"Well, just sitting here staring at them will get us nowhere." Kat snapped after they'd sat for half an hour.

Dagonet sighed. "She's right. We must choose a door since there is no way back in the other direction. But which one?"

"Marble...Steel...Wood." Melevey muttered. "I would have hoped they would somehow be tied to the three riddles, but it seems not."

"Wood leads me to think of nature and outside." Naciel offered. "But perhaps it's a trap and that's what you're meant to think. I will check all three for traps. Then we can go from there." She decided and stood. The rest of the group kept their silence as she spent a long amount of time examining all three doors. Finally she stood back and frowned. "The only door not trapped is the marble door. The steel door has a magical trap. I cannot deduce the type. It's very bad and very difficult. I am not sure I can remove it. I believe the wood door is not a door at all, but a log trap that will crush whoever attempts to open it."

"This Halaster is mad!" Galahad snapped. "Setting up elaborate traps, and yet even when his victims beat these traps there are a dozen more to take their place."

"Welcome to Undermountain." Waverly murmured. "So we choose the marble door. I for one am not going to risk Naciel's life on the chance that she could maybe untrap a door that could possibly kill everyone, herself at the very least."

"I agree." Kat spoke from her crouching position near KiaLyn. "I will not lose another friend to Undermountain if I can help it. Is it locked Naciel?"

"No." Naciel felt ashamed.

"Do not feel guilt you cannot overcome his magic little friend." Waverly said placing a hand on Naciel's shoulder. "There are many other things you've already overcome in this place."

Melevey moved up to the door and held up her hand. She glanced once at the group with a quirked eyebrow, "Ready?" At their nods she spoke the mage word for open, and the door slid open with an ominous grind. "Luminos." she whispered and a soft pale light filled the empty corridor beyond the door. The group entered cautiously and began their trek into the dark. "You know Naciel, I've been thinking...it is possible the traps you were not able to find upon our early investigations were meant to be that way. Perhaps it was Halaster's plan for us to encounter these men..."

Kat seemed impressed. "That's quite a theory Melevey. I hadn't thought of it, but it would make sense, wouldn't it? It would certainly go along with his other machinations."

"Do you hear something?" Lancelot broke into their thoughts.

The group stilled and quieted. "Water." Waverly deduced and they continued their trek. "There's water ahead. Moving water."

"It is warmer up ahead as well." Tristan added. The blonde nodded at him in acknowledgment. Finally the corridor opened into a large room. The first few feet were sand, and then the sand led into a lake of clear blue water; a waterfall fell from the far wall running rapidly down the back wall of the cavern. In the very center of the lake there was a small island with a loom. A tapestry wrapped the loom. The tapestry was incredibly sad as it depicted two unicorns being attacked by six savage black knights with burning red eyes. The two unicorns were bloodied and looked as if they would not be alive to fight for very long. As the group drew closer to the water they could see a small stone path over the water leading to the island.

Naciel had already started over the stone path. "Naciel, what are you doing?" Kia asked sharply. The other girl didn't answer, and then Kia noticed both Kat and Melevey were also entranced by the tapestry. "It has some power over the elves!" she called. It was too late though. Naciel had made it to the other side and reached out to touch the horrible mural. With a flash she disappeared. "We must follow!"

The others raced to the picture and placed their hands on it. Instantly they were teleported to another place.