"Fool, do you truly believe my mate will allow you to get away with this?"

A smirk crossed over the males face while he trailed his finger down her face. "I care not for that worthless ruler you call a mate, bitch. I shall have the prize I took from him, and you will willingly spread your legs, or be punished. Either way, I can make it look like you betrayed him," he chuckled.

"I doubt that," she hissed. "You forget that my mate and I have a special bond, unlike most in the youkai world. He will know where you are, what you are doing to me, and he will release me from these restrains you have so lovingly provided for me once he arrives. He will not only gut you, but make sure to shove his sword so far just your ass you'll end up eating it."

"What a mouth you have," he replied. "It makes one wonder why your mate puts up with you."

"Because I respect him, unlike disgusting vermin such as yourself," she snorted. "I say such things to you because, though you may not know it yet, my mate is coming for me, and the longer I allowed you to talk, the more time he has to arrive." She laughed, "Opps, I think I just gave away the secret. That was a mistake on my part, forgive me."

"Of course," he smiled, "as long as you open that pretty little mouth of yours and suck my—" He stopped, feeling the salvia she had gifted his face with sliding down the side of his mouth. "You little bitch."

"Amazing," she whispered. Seeing his confused look, she strained for a moment against the magic bindings placed upon her. When they would not give, she mentally told herself to slap her mother in two hundred years when they were finally reunited, for not telling her about these types of restrains. Knowing that it was pointless, she decided to continue, "Truly it is. I'm surprised that a disgusting creature like yourself is able to not only tell what type of youkai I am, but also my gender. Bravo."

He gripped her chin, "Your speech has always been strange." Turning her head to one side, his tongue slipped out and ran along her jawline. Feeling her shudder, though he knew it was in disgust, he chuckled. "I have often wondered exactly why that is while I was pretending to serve underneath your so called mate. In the time that I was not imagining your sweet heat gripping me, or you lowering yourself to take me into your mouth, I have wondered many things about you. After all, if I kill your mate, and mark you, you might just survive, instead of dying with him, and I do hope you do."

"Your point? Besides the fact you're disgusting and delusional?" she asked, trying to push against his grip on her face. It was disgusting that he had touched her in such a way, and she truly wished she had not gotten herself into this, again.

"I believe you could say I've fallen in love with you," he chuckled. "Love is a meaningless emotion to youkai unless it is given and returned, and I believe in time, once your current mate is disposed of, you will come to love me in return. Then that love will be true, and then our souls will forever be bound."

"My soul will only be bound to my mate's," she hissed. "I would never love an idiot such as you. My soul belongs to my mate, and his is mine; no one else may have that. When he dies, I will gladly embrace death in order to follow him, for I would not willingly separate myself from him for the likes of you. For three hundred years I have loved him, and I have come to realize my love with him is eternal. He may not show it, but he loves me in return, therefore our love is eternal—our souls are forever bound. Because of that, I can never bond with another the way I have bonded with him, and for that I am happy!"

"Happy?" he spat. "You're happy that when I kill him, you shall die as well? I believe you're the one who is delusional, for no one would wish to die so easily."

"Obviously you have never had a mate before," she whispered. "You would know that when one is dying, or has been taken by death, that you would follow them. I know this because my heart tells me its true. Though I am youkai, and I hide my emotions well, I know what I feel. I would, and will, give up my life in order to follow him, no matter where his path my lead us." She growled, "I know he would do the same for me."

He laughed, rearing his head back, before settling his cat-like gaze back onto her. His chuckling continued as he took in her scowl, and the way her eyes blazed with the truth of her words. "You truly believe that, bitch? You truly believe that the honorable Lord of the Western Lands will follow a female into the afterlife? You have truly gone mad while within his presence."

She hissed again, "He will make sure to cut out your tongue for calling me such names. Only he is allowed to call me such."

"Yes, I suspected we soon get into that," he said dryly. "You're so used to bending over and allowing him to sweep you into the heats of passion that you feel no other is good enough for you. Tell me, have you ever experienced the pleasure another, larger and more fully developed, male can give you? Have you ever experienced more than one position, simply because that fool most likely is not skilled enough to truly please a female of your caliber? Have you?"

"It is obvious you think highly of yourself." She turned her head back toward him, noticing that his grip had loosened. "However, I would not even think of bedding with you—"

"Oh, but you're going to," he whispered, "and you're going to enjoy it when you do."

"—because it is clear to me you're far older than you're letting on. No one would be able to deceive my mate unless they were more clever than him, and only older youkai have ever been able to achieve that. So, clearly, by bedding you, I would be bedding someone who would range in the age my father was before he died. Do you wish to know how old that was?" she asked, a small smirk tilting the side of her lips.

"I assure you," he ground out, "that I am far younger than that bastard Sesshoumaru."

"Really? I would have never been able to tell!" she laughed. "You look so ancient!"

He snarled. "Bitch, enough of this. It is time that I get what I wanted, and I will get it. The spell will make sure you cannot hurt me, nor will you be able to escape, but do not fret, I will make it feel good." He grabbed her breast roughly, listening to her small cry of pain as his claws kneaded the nipples without remorse. He felt power rising from the mark on her neck, but knew that it would not be able to harm him unless he touched it, which he planned not doing. He did not want to touch anything that had come from that bastard. "Besides," his eyes flashed, "the spell will also make sure that you do enjoy it, no matter how much you don't wish to. Perhaps we will be able to find out just how much your mate loves you when he finds out you did willingly lay with me."

"I won't do that, Sanyu!" His hand squeezed a littler harder, making her try to escape as his other arm wrapped around her waist and his mouth began sucking on her jaw. Giving a feral snarl, she tried to lash out, but found that the spell stopped her from harming him, just as he had said. "Stop touching me, you disgusting piece of trash!"

"No, I believe I rather like this," he muttered, moving his hand away from her mound, and allowing it to almost gently brush down her stomach. He grinned as his hand found his prize and he grabbed her between her thighs, making sure to give her a pleasant rub. Feeling her thrash, he pulled his head back from sucking her jaw, and stared at her. "I do not see why you're fighting it. I can sense the spell working already, and," he sniffed the air, "your arousal is beginning to rise, whether you wish it to or not."

"You're not worthy of touching me, fool!" she hissed, her eyes flashing to red, remaining for a few moments, and then quickly changing back. The process continued, her claws lengthening and her fangs becoming sharper. Her instincts screamed at her that this was not her mate, not the male she had grown accustomed to sleeping beside, nor was he the one she wanted. They screamed and screamed that she should slice out his throat for his disrespect, and then make sure to slice certain pieces of his anatomy from his body in order to show him he shouldn't touch mated females in such a sexual way. "When I am free, I will make sure that you are no longer able to speak, rut, or breathe. You will regret the day you took me from my mate, Sanyu, and you will regret crossing the Western Lands," her voice was untamed, the tone growing deeper and deeper with each word.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," he muttered, "speaking to your future mate in such a way. Really, do you have any sense of right or wrong? You should know not to speak that way to your alpha, inu."

"My alpha is not you, fool," she growled. Her eyes flickered again. "My alpha shall never be you!"

His grip tightened, holding the fabric-covered sex he wanted so badly to claim as his own. He knew, though, that his time was beginning to run out. The bastard would be able to follow the feelings he was getting from the female in front of him, and then he would be found out. Not even a miko barrier would be able to stop that bastard from being connected to his mate, thus being able to tell whether he was nearing her location or not. "I believe you're the fool, bitch. After all, it was not I who got myself stuck in the position you're now in—though, that is quite obvious, isn't it?" He chuckled, slipping his hand a little further between her legs, even as she tried to clamp them closed on him. "To think, the spell is continuing to make you lust, yet you deny my touch on your body. You deny the pleasure you know I could give you. I believe, truly, that makes you foolish, thus the fool."

"I hope you rot in Hell."

"Ah, I believe I shall," he nodded. "With all the other youkai who have ever died. After all, we did originate from Hell, and it would only make sense that we would return there once death takes us."

"Fuck you," she snarled, snapping her fangs at him. He reared his head back in time, saving his dear nose, but she snarled once more, warning him away. She could feel it completely now, the unstoppable fury that her mate would unleash upon the fool touching her. She just needed to keep her beast from taking over, and stall for time.

"Cursing and speaking in the demon tongue?" he smirked. "I believe that is rather unbecoming of you. However, if you so wish it, I shall 'fuck you', as you so put it. I shall," his smirk widened, "again, and again, and again, and again."

She snarled louder, signaling to the male she knew had arrived within the nearby area of her location, hoping to get him to stop this creep from touching her any longer much quicker than normal. She had kept him talking long enough, now all she needed was for her mate to come and rescue her, hopefully being able to undo the stupid bonds that held her power, as well. Her snarl turned to a howl when Sanyu suddenly ripped her kimono so that it was sporting ten long slits throughout the fabric. A small spark of fear entered her mind, causing her beast to retreat at the unexpected feeling.

Blood splattered onto her face, the snarling of her mate responding to her fear, as he took the life of their betrayer. She was a little shaken, but she was glad that he had come for her in time. Especially since she had come to care for—

"One has to wonder, after all this time, why it is only you being captured and actually bound against your will?" He gave a thoughtful look, staring into the angry eyes his mate turned up toward him. "You've mentioned many times about your superior knowledge of the future, yet this Sesshoumaru hasn't seen it in all these years."

—All right, maybe not.

She did not take to the fact that Sanyu's body had been thrust to the side, Sesshoumaru's hand gripping her arm as he stared down at her. She did not care that his eyes were glittering humorously, obviously knowing he had hit a nerve with her. "Yes, well, I'm nearly the one raped and you're making fun of me! It's not my fault I happen to like taking afternoon naps in the garden! Perhaps you should learn how to pick your servants better, since it's clear to me you cannot do it correctly!"

"Oh, is that so, Kagome?" he asked. "Hn, perhaps I should allow you to choose the guards from now on?"

She glared at him, watching as he tapped the chain looking device, which had kept her underneath Sanyu's control, with his claw after releasing her arm. The magic seemed to die along with the fool, and after a few moments, they fell away from her body, allowing her power to come forth. She still glared at him, "Damn right you should."

He scowled, "Your language has certainly gotten worse over the years. I believe it is time that we stop allowing you to visit the half-breed."

"He is my friend," she argued.

"You have many friends, mate. You're always reminding this Sesshoumaru," he sighed. His concerned eyes glazed over with the emotionless look that he was known for, his emotions locked up once more from her view. "You may still visit the kit while he is away, and your taijiya village, but the half-breed does not deserve such a title. Especially not with the immature behavior he has been handing down to you."

"As if," she huffed, turning her eyes away. She knew it was true, she did. Inuyasha was still her friend, even if he outright refused to go near his brother, even during the time so long ago that they'd went out once again to search for the once again scattered shards. She suspected that he had never be on good grounds with his half-brother, no matter how many times she tried to get him to see reason. Truly those were just aggravating moments that usually ended up with her 'sitting' him, making him see his place once more.

Continuing to stare at her, Sesshoumaru felt the urge to roll his eyes. No doubt she was thinking about the past, though he could not say that the last three hundred years hadn't been entertaining, but she needed to look more toward the future. "One might think you would be grateful to this Sesshoumaru for not merely allowing the vermin to have his way with you."

"Oh, so you enjoy the fact he was going to 'bed' me, as he so liked to put it?"

His eyes flashed crimson for a small moment, his features turning dark. "No one touches what belongs to this Sesshoumaru," he snarled, his eyes hardening to an emotion he had come to know well: anger. He had always thought it was strange how she had managed to make him feel so many things at once, and he wondered why he always felt anger when other males were mentioned. He was not jealous, no.

Perhaps… perhaps he was in denial, though.

She smiled at him, tilting her head back a little more in order to stare him straight in the eye. "I love you, Sesshoumaru," she smiled, "and I know, that even though you won't say it, you love me, too."

His face returned to a mere scowl, his eyes softening when he realized she had merely been asking a simple question, not permission to jump into another males bedding. His hand came up, gently brushing her hair away from the crescent moon that had formed on her brow so long ago, yet seemed to have only been days, weeks perhaps. "Perhaps," he agreed after a moment. "Our joining was unexpected, but this Sesshoumaru is glad that you're his mate, Kagome. Even after three hundred years, you're still able to surprise me." He paused, his eyes narrowing, "Because you're mine—"

Her fingers touched his lips, stopping his words. "I know the rest, mate." Kagome snickered when he scowled deeper against her fingers, and then pulled them away in order to rest against his shoulder. "You were going to say that because I was yours, you were going to lock me away after this and never allow me to see the light of day. Such a cruel man you are," she smiled, humor filling her voice.

"This Sesshoumaru would not do such a thing," he scoffed. His eyes changed for only a moment, flickering down her body. "That certainly does not mean I have never thought of it, though. However, this Sesshoumaru believes you'll become more of a pain than you already are, should I actually do as you'd said."

Scowling herself, Kagome replied, "No, this is when you're supposed to go all, 'I'm your mate and no other male will ever touch you'. You're not playing right, Sesshoumaru."

"This Sesshoumaru was not aware we were playing at this moment, Kagome," Sesshoumaru allowed his gaze to move toward the sky for a moment. "Your words are true, though, as I have told you many times before. No male shall ever have what belongs to this Sesshoumaru."

She beamed, flashing him a sight of her fangs for a moment.

"Come, we return to the Western Lands now," he said, turning back toward his home. He knew, from her words and stories, that one-day he would have to hide his home, but he did not care. When that time came, he would do so, but until then the Western Lands were still to do with as he pleased.

"You know what, mate?"


"I think I'm glad that we were brought together as well, no matter how unexpected it had been. And I'm glad that we got to go through so much within a short amount of time before our true joining, because it made me see that I could go on without the one I thought I loved at one point. My days are bright, and my nights are peaceful, and I am happy you're the one I get to share them with," she smiled brighter, something unusual to see on a youkai face in those times. She did not care, she had never been normal, and she never would be.

He smirked, "There is another rule now, mate."

"There is?" she asked, confused. "I thought we decided all the rules a long time ago."

"You're not allowed to love anyone besides this Sesshoumaru."

She gasped playfully, swatting him on the arm, though he glared at her for it. "You bastard, what about Shippo or Rin! I can't leave them out in the cold!"

"Rules are rules, Kagome," he replied. His voice was playful, as well, but well hidden from anyone who did not know him quite as well as his mate. "There will be an exception, though."

"Oh, what's that?"

"One of our pups," he smirked.

She rolled her eyes. "We have three pups, Sesshoumaru. I'm not choosing just one of them. Its either all or nothing." Seeing him scowl, she knew she had won, and allowed her smile to turn soft. Her eyes stared off into the distance, full of wisdom and knowledge. Her world turned peaceful once more, even after she had been captured and Sanyu nearly raped her. She was at peace, because her mate was by her side, and though he hated it, she slipped her hand out and joined their fingers together, taking it all in.

Unexpected things had happened to her all her life, but she took them in stride. She hoped that for the rest of her life, Sesshoumaru would be the one she had be able to share those moments with. He had become her love, her life, and her home, and there was nothing in the world without him.

Her peaceful mood flickered to annoyance for only a moment. She shook it away, humored by her sudden thought. It was true, Kagome knew that, but she could not put it down on her unexpected list of things that happened to her. No, it went down onto her 'Sesshoumaru is or can be' list, and she was sure it had been placed there many times before.

Even if he can be an ass.


KibaSin: And that's the end! I wrote it to show everyone what Kagome and Sesshoumaru's life was like some time after they were mated. Please, also, take note that I wrote this like after I finished chapter sixteen, which is the reason the quailty is probably a little different and there are probably more mistakes then the last chapter.