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Green Hair Raven

"Beastboy!" Raven yelled running out of her room with a towel wrapped around her body and hair dripping droplets of water.

"Where is that evil tofu eater!" she hissed.

"Raven are you not…alright?" asked a wary Starfire peeking out through the opening of her bedroom door.

"No, I. am. Not. Alright! Look at my hair!" She said grabbing her hair that was now a bright green color.

"Oh Raven what beautiful hair you have!" Starfire said.

"Beastboy did a wonderful job, do you suppose he could do my hair?" She said joyfully clapping her hands.

"Though…I do not wish for my hair to be green." she said playing with a strand of ravens hair.

Raven's right eye began to twitch and the light bulb above shattered and rained down upon them.

"Eepp!" Starfire shrieked an flew away.

Raven stormed over to Beastboy's door still in a towel and Knocked…no pounded on his door.

"Beastboy! Open up, I know your in there!" she said . BANG BANG BANG!

"Hear my warning Beastboy, I will get you for your little prank either now or later, but I will get you … believe it I will, and you'll be more then sorry." she said calmly knowing that he heard her, with the flick of her wrist she disappeared into the darkness of a Raven and reappeared in her room. She looked into her mirror to find her happy self dressed in pink as always smiling and giggling.

"Hey Rea, green suits you!" Happy said while trying to get a closer look, though she found that to be a hard task since there was a mirror blocking her from touching Ravens hair.

Bravery wearing a dark green cloak shoved happy out of the way and looked at Raven.

"Are you kidding me! She looks awful, Beastboy Better stay in that room of his if he knows what's good for him, he will pay with his short and miserable life! Let's kick Butte!" Raven told her emotions, well herself to shut up.

She changed into her leotard and draped her cloak on the book of her desk chair. She sat down on her bed and began to think of a plan to get beastboy back. She could always use her power to hurt him, but that wasn't good enough. She could sink down to his level and pull some stupid prank on him, but she didn't really want to do that either.


Beastboy stuck out his head to see if the close was clear, then turned into a mouse and ran to the living room. Cyborg was playing "Need for Speed Extreme" and Star was in the kitchen cleaning. He changed back into his human form.

"Hey Cy, is Raven around?" He asked looking right and left.

"No, Didn't see her. Did it work?" Cyborg asked as Beastboy jumped over the couch and landed in his seat.

"Don't know, well just have to wait and see." He said with a satisfied grin on his face as he grabbed a controller to play.

"I think it did because she came banging on my door and yelled…Something but I was looking for a pair of socks under my bed." Beastboy continued. Starfire walked over to them and said.

"Friends Beastboy and Cyborg do you mean the hair of friend Raven?" Both Cyborg and beastboy slowly turned their heads around.

"How…do you…know about that?" asked Cyborg.

"Because I saw the green hair of friend Raven, it was most amusing." Starfire said while giggling.

"DUDE! It worked!" Beast boy said while he and Cyborg shared a high five. Both guys turned back to the game.

Little did they know that a black form was slowly rising from the ground.

"WHAT WORKED?" a dark angry voice hissed. Both Cyborg and Beastboy Froze, their heads slowly turning around with wide frightened eyes to see Raven. This wasn't normal Raven, Oh no, this was raged filled Raven who set fear in the hearts of the bravest souls and she looked ready to kill. Beastboy let out a high pitched scream and was the first one to jump off the couch. Cyborg trying to save himself tried to calm down Raven.

"N Now…now R R Raven, it w was just a joke…it it was Beastboy's plan, his idea, didn't help what s so ever!" He kept talking, well stuttering while slowly backing away as her dark form came closer.

"Raven calm down…um…Think of happy thoughts, like a roaring motor, a shine job on the T car, which reminds me, I need to do that soon." He said stopping for a moment but came back to reality when he heard a snake like hiss.

"Oh fuck it!" Cyborg yelled and ran off. An evil smirk spread across Raven's face, bearing her white glistening fangs. Her figure turned into a black raven and flew through the wall in search of the two culprits that had turned her hair green.

"friends I have created lunch! We are ha…" Starfire began but stopped when she notice the empty living room, the only sound she could hear was the background music for "Need for Speed Extreme."

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