Stay Away From My Danger

Dr. Francis Graves. A scientist, and man with a dangerously obsessive personality. The object of his obsession was a woman named Marie, whom he had known since childhood. And it was this obsession which led him to create the Fixator ray. A device that would cause her to at last return his affections.

"For years, I've admired you Marie. But you never gave me the time of day. You even had a restraining order placed against me! But now, thanks to my Fixator ray. I shall have your complete, and undivided attention!" He ranted as he aimed a large gun like device at Marie.

"Ya got our attention too doc." Came the voice of Ace Bunny from behind. The deranged scientist quickly turned to face him, finding that behind Ace stood both Danger Duck and Lexi Bunny.

"The Loonatics! What are you doing here?" Francis remarked angrily.

"Just happened to be passing through when we noticed you was havin' a party. So we decided to drop in on ya." Ace replied.

"You won't stop me!" Francis declared as he readied the Fixator ray to fire.

The ray began to glow and emit a strange sound as it gathered its charge. However, before Francis could fire, it was knocked from his hands by Ace's eye beams. Unfortunately, the ray hit the floor and went off anyway, striking Lexi squarely in the head.

"Man down!" Danger exclaimed. "Or should that be girl down or something? Saying woman down just seems a bit over complicated. And neither one of 'em really sounds right to tell you the truth."

"Just get her outta here Danger!" Ace snapped, bringing Danger back to reality.

"Oh! right! Back to base!" Danger replied, promptly lifting Lexi and making his way to the window they had entered through. He then activated his jetpack and took off.

Ace, meanwhile, stood menacingly over the presently cowering Dr. Francis.

"Ok doc, time for the two of us to take a little ride." Ace said as he lifted Francis by his collar. He then took a running leap out the window, activating his jetpack at the last second.

Needless to say, Mr. Francis had a less than pleasant trip to jail.

By the time Ace had dropped off Francis, Lexi and Danger were arriving back at the tower. Lexi had finally started to regain consciousness as they landed, but was still extremely dizzy, her vision blurred as well.

"Huh… wha… what happened?" She asked in a dazed and disoriented manner.

"You got hit pretty bad. But you should be ok now that we're back at the tower." Danger replied.

As he spoke, Lexi's blurred vision slowly came back into focus. Once she was able to see him clearly, her face took on a mystified expression.

"I'd better get you back inside." Danger remarked, thinking that she was simply zoning out.

Once inside, he took her straight to the infirmary and set her down at one of the medical stations. He then pressed a button on the wall to open a com channel to Tech's workshop.

"Hey Tech, Lex just got zapped in the head. I think maybe you should come run some scans, make sure there's nothing loose in there." He said.

"Be there in a sec." Tech replied.

"Well, Tech's on his way. No need for me to be here anymore." Danger said before turning to leave.

"Wait!" Lex said, taking hold of his arm.

"Wait? What for? This type of thing is Tech's department." Danger replied.

"Could you stick around for a while? I really don't wanna be alone right now." Lex said.

"Ok…." Danger remarked a bit warily. "I guess I could stay till Tech gets here."

"Could you sit with me while he runs the scans?" Lex asked as she continued clinging to his arm.

"What's the matter? Afraid to get your head examined by Dr. Von Techinstine?" Danger replied somewhat jokingly.

"I just get really nervous around hospitals and stuff like that. So could you please stay?" Lex pleaded.

Danger thought for a second.

"I guess I could do that." He said. "But could I get my arm back first? It's kinda at an odd angle."

"Oh, sorry." Lex said as she quickly released his arm.

With that, the infirmary door opened with a whooshing sound, indicating Tech's arrival. He entered the room, pausing when he noticed Danger standing there.

"Danger?" He remarked with a raised eyebrow. "I must say, I was not expecting to see you still here. I thought you hated being in this room."

"Only when I'm injured." Danger repled. "Besides, Lex here was just insisting that I stick around. Apparently all your, 'high-tech' medical equipment creeps her out."

"Really?" Tech remarked in a tone that was difficult to read.

"Well, that's not exactly what I said. But I did ask him to stay. It is ok if he stays, right?" Lex asked.

"It shouldn't affect the processes. So yes, he can stay. Though why you'd want him to escapes me." Tech replied. "Now if you would, please lay back so I can begin the procedure." He continued as he readied the cranial scanner.

Lexi did as she was asked, laying back as the scanner was moved into position over her head. Within minutes, the scan was completed.

"According to this, there's no major damage." Tech said. "In other words, it's nothing a couple of aspirin and some rest can't fix."

"I still feel a bit dizzy though. I don't think I can really walk right now." Lex said. "Could someone possibly carry me back to my room?" She asked.

"Certainly." Tech responded in his usual formal tone.

"I think maybe Danger should do it." Lex said a bit too quickly. "After all, you were busy working on something when you came to run that scan. And I wouldn't wanna keep you away from it any longer than necessary."

"And I suppose you don't think I have anything important to do?" Danger asked.

"Well, I didn't mean it like that." Lex replied sheepishly.

"Whatever. Let's just go." Danger said. He then lifted Lexi from the table and carried her out into the hall.

He continued down the hall till he reached the elevator and stopped. After a moment of simply standing there, he cleared his throat to indicate that Lexi would have to press the button, considering his hands were presently full.

"Oh, sorry." Lex said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

She pressed the button and they waited for the elevator to arrive. Once on board, she pressed the button for the floor her room was on. The doors closed and the elevator started to move. Neither of them spoke for a moment or so, till Lexi broke the silence.

"By the way," She began a bit apprehensively. "I really didn't mean anything by what I said back there. I guess I just wasn't thinking about how it would sound." She explained.

Danger gave her an odd look in response.

He found it unusual for anyone to be taking the idea of him being upset so seriously, but ultimately decided to take it at face value.

"I suppose that's understandable." He said.

"So you're not still mad then?" Lex asked.

In truth, Danger hadn't been terribly angry in the first place. He liked to let people know when something they said didn't sit too well with him. But after that, he would pretty much just forget about it. Well, within the hour at least.

"Of course not. Danger Duck is not one to hold grudges!" He replied in his best hero voice.

"That's good to hear." Lex said with a smile as she snuggled closely into Danger's frame without thinking. She closed her eyes contentedly as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Danger asked.

"Holding on for support." She quickly fibbed, not wanting to explain her actions at the moment. In truth, she couldn't have explained herself if she had wanted to.

"Ok…" Danger remarked uncertainly.

He knew something was up. But couldn't get himself to believe that it was really what he thought it might be. He quickly put the notion out of mind and continued in silence till they reached Lexi's room.

"Well, here we are." He said after stopping at the door. Lexi, however, did not respond. He quickly realized she had fallen asleep during the long elevator ride.

"Great." He muttered to himself. He then fumbled to open the door, ultimately resorting to hitting the button with Lexi's foot.

The door slid aside smoothly, allowing him to enter the darkened room. Once inside, it closed behind him, giving Danger the feeling of falling into a trap. He quickly hit the light switch with his shoulder, filling the room with light. He then carried Lexi to her bed and gently set her down. With that done, he turned and made his exit. But not before briefly looking back.

Meanwhile, in Lexi's dream world, she found herself still in Danger's arms as they rode along a path on the back of an extravagant black stallion.

Danger was dressed as a royal night. With black armor, and some of that other cool royal night stuff that I don't know names of. The triangular symbol from his usual Loonatics uniform was emblazoned on the front of his current attire. The same was true of the black gown worn by Lexi. They rode along in silent bliss towards a large stone tower at the end of the path they where on, focused on nothing more than each other. However, as they neared the foot of the tower, their world grew darker as a large group of what appeared to be living shadows seemed to surround them.

Danger quickly dismounted the horse, leaving Lexi securely on it's back. He then drew his sword, ready to do battle.

The first shadow charged, aiming for his face. He guarded, then sliced his foe in two, causing it to instantly fade into nothingness. Another came from behind. But he was ready for it, and spun with his blade at a high arc. His strike cut diagonally, from its right underarm to the top of its left shoulder.

From the left, to the right, and everywhere in between, they suddenly came all at once. He swiftly dispatched one after another, guarding Lexi as he did so.

Within moments, the wicked shadows were completely gone. Danger was returning to Lexi's side. She took his hand and leapt from the horse's back. They embraced.

It was a strange feeling, being held in his arms. Lexi had never before imagined herself wanting something like that. And yet, at the moment, it seemed so right.

After their long embrace, they pulled back a bit, and were about to kiss. When suddenly, Lexi woke to the unwelcome sound of a phone ringing. She was in no way pleased with the abrupt interruption, and promptly smashed it to pieces, accidentally crushing the nightstand it rested on as well.

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Note. Some words in this story have been deliberately misspelled, in order to better reflect how certain characters speak.