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Thranduil's movements were rhythmic, scooping the cool water drawn from the river with the leaves and dabbing them against his son's forehead. Then, he felt a slight movement. He looked up hopefully.

"Ion?" Thranduil called his son.

"Where's nana?" Legolas mumbled, his eyes still closed.

"Nana is...not here, ion, but...but I am here, ada is here," Thranduil managed to choke out a reply as he tenderly caressed his son's face.

Legolas moved his head from side to side, his lips mumbling the very words that Thranduil wished never to hear again.

"Nay… Adar hates me… I miss nana… I want my nana…"

Thranduil swallowed hard. "I am here ion-nin…and I love you." He reached for another leaf, and dabbed it on his son's forehead. What would he not do to take the fever from him and bring his son back to normal, away from all sickness, hurt and pain?

Galdor noticed the frustration on his king's face and tried to give what comfort he could.

"Thranduil," he addressed him softly, "Let me take care of him. Rest for a few moments and Elrond will tend to you too."

Thranduil paused, his hand brushing against his son's cheek, and finally sighed. "You are right, my friend. Thank you, Galdor." With a final nod, he left the room.

Elrond's gaze followed the king as he walked, each step heavy with worry. He called Elrohir softly. "Elrohir, ion, be with Thranduil. Make sure that he is all right. He needs sleep and food. Don't let him collapse."

Elrohir nodded and hurried after the king.

Galdor smiled gratefully at the elf lord. "Thank you, Lord Elrond, for taking care of my king."

"Thank me when everyone is all right, my friend," Elrond returned the smile.

"I will do that," Galdor's smile broadened as he took his place beside Legolas.

Elrohir had no difficulty catching up with the king who was leaning against the wall, just outside in the hallway. "Thranduil, is there anything I could help with?" he asked.

"Nay, I will be all right, young one," Thranduil replied and managed a smile. Brushing Elrohir away, he continued quickly toward his room and closed the door after him.

Elrohir sighed heavily before returning to the healing room where both Elrond and Galdor looked surprised to see him.

"That was fast," Galdor commented. "Is Thranduil all right?"

"I hope so," Elrohir replied, "The king headed toward his room and closed the door."

"Oh Valar…" Galdor murmured sadly.

Elrond watched the guard closely before he asked, "Is he still grieving his wife?"

Galdor sighed heavily before nodding. "He is," he replied. "Thranduil is more often alone in his room or busy with the kingdom than with Legolas. But what Legolas needs now..." Galdor shook his head. "He does not need a king: he needs his father."

Elrond nodded wordlessly, and turned back to see how his own son was doing.

"And how is the boy?" Galdor continued as he noticed the elf lord's concerned gaze.

"He will be all right," Elrond replied and ruffled Estel's hair.

A week later…

Legolas could hear Estel running outside and laughing with his brothers but he was too tired to leave the healing room or even get up from the bed. He had tried, but he only barely managed to catch himself from falling over, and he had to crawl back into the bed again.

But now he was in the room alone, his friends were not here and his adar was nowhere to be found.

Legolas missed his nana so much. She was always there for him, she would be here. Unlike his adar whom he hardly saw.

Or maybe it was true.

Maybe his father hated him that much.

Maybe he was only pretending to be nice to him by coming around once every few days because he had to.

Maybe that was what he deserved.

And that hurt.