Title: Broken Spirit 1

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Erynlinia & nautika

Rating: T

Warning: Angst. Violence. Jealousy. OOC for in case. Prepare the tissues; I think that you might need them. Character death? Family matters.

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just created the plot for my stories.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Princeling Legolas disobeys his father. The punishment leads to an incident no one expected. Would the Peredhil saved the day?

Note: The twins in this story are older, but only in this story. Estel is 12 years old, while Legolas is 9 years old, and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Note2: Also written for Mellon Challenges 100 – Prompt # 054: Spirit.



"Iôn," Thranduil turned to his son, as he caught his attention he added, "Elrond's sons, will be here soon, so I ask you only this, and I will say to you only once… do not, and I repeat do not go to Dol Guldur. If you do, I will not be responsible for my actions, do you understand, iôn?"

Thranduil knew what he was doing it, as he did not wish to feel the pain in his heart again. It was enough to him and an hard time after his wife was dead, that he did not wished to lost his son too.

There was no answer came from his son, and asked again, "Do you understand, iôn?"

Legolas nodded, tears left his eyes, and said weakly "Fine…"

"What did you say, iôn? I did not hear it."

"I said: 'Fine'." Legolas said in pain. His lips trembling with fear and anger.

Legolas, himself, did not know why his father forbid him to go there, he loves to be there, and something in this place making him alive again.


Peredhil's come; Legolas recognized them by their giggles, as joy seemed at everywhere they were too.

Legolas hoped that Estel joined them, as he missed his friendship as he had to talk to him about his father.

Thranduil stood behind his son, and leant down, "Remember what I told you before, iôn …"

Legolas nodded sadly. He wished that he could run, but the way that his father looked at him, his legs did not move.

Legolas loved the place as it was his favorite and he loved the beauty in it.

He ran to Estel as they got closer, and welcomed him to his home.

"What about us, mellon-nin?" the twins teased the prince.

Legolas turned around, his face changed with frown as he bowed to them and welcomed them and over the lord with apology, "Forgive me, welcome to my home hir-nin, welcome Elladan Elrohir and Estel."

Elrond looked over the prince, and teased him softly, "Legolas, my dear elfling," he sighed and added with a smile, "How many times I asked you to call me just Elrond?"

Legolas grinned and smirked at the lord, "Forgive me, just Elrond, it will not happen again."

The twins and Estel laughed, and Elrond found that he cannot stop himself from laughing.

King Thranduil seemed shamed of his son' behavior, as he turned to Elrond and searched for any forgiveness because of his son' behavior.

Elrond smiled and reassured his friend, "There is no need to apologize, dear friend, it was in good spirit."

"Are you certain?" Thranduil asked while he glared hard at his son.

Legolas lowered his head, as he tried to avoid the hard look that his father gave him.

Estel glanced at his friend then at his adar, as he felt that something was amiss.

Elrond noticed the look that Estel gave him, and took Thranduil away from the elflings and Estel.

"Come, my friend, it has been a long time since we last talked…" Elrond spoke softly.

Thranduil turned to his son, and said with warning in his voice, "Do not walk over Dol Guldur, if you do that…"

Before Thranduil could finish his sentence, Legolas finished it quietly and a bit embarrassed as he his father said it next to his friends, "I know, ada, you told me that already…"

As the Lord and the King left, Estel and the twins used the opportunity and teased the princeling to get more details.

"What does you father mean by his words, mellon-nin?" Estel poked him.

"Dol Guldur," Legolas answered with no smile, as he take it serious. He had to, as he feared from his father.

"Show us the way…" Elladan asked in pleading eyes, as it seemed intrigues the Peredhil' and Estel.

"I cannot…" Legolas said sadly and lowered his head, and swallowed as he could hear his father' words repeating in his head.

"If we beg?" Elladan asked with pleading eyes, and looked at his brothers.

"Please?" Elrohir and Estel joined to their brother.

Legolas raised his head and looked at them, knowing that he will be sorry later, though the sight of the place always fascinated him as the way it took his heart.

Legolas sighed heavily and led them the way in defeat as he plead to take them.

As they finally get to the place, they noticed the rainbow that appears within the trees, they heard the melody of the birds, as the birds welcomed them. They giggled at the sight, as much as they could.

Legolas smiled as they saw them ran over the trees, and Legolas tried not to think of his father' words.

The time seemed not bothers them as they continued to play with each other and enjoy the nature, as the sky was covered with black, as the stars and the moon gave them the light, the only light.


In the meanwhile…

The King and the Lord became worried as they did not see their sons, as they searched for them, but they were not found.

Thranduil feared for his son, more than Elrond who had experience with missing elflings, and Estel. Thranduil was afraid that something had happened to his only son.

Elrond looked at his friend, noticed the frown and the worried look that appeared on his face, and asked, as he thought that might Thranduil know where his son could be, "Have you have any idea where they could be, mellon-nin?"

Thranduil looked at him and nodded as if he had no idea, though their was a thought that never left his mind, as 'Dol Guldur' repeated second after second in his mind.

"I really hope that Legolas did not do anything foolish…" Thranduil muttered.

Elrond glared at him and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I warned my son before you arrived, not to lead your sons, and I told him exactly not to go over Dol Guldur, and I really hope that he heard what I have told him…"

"And what would you do to him if he did lead them and show them? What are you going to do about it?" Elrond was curious what his friend would do.

"I will deal with him alone, as for I recall, that he is my son, not yours." Thranduil answered to him.

"Then, my advice to you, mellon-nin, be gentle with him. He is only an elfling, who tries to live with happiness and joy." Elrond tried to be gentle, as he hoped that Thranduil would be gentle with his son.

"I will think of that." Thranduil glanced over his friend, but could not smile, as he still felt angry with his son.


While in Dol Guldur…

"What time is it?" Estel asked as he noticed the quiet that covered the area.

"The time, my little brother, is known as time for you to sleep." Elladan hinted to Estel.

"What Elladan tried to say, is the time when the sun went to sleep, and the darkness came, and this is the time, when we need to get back…" Elrohir added with a smirk over his brothers and Legolas.

"Oh no…" they heard Legolas. His voice was shaken with fear.

"What is it, Legolas?" Estel asked his friend who seemed frown, and worried.

"My father is going to kill me…" Legolas answered in panic, and lowered his head.

"And why is that?" Estel asked, as he set his eyes upon his friend, curious.

"I… I was not suppose to show you, or to be in Dol Guldur…" Legolas explained and yet he did not raise his head, as he was ashamed of himself.

"I am certain that your father will not kill you, he loves you… why would he do that?" Elladan asked his friend, as he noticed his pale skin bright by the moonlight.

"Because… because…" Legolas trembled, wanted to spit out the burden in his heart but could not.

"It is alright, mellon-nin, take your time, no pushing…" Elladan assured him, and kept looking at him with concern.

The twins and Estel kept watching Legolas, who sat on the ground in frustration, not knowing what his father would do to him.

"I am worried for him…" Elrohir mumbled, as his eyes focused on his friend.

Estel came over to Legolas with concern, and sat next to him.

"Why would your father kill you?" Estel asked softly.

"Because… because I disobey him…" Legolas answered at last, his eyes set on the dark ground.

The twins and Estel could not see the tears falling from the princeling's eyes, as Legolas cried quietly.


Somewhere near to Dol Guldur…

Elrond and Thranduil wondered in the forest. They dared not to raise any voice that might bring to their own death and might to their sons' death.

They walked, and walked, carefully as they could with Thranduil leading the way over the path of Dol Guldur, hope in his heart that neither Legolas nor Elrond's elflings were hurt.

As they approached the road they saw the twins kneeling by the princeling. The king hurried to his elfling as Elrond hurried over to the twins and Estel.

"What is going on in here?" Elrond asked his sons softly as he watched them caring for Legolas.

"We do not know Adar…" Elladan answered as he still kept his eyes on the princeling with fear of what the king would do to his ion.

Elrond stared at Thranduil, as he hoped that he would not do something stupid about his ion, his only child.

Thranduil knelt by his elfling side. He lifted him on his shoulders, letting him crying on his shoulders, and then he spoke harshly to him, "I told you not to go over there, and what did you do? You disobeyed me, Greenleaf, you disappointed me…"

Greenleaf covered his face, not having any desire to look at his Adar, as he only wished to sleep in his bed.

"Let us go…" Thranduil said to them, then he glanced at the elfling in his hands, and whispered at him, "and you will get your punishment… when we reach the palace…"

Elrond pitied Legolas. In his mind he wished to comfort him. He knew the harsh words from his friend would only make this thing worse.

"Thranduil…" he tried to speak, but saw the look that appeared on the king, he stopped and he and his sons followed his lead back to the palace.

As they arrived the palace, Thranduil ordered the maids to cook, as his guests were hungry, and then he dismissed his elfling from eating dinner.

Estel stared at his friend that walked in defeat to his room, and looked up at his father with a question in his eyes.

Elrond did not know why Thranduil did so. He thought that his friend loved his son regardless of his mistakes.

The king, Elrond and his sons, ate without Legolas. That act made Elrond angry by his friend's behavior over his elfling.

"Ada, why Legolas is not eating with us?" Estel asked his Adar as they ate.

Elrond did not know what he should saw to his son, so he found himself glaring at Thranduil, who turned his head away from his friend's eyes.

"I do not know, ion, I do not know…" Elrond answered sadly.

'This is his son, his only elfling, why would Thranduil would act that way? Would he want to lose his elfling in the same way that he lost his wife?' Elrond asked himself.


Later in Legolas's room…

Thranduil entered and noticed that his elfling was curled in the bed, shaking, and Thranduil could hear him crying. Yet the king left the room, feeling that he could not face his ion, and perhaps in the morning he could tell him what he wanted to say.

When the king had left, Estel and the twins hurried inside, and then Estel sneaked some food from his room as the twins tried to uncurl Legolas.

"Legolas… it is us, your friends… please…" Elladan and Elrohir tried to uncurl him, tried to see his face.

When Legolas been uncurled and faced them, they could see his face all covered with tears as his eyes were red from them.

"Mellon-nin, saes stop crying…." Estel asked softly, soon he could felt his eyes, the tears almost burst from them.

Legolas only stared at them, and wondered what they were doing in his room in the first place.

After all he remembered his Adar's words to him 'You disobeyed me, Greenleaf, you disappointed me'.

"Saes leave me alone…" Legolas mumbled and turned his face from them. He felt so ashamed of his act earlier.

The twins and Estel stared uncomforted at their friend with concern in their eyes.

Estel thought of walking to his Ada's room and asking him to examine Legolas, but he pushed his thought aside, as another thought covered what would happened if the king would found out. He did not wish that.

"Mellon-nin, I know that you are hungry, I could hear your stomach from here, please eat … we will not say a word to your Ada, we promise!" Estel hoped that his friend would eat at least.

Lucky for all of them, Legolas turned his body over them, moving one shaky hand over the tray of food, taking little piece one at a time. They smiled, and said nothing but glancing a worried eyes.

They left the room after Legolas ate and drank it all. Legolas was asleep as they left.

Hir-nin - My lord

End of Chapter 1.