Sasuke's heart started beating faster when Naruto took the lead, grabbing the Uchiha by the collar and practically throwing him on the bed. Sasuke really didn't mind it one bit; he enjoyed it, in fact, even though he liked to be dominant.

He acted upon it and grabbed the back of Naruto's head, pressing their lips together and turning their bodies around so that Naruto was lying on the bed and Sasuke was hovering over him, showering his neck with light kisses as he let one hand slip under Naruto's shirt, happily tracing the blonde's muscles. Naruto all the while was growling, moaning and squirming underneath him, enjoying all these touches and getting excited just by the thought of having Uchiha Sasuke as his lover.

The Uchiha gave Naruto another heated kiss, briefly interrupting it when he took off the blonde's shirt, before he smirked at him. The hand which had been tracing Naruto's stomach went downwards and tugged at the waistband of his pants. Naruto shivered by the touch and, not wanting to be behind, took off Sasuke's shirt. Sasuke happily obliged and smirked when Naruto tried to turn the tables around again, though he this time didn't go down so easily; instead, he firmly grabbed the blonde's wrists and pressed them against the bed, making sure Naruto couldn't use them.

"Bastard," he growled between groans, as Sasuke sucked on the skin at his neck. The Uchiha didn't reply and instead continued, his grip never loosening. Naruto, in the meantime, tried to think of ways to get back his dominance and found it when Sasuke shifted, his ear near Naruto's mouth. The blonde took this invitation and slightly raised his head, licking and sucking on Sasuke's ear.

The Uchiha became pudding as he stifled a loud moan.

Naruto grinned in victory and squirmed out of Sasuke's grip, turning around so that he was now straddling the other's hips. He dived in and continued, unbuttoning Sasuke's pants and pulling them off. The other raised his lower body slightly to give Naruto some easier access, inwardly cursing himself for getting so easily distracted. Naruto's grin didn't fade as he lightly traced Sasuke's thighs with his fingertips, enjoying the way he shivered at the lightest touch and decided that it was enough with the teasing; he had waited long enough for this, ever since he could remember, and he wasn't going to waste any time right now. After all, there would be plenty more opportunities to take it slow, right?

He gave another teasing nip at the other's ear, figuring it was probably one of his most sensitive places, before he unbuttoned his own pants, letting out a squeak when Sasuke took back control and flipped them over once more. Naruto honestly could care less at that time, especially when he felt Sasuke prying his hands away from his pants and continued to unbutton them himself.

--(edited because of ff rules. Pah. I'm posting the unedited version somewhere, I just might make an account at adultfanfiction.)—

"Say, Sasuke?" Sasuke nuzzled Naruto's cheek, pulling him closer into a hug as they lied contently in bed.

"Hmhm?" he responded, not really in the mood to talk. He vaguely noticed that Naruto was biting his bottom lip.

"Did you mean it? What you said earlier?" Sasuke frowned, wondering what he was talking about.

"What do you mean?"

"T-that you…" a pause. "L-love me?" he stuttered, his face turning red and his heart beating in his throat. Sasuke had said it a lot of times during the sex and Naruto really had no idea whether it was because Sasuke loved to fuck him senseless, or because he really did feel that way.

"I… think I meant it," Sasuke said honestly. "I can't remember the last time I really loved someone… after Itachi killed everyone, I just stopped caring about everyone and everything. But I know I care about you," he added truthfully. Naruto nodded, smiling lightly. "I don't know if it's love, but I really want to find out and I definitely don't want this to be a one-time thing," he concluded.

"Me neither, and Sasuke?"


"You might not know it yourself, but I know I do love you and… I'll wait, until you do." Sasuke gave a rare smile and nodded.

"Thanks… dobe." Naruto smacked him on the head, though he grinned.

"No problem, bastard."

Stories of a mold

It's been three years since my beloved Sasuke started living with Naru-chan. I've gotten over it; after all, our relationship wasn't meant to be and I really just wanted to see Sasuke be happy with someone, even if that someone wasn't me.

I think Naru-chan is something called a 'Hokage' now. He always goes away wearing these weird robes and he comes back tired, and usually has a lot of papers in his hands. Sasuke always cooks for him, when he's home; there are a lot of times where he has to go away, together with Naru-chan, because I think Sasuke is his protector. Naru-chan didn't want him to be at first though, they had this big argument about it, but I could only hear parts of it.

They ended up having sex in the kitchen though.

That's probably the only thing that I dislike about their relationship. The fact that they have sex everywhere is very disturbing for me. Sure, it was fun at the beginning when I could watch them have passionate mansex, but it gets boring after a while. After all, I ain't getting any, so it's pretty damn terrible to watch other people have sex.

Well, I guess I can't do anything about it. I'm just glad they got this cute little baby though; I remember when they first wanted one, there was a big fight about that too.

They ended up having sex in the broom closet.

Anyway, he's this cute little boy with blond hair and black eyes; he takes after Sasuke a lot, even though he has Naru-chan's hair. It's pretty weird, because I don't think I've ever seen a boy getting pregnant, but I guess it can happen nowadays. Naru-chan wanted to make Sasuke carry it at first, but he refused and said it was more of a woman's job. They ended up having a fight about that too.

They ended up having sex in the bathroom, again the kitchen (my poor eyes) and the roof. Don't ask me how they got there, even I don't know.

Well, despite all their arguments, I think their relationship is pretty good if you ask me. I don't think I've ever seen Sasuke so happy and Naru-chan is always glowing whenever he sees them. They're getting married next spring, because Naru-chan wanted to get married when the Sakura trees were at their best. Sasuke wanted to get married in winter though; he loved snow and he wanted to marry when there was a lot of it. They had a big fight about that too.

I don't know where they ended up having sex this time, though I heard them saying that they hoped Kiba wouldn't find the white spots on his sheets suspicious.

"Kinrui-chan, what are you gurgling about?" Sasuke asks as he reads the newspaper. He's never been able to understand me that well, but I gurgle in response. Naru-chan translates; thank God I have him, now I can even communicate with my former crush.

"She says she's writing a book about us," he says. Not quite, Naru-chan; don't have hands, but it was close. Sasuke arches an eyebrow.

"Really? Are we that fascinating?" I gurgle.

"She says 'yes'," Naru-chan points out. Sasuke rolls his eyes and picks up their kid when he gets too close to me. They say it's nothing personal, just that they're afraid he might catches something if he touches me. Rude, huh? Silly humans.

"Well, tell me when you're done and I'll read it," Sasuke says. Idiot; as if he could ever read Gurgles. Well, I guess I should be flattered that he's at least thinking about me. Not that it benefits me or anything.

Anyway, it's not a book that I'm writing; it's more of a diary. I need to store my feelings somewhere, after all—I can't tell Naruto everything. Just because he doesn't understand me completely yet. I once asked him to stop having sex in my freakin' kitchen and he translated as 'please put on some saxophone music, I really enjoy it'. Yeah, he only hears what he wants to hear.

What's that you say? You want to know how that bet ended that those weirdoes made back when Naruto was still dense (though, I have to admit, he still is) and back when Sasuke was still stubborn (though he still is)? Well, it's simple and probably pretty anti-climatic.

Basically, the pink one and the blond one ran with the money they earned and hid it somewhere. Angry ninjas are still searching for it.

Yeah, don't ask me how these guys got those weird friends; I really don't want to know. Though, I shouldn't be one to talk; after all, I befriended humans. How weird is that?

Even though I still haven't forgiven Naru-chan for that 'Mold-Away-Spray' he sprayed on me a couple of years ago. Bastard.

"Kinrui-chan, you're growling. Something wrong?" Naru-chan asks me, blinking innocently. Ah, who am I kidding? I can't stay mad at the guy forever… Ah, what the heck! I forgive you! "Forgive me for what?"

Ah, never mind. I'm really not in the mood for this.

Well, whatever. I think I'll put this diary away and start gurgling at their kid. Who knows, I might just get him to touch me… hehehehe.

"Hey, Naruto?" I briefly look up, to see Sasuke grabbing Naru-chan from the back. "You know, I kinda love you," he goes on. Naru-chan turns his head slightly and smiles back.

"Heh, I kinda love you too."

Excuse me while I throw up.

Thanks for reading.


AN: Well, that was it o.o! I hope you liked the small epilogue I put in—just thought I'd write it from Kinrui-chan's POV ; D.

Thanks for reading and reviewing everyone! Phew, I must admit, I'm kinda glad I finished this. For a long time, I was doubting whether or not to discontinue it… but nyah. I figured that I had so many readers with this thing that I couldn't do that o.o. I just hope it doesn't seem too… forced. I really did enjoy writing it though! Even though it turned out to be more of an epilogue than a chapter... oh well T.T

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