Written: August 10th 2006

Published: August 11, 2006

AN: Please don't kill me! I know I should be working on that sequel, but I got this idea for a fic. This is my first Naruto fic so go easy on me, otay? Yay, this is my 6th fic!

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When Love Turns Deadly

It was 2:56 pm on March 26th, 2007. A certain fifteen year old girl was laying on her baby blue comforter as she had been for the past three hours.

Uggh, I can't stand this! I'm so fucking bored! Why does it have to be raining today! Hmmmmmmm, what are some options.

Go see a movie with Neji (Their dating, yay!)

Hang out in a chat room


Wait, I got it!

With that, she went over to her computer and logged in. She hooked up a chat room with eleven of her friends.

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