Author's Notes: Re-posted 09/10/2008 for notes about why I'm not writing a sequel.

Due to personal issues last year, I had to take a break from writing, and subsequently lost inspiration for the sequel to 'The Fine Line'. I do have about four chapters of it written. However, I feel they're not as good as I wanted, and whenever I go to write the story it all feels like 'filler'. Therefore, with other projects on the go, I decided to leave the sequel -- maybe I'll come back to it one day, when I'm feeling more inspired and have better ideas for the story. I'm sorry to anyone who was hoping for/ waiting for the sequel, but I'm afraid it doesn't look like it'll happen any time soon.

Thanks to everyone who has offered me and this story their support.

Love and creativity to y'all,


Epilogue: Old Faces Returning.

The sound of her cell ringing awoke Sam from a peaceful night's sleep. The blonde blinked open her eyes and reached over her sleeping boyfriend, John Cena, for her phone that was going off on the nightstand.

Flipping the cell open, the diva was delighted to see the caller ID informing her that it was Cheryl who was calling.

Cheryl Leigh-Batista, who was Sam's mentor and one of the woman's closest friends had been on her second honeymoon for three weeks. Now, almost a month after she'd lost the title to Sam, Cheryl had returned and was ready for a re-match.

Grinning from ear to ear, Sam answered the call.

"Good morning, Cher," she said.

"Morning, Sammy. I'm not disturbing anything, am I?" The red head asked facetiously.

Laughing hard, the younger diva replied, "Only a great dream about me kicking your ass tonight."

"I'm guessing Dusty told you I'd be back then?" asked Cheryl.

"Yup, he let me know on Friday before I left for the weekend. I knew you and Dave would be back, but I didn't realize you'd be returning to work so soon," replied Sam.

Over the phone, the blonde could tell the older woman was rolling her eyes.

"You think I'd let you keep my title for this long?" the red head teased.

"Well, I did hope," joked Sam. "So, when will you be getting to Iowa?"

"Me and Dave are heading to the airport in a few hours, so around two, I should think. Do you and the others want to meet up and the airport? Maybe grab some lunch?" suggested Cheryl.

"Yeah, that sounds great. I'll call Mike and Alison and let them know, " said the Women's Champion.

"Ok great. How are they by the way? " inquired the red head.

"They're good, I think they went to Alison's parents for the weekend, " informed Sam.

"Excellent, " replied Cheryl. "And how are things with you and John?"

Sam grinned and replied, her eyes flitting to the man sleeping besides her, "Couldn't be better. I think we might actually rival you and Dave for the title of 'most loved up couple'."

"I wouldn't bank on it, honey, not after these last few weeks, " the older woman answered facetiously.

"Well, I wanna hear all the juicy details over lunch," insisted Sam.

"Oh you will, " teased Cheryl. "Well, I better go and shower. I'll catch you this afternoon, Sam."

"Ok, see you in a few hours, Cheryl, " said Sam hanging up.

The diva clipped her cell shut and carefully leaned over John, hoping not to wake him, as she placed it back on the nightstand.

As Sam sat upright again, the WWE champion opened his eyes.

"Morning, Baby doll, who was that on phone?" he asked.

"Cheryl, informing me she was back home and coming for her title, " joked the blonde. "I didn't wake you, did I?"

"Yeah, but I don't mind. It's worth it to have you next to me, " he replied running his fingers through her sleep-mussed hair. "What time is it?"

"Just after ten, so we should be getting up soon. I told Cheryl we'd meet her for lunch at two, " answered Sam, lovingly running her hand down the wrestler's back. "And I should call Mike and Alison too, let them know what's going on."

"Oh, do you have to? I hate this, we spend the weekend together and then we have to go back to work, " complained the brown haired man. "I wish we could just stay in bed all day."

Sam let out a giggle. "But we did that yesterday. Besides, it isn't too bad. We travel together and work together. Imagine how bad it is for Cheryl and Dave being on different shows," she pointed out.

"Yeah, I guess, " conceded John. "It's just when we're at work, it doesn't feel like we spend proper time together as a couple."

"I know, baby, I feel like that too. But what can we do? " contemplated the blonde.

"Make the most of every minute we have alone together, " replied the wrestler, pulling the woman back down onto the bed and covering her mouth with his.

As always happened when they were off work, the couple were soon making love, which resulted in them being late.

An hour and a half later, Sam frantically dived into the shower as John packed up all their belongings.

"What wrestling boots do you want me to pack for you, baby? " he called through the washroom door.

"The ones with the pink laces, thanks. The other ones pinch me a little, " she replied.

When the couple were finally ready, they headed down to grab a quick milkshake and energy bar before they had to leave.

As Sam was replying to the note her mom had left her assuring Marlie that she'd call her later that evening, her cell went off.

"Do you want me to grab that for you? " offered the WWE Champion.

When Sam said that she did, John answered the phone, only for it to go dead on him. He dialled to see who the last caller was, but the number was withheld.

"It must have been a wrong number, " informed the man, as the blonde came out of the kitchen.

"Oh, ok. I'll just call Mike and Alison anyway and make sure they're still on time to meet us, " said Sam.

The diva's best friend and his girlfriend were already at the airport when Sam called.

They informed the woman that they'd had a great time in Oklahoma, Alison's hometown, and that they should be arriving in Iowa around one-thirty.

With the knowledge that all of her friends were already on their way to the state of this week's Raw, Sam realized she and John should be getting a move on.

Not wanting to miss their twelve O'clock flight, the couple grabbed their cases and headed outside.

Just as the blonde was pulling the door shut, her cell went off again.

"Just leave it, baby, " said John. "We're gonna be late as it is."

"But what if it's Cheryl again? " insisted the diva, answering the call. However, when she spoke, the line was dead. Again, the caller was withheld.

"That's odd, that's the second time that's happened today, " commented the brown haired man as he slammed the trunk of taxi shut.

"I wouldn't worry about it, it's probably just sales people," reasoned the blonde, hopping into the backseat of the cab.

Nothing more was said about the two calls, as Sam and John sped to the airport and it was soon forgotten as they checked in and boarded their flight.

On the plane, Sam was happy to discover they were still serving food and ordered a large breakfast.

"You won't fit in your lunch, " John commented, when she requested a double order of toast.

"Watch me, " joked the diva, tucking in without a second thought.

For the remainder of the journey to Iowa, Sam and John read a little and took a nap before they finally landed.

After collecting their luggage from the carousel, John and Sam headed to meet Alison and Mike, who should have been arriving at any minute.

Stepping out of the Oklahoma waiting area, the couple greeted their friends.

"Did you have a good weekend, mate? " John asked Mike, whilst Alison and Sam embraced.

"Yeah thanks. It's always a relief to meet the future in-laws and get on with them so well, " replied the black haired man. "How about you?"

"It was good, thanks. Nice to kick back, relax and do nothing all weekend, " said Cena.

"Mom and Dad just loved Mike, they got along so well, " Alison informed Sam.

"That's great, Ali. I'm pleased everything is going so well for y'all, " cooed the blonde.

The diva was thrilled that not only was her relationship was going perfectly, but those of her friends' seemed to be as well.

The four people wondered around the airport until it reached two 'O'clock, and then they went to find Cheryl and Dave.

As luck would have it, Batista had the day off and was due in Iowa on Tuesday for the taping of Smackdown. Therefore, he got to spend an extra day with his wife, as well as catching up with friends.

A few weeks in the Caribbean had obviously done the married couple the world of good. Both were deeply tanned and looked happier than ever.

"Welcome back, " said Sam, embracing Cheryl. "Did you have a good time?"

"We did, thanks for asking, " replied the red head, who looked positively glowing from her vacation.

Dave had had the sense of mind to phone ahead and order a rental car for the two days he was in Iowa. Therefore, the three couples picked up their cases and made their way through the airport and to the parking lot.

An elegant silver luxury SUV was waiting for them outside, so they packed their cases in the trunk and took off.

The six people decided to eat at a small French bistro just two blocks from the hotel they were stopping in.

After ordering drinks and just main meal -no one apart from Sam felt they could manage more- they chatted as they waited for their food to arrive.

"So, tell us all about it. How was your holiday? " asked Sam, as she took a sip of her still water.

"Oh, Sam, it was wonderful. It was like nothing you could ever imagine, " cooed Cheryl. "Dave managed to get us the same suite we'd had for our honeymoon and we spent virtually the whole time in bed."

"Although we did venture out to go scuba diving once," added Dave. "That was pretty cool."

The three couples chatted until their lunch arrived, mostly talking about Dave and Cheryl's vacation.

When the meals were finally brought over, everyone feel silent as they tucked in.

Throughout lunch, Sam noticed that Cheryl wasn't eating much, only picking at her salad.

"You ok, Cher? " she asked. "It's only you haven't eaten much."

"Yeah, I'm fine really. I just feel a little sick, " replied the red head, pushing her uneaten meal away. "I think I picked up a bug on holiday though."

When everyone had finished eating and the plates had been cleared away, the six people ordered another round of drinks and chatted as they let their food digest.

"So, Mike, how did you get along with Alison's parents? " asked Dave.

"Really well, thanks. They're lovely people and they were so warm and welcoming, " replied the black haired man.

"Yeah, they treated Mike like their own son, " added Alison. "I think Dad will be adopting him soon."

"What can I say honey, we bonded over fishing, " said Mike, a proud grin on his face.

It was obvious the couple were thrilled at how well the wrestler and the P.A's parents had gotten along.

"An d when will you be meeting the future in-laws, Sam?" teased Cheryl. "You're the only one who hasn't."

"Well, it's Brittany's wedding in two months, so I guess I'll see everyone then, " replied the blonde.

"My mom won't wait two months to meet you, Baby doll. Every time I call home she asks about you," informed John. "How about we visit them when we're off next?"

"Yeah, ok then, that sounds great, " agreed the diva, with a big smile.

Since things had become serious between her and John, Sam had been quite anxious to meet his family. They obviously meant a lot to the WWE champion and the diva was eager to create a good impression.

Finally, the three couples decided to head back to the hotel. They had to be at the arena in three hours and all of them were keen to unpack and relax before they had to leave again.

Getting back into Dave's hired SUV, they drove the two blocks to the hotel.

When they arrived, Cheryl said she wanted to go for a lie down, so Dave offered to join his wife.

John had told Johnny Nitro and Melina that he'd join them in the bar for a drink to catch up and Sam was accompanying him.

"Why don't you two join us? " she suggested to Mike and Alison.

"Yeah, ok then, " agreed the black haired man. "Let us just drop our bags off first."

Fifteen minutes later after they'd all checked in and left their cases in their hotel rooms, John, Sam, Mike and Alison went down to meet Nitro and Melina in the bar.

They were sitting towards the back of the room, along with Carlito, Maria and Amy.

"Hey, pickle, did you have a good weekend off? " asked the raven-haired diva, as the Women's Champion took a seat.

"Yeah, I did thanks. How about you? " she inquired.

Amy then proceeded to fill Sam in about her weekend with hey boyfriend Kyle – the cousin of ECW wrestler CM Punk. The couple seemed to be getting along well and the blonde was thrilled for them.

Looking around the bar, Sam noticed how many couples there were within the WWE. Everyone seemed so happy and in love. This in turn made the diva feel all warm inside.

With her friends around her once more, John by her side and everyone so loved up, Sam knew she'd be in for a happy few months at work.