Written: August 12th 2006

Published: August 14, 2006

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When Love Turns Deadly

Ch 2. Neji

3:01 pm March 26th 2007

WeaponMaster88: 'Sup

FoOd-Is-GoOd-24-7: Let's go eat

Everythingsapain46: What, TenTen?

2Sexy4U: Hey girl:D

Green-Bushy-Brows: The beautiful beast of Konoha has arrived!

Avenger07: Where, I don't see them

Green-Bushy-Brows: Haha, very funny asshole

mydogownsu14: Still haven't changed ur damn screen name?

Bug-Dude101: lol

CherryBlossoms24: 'Sup my homies

Green-Bushy-Brows: Sakura, my love!

Green-Bushy-Brows: Who changed my fucking screen name? You guys suck. (except Sakura of course)

CherryBlossoms24: No, keep it plz? o.o

Green-Bushy-Brows: Of course, my love

Avenger07: (gags)

LavenderGurl246: ummm…

mydogownsu14: 'scuse me while I puke

MadSkillz90: Think I'm gonna lose my lunch

2Sexy4U: ewww

CherryBlossoms24: nc

Bug-Dude101: What time is PeeWee's Playhouse on

WeaponMaster88: idk, y?

2Sexy4U: omg, y?

FoOd-Is-GoOd-24-7: WHAT THE HELL!

LavenderGurl246: I don't know u

Avenger07: What the fuck is wrong with u

HoKaGeRaMeN: Just got in, what now?

Everythingsapain46: …

WeaponMaster88: Shino just asked us what time PeeWee's Playhouse was on.

HoKaGeRaMeN: O, I love that show!

MadSkillz90: You're both fucking insane

MadSkillz90 signed off at 15:08:24

"Holy shit, they are screwed up in the head." Mumbled a very baffled Neji to no one in particular as he went down stairs to get himself a soda.

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