Wow, another looooooooooong delay, I know. I hate that I've turned into that annoying authors that takes forever to post, but alas, finals pwned me. Anywho, here's the last chapter, FINALLY. Thanks, so so so so much to all of you who supported me and waited very patiently for each installment. This was my first fic and I honestly only planned on writting a few chapters. But, you guys really encouraged me. I definitely plan on getting another fic out (probably after New Years) since I'll have spare time before school starts. Thanks again, and I hope you guys enjoy.


"Mmm, you know, this would be a lot more fun if you participated," Tasha whispered as she planted kisses along Derek's neck. They'd been making out on her bed for about ten minutes now, or rather Tasha had been making out while Derek laid stiffly on his back.

"I'm warming up," he deadpanned, his eyes staring listlessly at the ceiling.

"More like cooling down," she griped, sitting up. "Come on, you don't want Sam and Casey to be the only getting lucky tonight, do you?"

Derek's entire body tensed then. "What's that supposed mean?" he questioned.

Tasha rolled her eyes. "Now, don't be greedy, Derek. We can't be the only ones having fun."

"We can't?" he returned, his expression something between a pout and a glare.

"No, and who cares," Tasha whined, finally sitting up right, "Look, you've been wound up with tension all night. Now, lets…put it to use," she finished with a sultry voice. Her breath tickled the back of his neck and he shivered, but the thought of Casey doing the same to Sam made his stomach lurch.

"Where's the bathroom?" he demanded abruptly, standing.

"Uh---um, outside to the left," Tasha replied, flustered.

"Great. I'll be right back."

He headed for the door, shutting it before she could respond, and took a sharp right for the steps. He wasn't yet sure what he was going to do; but he knew it was going to be incredibly stupid.


"So," Sam began anxiously as they sat in silence, "What do you wanna do now?"

"I don't know," Casey said looking down at her hands.

They were parked at the edge of Mason's Point. There were a few cars scattered across the landing, but they had relative privacy.

"Well," Sam tried after a moment, "I guess we could, you know…"


They both jumped and turned at the sound of a pebble hitting his back windshield. When Casey's eyes spotted the culprit, her jaw dropped and she unbuckled her seatbelt. "Unbelievable."

It was Derek, riding determinedly on a pink Huffy bike. His clothes were disheveled, hair ruffled, and he looked like a mad man as he pedaled frantically towards them. Before Sam could even think to act, Derek leaped from his bike, tore open the driver side door, and yanked him out of the car.

"Oh my god!" Casey squealed, climbing out of the car after him. "Derek, stop!"

But, her cry was in vain as Derek began to pummel him. "Get," punch, "Your" punch, "hands" punch "off of her!"

Casey gasped, hand over her mouth as she watched Derek fight with a rage she'd never witnessed. She was debating whether to be disgusted or flattered, when her senses finally returned and she moved to stop the fight.

"What is your damage?" Sam grunted as they tumbled and wrestled on the ground.

Derek growled after taking a blow to the gut. "I'll show you damage, dipwad."

"Guys, stop, please, just stop," Casey was pleading, darting from one spot to the next as she tried to intervene without getting hurt in the process.

Eventually, Sam was able to get a good hold of Derek, and shoved him roughly away. Sam stood then, glaring at Derek as he sat up. "Why are we even fighting?"

"I-I…I don't know," Derek said honestly, finally catching his breath and a bit of sanity as he stood across from Sam.

"And, since when do you have a Barbie bike?" Sam added after a moment.

"It's not mine," Derek grumbled, rubbing his bruised eye, "It's Tasha's little cousin's."

"What?" Sam and Casey asked in unison.

"Forget it," he turned swiftly towards Casey, "Are you coming, or not?"

"Coming where? And in what?" Casey asked, dumbfounded as she looked around.

"With me," Derek said steadily. But, he couldn't keep the sheepish from his voice when he finished, "On the bike."

Casey's eyes widened as they landed on the handlebars. "You've got to be kidding me."

Derek rolled his eyes. "I'm still working on that imaginary car, princess."

Casey huffed and looked poised to retort when Sam interjected.

"Or, she could just get back in my unimaginary car and go home like a sane person," He sighed before dusting off his pants and turning back to Casey, "Come on, Case. Let's get out of here…Casey?"

Sam's face crinkled in confusion as she stood between the two males, eyes moving back and forth. When her eyes met his for the final time, she shrugged and offered a tired, "Sorry. I'm with stupid."

Her face was a strange mix of fury, resignation, and affection as she walked towards Derek's disheveled form. Derek promptly lifted the bike, a quick splash of relief playing on his features.

"This is insane," he finally said, throwing up his hands, "You're both insane."

"Tell me something I don't know," Casey muttered, rolling her eyes at herself.

Sam sighed and returned to the car, leaving only a small cloud of dust as he sped off.

Casey watched his departure wistfully. "I wish I could just drive away from this nightmare," she sighed and turned to face Derek, "At least tell me you brought a helmet."

"What part of this," he gestured to himself and the pink bike, "Looks well thought out to you?"

"Derek, we're like five miles from home."

"Seven. It was three from Tasha's."

"Right, Tasha's," Casey said, openly disgusted, "Such a relief to know you have the mileage down."

"I'd kinda have to seeing as I biked it on a pink Huffy. Now get on the bike," he ordered.

Casey bristled. "Would a 'please' kill you?"

"No, but waiting on you might."

"Or maybe my fists will," she moved to punch him, but Derek—beyond familiar with this reaction—deftly reached to catch her wrist. He gingerly pulled her wrist down and forward so that she stumbled flush against him. They exchanged glares and then simply stared for a moment, before Derek loosened his grip and yielded, "I promise we can fight at home, alright? But, for now just…get on the bike, okay?"

"Fine," she reluctantly acquiesced, stepping to the side.

Derek sighed as he righted the bike and she hopped on the handle bars. "Thank You."


"My room or yours?" Derek whispered as they reached the front door.

"Mine. Yours probably smells…as always."

Her nose wrinkled prettily and Derek resisted the quirk of his lips, before opening the front door.

"Hey, you two," Nora greeted, caught of guard, as she held a basket of laundry, "You're back early. It's only 10:30. Usually Derek's at least an hour late."

"Change of plans," Derek muttered.

"For both of you?"Nora asked, brows quirking

"When it rains is pours," Casey offered coolly and Derek was momentarily impressed by her acting skills, "And, once again Derek put the icing on the cake by being the world's biggest jerk." Okay, so maybe the last part wasn't acting.

"Um, alright," Nora squinted before moving closer to Derek, "What happened to your face?"

"Don't worry, it was friendly fire," he waved it off with his hand.

Nora's eyes widened and she looked poised to respond, when Casey interjected, "He was helping me; um, sort of anyway."

Casey ignored Derek's eyes burning into the side of her head as Nora asked, "Oh, my god, are you alright, Casey?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It was just uh, um...some creepy guy at the bowling alley. Nothing happened," she winched as she glanced at Derek's swelling eye. "Well to me anyway."

"What about Sam? Wasn't he supposed to be there?"

"Well, uh…Marti!" Casey suddenly called, her eyes falling on the six-year-old sneaking at the other side of the room.

"Marti?" Nora repeated, instantly turning to address her, "What are you doing up? I put you down two hours ago?"

"Playing hide and go seek?" Marti tried.

"Hide and go seek only works when I know you're hiding, Marti," Nora sighed and looked back at the teens, "We'll discuss this later. For now, can you two put Marti to sleep."

They simply nodded as the Marti sulked over to them and Nora returned to laundry. Marti let Derek scoop her up into his arms, but pouted fiercely. "You ratted me out."

"Hey, don't look at me. It was Miss Keen Queen over here," he said, gesturing to Casey.


"Casey's Miss Ke-en!" Marti sung as they began climbing the stairs. She giggled, along with Derek, but then stopped suddenly, "Why is your head so ugly?"

"This baby? Ugly? Impossible," Derek protested.

Casey rolled her eyes before saying to Marti, "Your brother looks like that because he was an idiot and fell on someone's fist…over and over and over again."

"Yeah, but you should see the other guy," Derek assured Marti before sending Casey a sideways glance.

Casey's expression was unreadable, but she crossed her arms as they entered Marti's room. "Zoom, zoom, zoom," Marti called as Derek moved her around like a rocket.

"Derek," Casey began, barely containing her laughter, "You're going to wake her up."

"No, she just needs to kill a little energy. Trust me, if there's anything I know besides hockey, it's Marti."

"Smerek's a genius!"

"And, you're my little genius, aren't you, Smarti?"


"And geniuses need their sleep, don't they?"

"Yes, Derek."

She yawned dramatically and Casey couldn't fight a smile as she watched him tuck his sister into her bed.

"Night, Smarti."

"Night, Smerek."

He gave her head a gentle rub, before standing and heading for the door. He closed the door gingerly behind him and turned to Casey. "So-"

But, she interrupted, "You're so sweet to her."

"Of course," he said, as if it were a no-brainer, "She's Marti."

She shook her head, "Why can't you be like that around other people?"

"What, you mean pick them up and spin them around?"

"Derek, I'm serious."

"Of course you are," he muttered, eyes rolling.

Casey sighed and moved on. "Are we going to talk about what happened tonight?"

"What's there to talk about?" he questioned, following as they entered her room, "I wanted you, so I went and got you."

Casey huffed."You are so full of yourself."

"Well, you're here aren't you?"

Casey's eyes sharpened and she stepped closer to him. "You didn't get me, Derek. For reasons clearly outside of reason, I chose you and your stupid bike."

"For the last time, it's Tasha's," he said.

"Oh, don't even get me started on that."

"This coming from the girl who was playing 'Doctor' with Sam in his backseat."

She bristled. "We were not in the back seat."

"Right, now I feel so much better," he huffed, visible rage building as he questioned, "So what were doing then?"

"What were you doing?" her voice cracked a little when she added, "Or should I ask who?"

He got right in here face."You wanna know where I was?" She didn't speak, but her chin raised steadily. "I was at Tasha's…"


"…In her bed…"

Her lip quivered. "Stop it."

"...Freaking dying inside picturing you with him. Going crazy. Just-just thought of his hands on you, touching you, taking your clothes off…I freaking hate you right now…"

"Well, I don't hate you, okay? Pretty much the opposite. And-and, what, do you think I was giddy at the thought of you with Tasha…ugh, I think I'm going to throw up, actually throw up."

"I wasn't with her. I couldn't go through with it, though I wish I could've…" His voice cracked, "Were you—were you with him, we're you…"

"What do you think?!"

"I don't know. That's why I asked you." Derek growled in frustration and pulled her to him in a rough kiss, bit it was bitter and Casey pushed him away.

"What?" he demanded, agitated as they parted, "Everyone else can touch you, but I can't?"

Casey bristled, stepped back, and slapped him so hard his mouth bled. Derek groaned and the sound squeezed at her heart; but, she was determined not to let it show.

"You've slept with every other girl in the school. And you almost slept with another other one just because I made you mad. So you don't get to say that to me."

"Like you had any excuse?" He muttered lowly.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You knew how I felt about you, that it killed me to see you with him, and you went anyway…"

"Oh, please. You groped me and said I was hot, that's hardly romantic, Derek."

"Just because I didn't read you bad poetry or call you 'darling' doesn't mean I didn't let you know how I felt."

"That just the point," she returned, "Since apparently what you felt towards me was annoyed and horny."

Derek sucked in a sharp voice, before looking away and then back at her. "So, you were never happy?"

"Do I look happy to you?"

"And you're happy with Sam?"

"I didn't say that," she said and it was her turn to look away.

"You didn't have to," it was barely a mutter as his eyes darkened. He started walking twoards the door and Casey called out to him.

"Where are you going?"

"Where does it 'look' like I'm going?"

"Derek, stop," she ran to catch up to him, but he pushed her hand away.

"No, go ahead. Here's your chance to end this: exit ramp out of hell on your left…"


But, he didn't stop, voice rising as he concluded "...destination: Sam's lap."

She swallowed and braced herself. "I can't. Leaving's not really an option for me anymore."

"Fine. Then enjoy the solitude. I'm out of here."

His hand was on the door knob when Casey broke and said, "We didn't have sex, okay? We were never going to have sex."

He stopped, but his back remained towards her, "Promise me."

"Fine, I pinky swear, Derek," she rolled her eyes, "Since when is my word not good enough?"

Derek watched her steadily before charging across the room, grabbing the home phone and handing it to her. "You're calling Sam. Right now."


"Oh, I don't know. I thought you two needed to catch up---to break up with him!" he snapped.

But, she just watched it wearily. "I-I can't."

"Why not?" Derek asked, his voice a near whine.

"Because I already did," she said softly.

Derek's hand dropped to his side, his mouth falling open as he watched her standing there, biting her lip. There were so many emotions coursing through him, but all he got out was, "When?"

Casey shrugged, sheepishly. "I don't know…about an hour ago, maybe. Then we just…talked."

Derek released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. "You could have mentioned that before."

"And you could have not been an ass."

Derek offered a look as if to say 'touche," but, after a moment, he scowled, shaking his head. "This isn't going to work."

"Oh," Casey face fell, "Would it have killed you to share that before my whole heartfelt confession spiel."

"No, no I mean this…seeing other people thing," he clarified.

A touch of hopefulness colored her voice, "So…no other people then?"

He shrugged, a weak attempt at coolness."That'd be alright, yeah."



Casey chewed her bottom lip again before stepping three steps towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck and hugging him. Her head nestled in the crook of his neck and Derek pressed his nose to her hair, inhaling.

"I missed that smell."

"I wish I could return the compliment," Casey began, pulling back slightly, "But, that'd be a lie."

A rush of laughter escaped his lips and Derek brushed his hand gently her cheek. Casey leaned into his touch, but winched when she glanced at the dried blood on around his mouth.

"Sorry," she said sheepishly.

"It's alright," he grimaced, "I probably deserved it."

"Yeah, you kinda did."

Derek rolled his eyes before regarding her. "Are you okay?"

"Am I okay?" Casey questioned, "I clobbered you."

"Yeah, but you hit like a girl," his lips quirked in a smirk, "You might have hurt yourself."

Casey rolled her eyes, and grasped his hands, leading him towards her mattress to sit. "Here, I"ll get my First Aid kit," she frowned, "You're probably gonna need ice for your eye, too."

"Nah," he sighed in satisfaction, Babes love battle scars."

Casey struck his shoulder. "Hey," he whined, "Haven't I been bruised enough today? Besides, I was just kidding. I'm reformed, a one-chick man."

"Gee, I feel so lucky to have a psycho, pseudo boyfriend who pummels all my suitors," she said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

"You're welcome."

Casey sighed before walking across the room to grab the kit. When she returned, the mattress dipping slightly as she rested one knee, Derek smirked. "You would have your own private First Aid Kit," his waggled his brows, "Do you have the nurse outfit, too?"

"In you're wildest, wildest fantasies, dumbass.""

He openly pouted, but Casey ignored him, and straightened his shoulders. "Just stay still." She cleaned the outside of his mouth with alcohol, before inspecting his face, "Looks like it already healed. Man, do I have a great swing, though," she added after a moment.

"You're not too shabby on the eyes either," Derek murmured, pulling her so she was straddling his lap.


But the words died on her lips as their foreheads brushed, their eyes meeting intimately and unguarded. "This is't going to be easy."

"I don't like easy…obviously," Derek finished with a smirk.

She said after a moment. "You're gonna have to be nicer to me."

"You're gonna have come to my games. And wear my helmet."

Casey snorted, then full out laughed as she looked down at him. "Deal."

The kiss was inevitable then, tender and deliberate as Casey's hands found the nape of his neck and Derek's arms circled her waist. He leaned up into the embrace, and it intensified as their lips parted and met again more urgently.

"You make my stomach feel funny," Derek muttered with that small, goofy smile he got.

Casey giggled until she realized he was serious. She said more softly, "You make my head all fuzzy."

"Palms sweaty," he challenged.

"Neck hairs stand."

"Toes curl."

"Well, I'm already a klutz. So that probably doesn't count-"

"No, it does," he insisted, he pulling her back into another gentle kiss. "I like you."

Casey rolled her eyes at just how ridiculously childish she was about to sound;but didn't resist "I like you, too, Derek."

"I mean weally, weally like you," he continued in kiddy voice.

She was laughing and blushing furiously but forced herself to maintain eye contact. "Are you going to pull my hair next?

"I was thinking about pushing you into a puddle."

Casey pressed a kiss against his forehead and Derek continued, smiling, "Then maybe we could eat glue together."

"And graham crackers."

"Don't forget Juicy Juice"

"Our first real date," Casey beamed.

Derek chuckled, "Only the best for my girl."

Smiling lips met again then: slow, sweet, patient. They had plenty of time.