good as new but for the lack of movement in his spent lungs. Her fear and amazement gone, misery ensued. She looked upon his body and found herself remembering how he had been; how he never would be again. She bent her head and let the tears begin anew for her hero, her love.

"Don't cry Sam. You're too beautiful to cry." Sam felt a cold, but somehow warm hand press softly against her cheek and wipe her tears away. She opened her red, tear-stained eyes and nearly fainted in disbelief. Two sparkling ice-blue eyes were staring up at her.

"Danny?" She whispered, letting out a shaky breath. The blue-eyed boy nodded with a weak smile.

"You-you're alive." She breathed, smiling now. The boy nodded again, blinking the rain from his ice-blue eyes. Sam pulled her hero close and hugged him.

"I was so scared." She whimpered into his neck. Danny reached up and put his own arms around his heroine. He was gaining more and more strength back with every passing moment.

"I was so afraid you were..."

"But I wasn't." Danny said strongly, pulling away. He looked straight into her damp violet eyes and watched as they widened in happy surprise.

"Danny?" She whispered. He smiled and stood up, holding a hand out for Sam, who took it.

"I can see, Sam." He said breathlessly.

"I can see you." He added specifically. For the first time in what seemed ages, Danny could see, but he didn't look at the golden autumn leaves, he didn't look at the cold gray sky and the rain; his eyes didn't see anything but Sam's beautiful amethyst eyes.

He suddenly felt himself closing his vibrant eyes and leaning slowly foreword. Sam did the same and their lips met in what could not be mistaken for a fake-out make-out. The kiss was real as Danny's regained sight. Everything was perfect as the two lovers wrapped their arms around each other and deepened the kiss, completely oblivious to the pouring rain.

The ghost and the Goth broke apart after a time and smiled at each other with stars in their eyes. Then Sam furrowed her eyebrows, her mind obviously on a question.

"Danny, what did you apologize to me for when we thought you were...you were...leaving?" Danny smiled, not a trace of nervousness left after the kiss.

"I wanted to tell you something important, but I didn't have enough breath left. I wanted to tell you that I love you with all of my heart." Sam smiled as fresh tears formed in her eyes, though this time they were not tears of sorrow; they were tears of ecstasy.

"I love you too, Danny. And I always will." And with that, Tucker and Danielle watched the two lovebirds lock lips again; both smiling fit to burst.

The End

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