Chapter 8: A Twist of Fate!

The three young chipmunks watch as their parents leave their room. As soon as the door is closed shut Vince, Mary, and Tom sit up. They have never seen their mom and dad behaving like this before. Sure they witnessed them arguing before, but this was defiantly more serious.

"Some birthday this is ending up being." Vincent groaned in disappointment.

"Shush, Vincent! I think mom and dad are about to have a major fight." Mary-Anne scolded holding her index finger up to her lips.

"I wonder what they are fighting about this time." Tom wondered as he hopped out of his bed. He saunters quietly up at the door then presses his ear up to it.

"I'm not sure, but it could have something to do with these strange phone calls that dad keeps getting." Mary suggested.

"What strange phone calls?" Vincent asked scratching his head and giving his sister a baffled look.

"Well, I'm not sure how many of them he received, but I know that each time he gets more upset over it. I know this because I just happened to overhear one of his conversations with these callers." The young female chipette noted.

"Whoa, things are starting to heat up out there." Tom announces with his ear still pressed up to the door.

"Really? What are they saying?" Vincent inquired. He jumps out of his bed and walks up beside his brother and puts his ear up to the door.

"I'm not sure, but it sounds like mom is really mad at dad about some kind of campaign he's involved with. I just heard something about them going on misadventures to an Island…I think…" Tom replies.

"Tom, Vincent – come on guys. Get away from that door." Mary ordered.

"Hush Mary, this is getting good." Vince waved off his sister.

"This isn't right. Mom and dad are upset. We should give them space to work it out and – "

"I'll kill them all before they can touch one hair on our children's heads! Not a single Founder will stand after when I'm done with them! Do you hear me! I'm not going to let them take our children!"

"Was that dad?" Vincent gasped.

"Founder?" Mary wondered.

"Guys, I'm really scared. What is going on?" Tom whined.

This time all three young chipmunks pressed their ears to the door. Their curiosity is getting the better of them.

"They aren't yelling anymore." Mary discovered.

"Yeah, instead it sounds like they are discussing a," Vince pauses to swallow a large lump lodged in his throat, "possible break up?"

"No," Mary cried in disbelieve. "They can't break up!"

"Their coming. Quick back to bed, hurry!" Tom whispered harshly as he pushed his siblings back towards their beds.

The kids rush to get back under their covers back before the door opens. They look up to see their mother stepping into the room. Her face appeared stained with tears.

"Kids, get up. I need you to pack a few things we are going to Aunty Eleanor and Uncle Theodore's for a while." She orders them.

Shocked, Vincent, Tom, and Mary look up at Simon whom is standing at the bedroom door.

"Daddy?" Mary whined.

Simon looks up with tears welding up in his eyes. He blinks them back long enough to put on a brave face. "Do as your mother says. Everything will be alright." He tells them before turning away.

As Vince, Mary, and Tom change, Jeanette called her young sister Eleanor to let her know that she and her children will be staying with them for a few days. The moment the children were dressed and packed, Jeanette ushered them towards the front door. Simon stood there waiting for them. He sniffles back a few tears in order to maintain a brave face. Deep inside he knows it is probably safer to keep the children away from him for a while. Jeanette made a point when she said she didn't want his 'relapse' of the Founder's hypnosis on him to affect the children.

Mary runs ahead with her arms reaching out to her father. Simon instinctively kneels down to accept the big hug from the little chipette. He held her tightly in his arms. How he wished he didn't have to let her go. Her and her brother's safety is so important.

"I don't want to go, Daddy. I want to stay here with you!" She whimpers through her tears.

"It's ok Mary, you will be alright. You must go. It will be for a short time, I promise." Simon assures her. Gently, he pushes her back so he could look directly in her big green eyes. "You remember the little angel pin I gave you today?"

"Yes daddy, I'm wearing it now." She replies. Pulling her sweater back, she shows her pin attached to her blouse.

"Good girl. You keep it on no matter what, understand."

"Ok daddy," Mary nods. She is not sure why, but she intends to follow her father's instructions.

Simon looks up at his sons and gives them a brave smile.

"You two look out for your sister and be brave, ok."

"Ok daddy," Tom nods.

"We will." Vincent adds, also with a nod.

"Come here," Simon requested with his arms reaching out to them. The two boys instantly rushed over to their dad in a group hug with their sister. "You guys take care and mind your mother."

"We will," the siblings reply in unison.

"Come on kids. We need to get going now." Jeanette demands as she starts to tug her children away from Simon.

"Bye daddy," Mary whines tearfully.

"Yeah, bye." Vincent adds, also with a sad tone.

"We'll miss you," Tom sniffed.

"I'll miss you too." Simon sighed.

Before following the kids out, Jeanette turns to give Simon one last look. She doesn't want to leave him, but for the safety of their children she must. If only there was a simpler way to do this. How she wants to believe that Simon can be a superhero and protect them as promised, but the reality is that he is just a chipmunk, like his brothers and her. Regardless of the situation, she wanted him to know that she still cares about him.

"Good luck," she whispered softly.

"You too," he whispered back.

Simon slowly closes the door. He finally lets the tears escape down his cheeks. How could it come to this? He is starting to lose everything he cared about. Will Jeanette and his children be alright? His body begins to shake in fear of what would happen if the remaining Founders ever got their hands on them.

"They will be alright. I know they will be." He tried to convince himself.


Jeanette drove down the highway towards L.A. She is so upset with the unusual fight she had with Simon that she doesn't even notice how quiet the road seemed. Barely another vehicle in sight – it isn't even that late in the evening. The kids sat in the back seat. They stay quiet even though their minds are full of questions.

Tom seems to notice this strange silence on the road out the window to the left of him and turns to his siblings. "It is a little too quiet out for a Friday night, don't you think?" He asks them.

"I wouldn't be too sure of that, Tom." Vincent exclaims as he turns around to see a pair of red and blue lights flashing behind them.

At that moment, Jeanette catches a glimpse of the lights flashing in her rear view mirror just before the familiar sirens blare on.

"What? Oh no…" she groans as she pulls over immediately.

"Mommy I don't like this. Let's get out of here." Mary suggests in a frightful tone.

"Don't be silly, Mary. It's just a police officer. I just wasn't paying attention to my driving that's all. I was probably speeding…yeah, that's it." Jeanette explains to her terrified daughter.

"But mommy…" Mary pleaded.

"Not now Mary!" Jeanette snapped. A loud tapping on the driver's side window causes her to jump with a yelp.

The flash light hits her directly in the eyes, blinding her to the point that she could barely make out the figure of a man that is welding it. She carefully presses a button on the handle of the door. This was able to scroll the window down in order for her to communicate with this person.

"I-i-is there a problem officer?" She nervously asks the man in uniform.

"License and registration please." The man demands right off the bat.

"Oh, o-o-of course. R-r-right away." Jeanette fumbles as she goes through her glove compartment to find her papers. As soon as she finds them she hands them to the officer with a shaky hand.

"Mommy…mommy…" Mary whimpers from the back seat.

"Mary, be still. This will be over shortly." Jeanette hissed with anxiety in her voice.

"I need you to step out of the car, ma'am." The man demands.

"Excuse me?" Jeanette replied in shock. She thought she was only getting a ticket for speeding.

"You heard me! Out of the car!" The officer bellowed.

"Uh, sure. Ri-right away." Jeanette reluctantly obeyed. She unhooked her seatbelt and opens the driver side door.

"No mommy, no." Mary warned.

"It will be ok, Mary. This won't take long." Jeanette tells her as calmly as she could before stepping out of the car.

"Officer, I'm sorry for speeding. You see –" She tries to explain as she struggled to stay standing on her wobbly knees.

"That isn't the reason why I stopped you." The officer said coldly.

"It…isn't?" Jeanette looks up at man and for the first time she can see a yellowish glow in his scary eyes and an evil crooked smile on his face.

"You see, I'm working for them – the ones that once had your husband many years ago. Now they want your children!" He said, baring his sharp fanged teeth.

Jeanette came to a conclusion that not only this man isn't a real officer, but he isn't even human. Before she could jump back in her car and drive away the officer flips up his pen and pushing the button at the tip. Instantly the cover popped off and exposed a needle that was hidden inside. With one fast swoop the fake officer stabbed her in the neck with the needle. Jeanette tried to scream when the needle penetrated her skin, but her vocal cords were apparently numb. She is instantly being affected by the serum that is forced into her body. To her knowledge it is some kind of paralyzing formula. It won't kill her, but will keep her immobile for a while. She is fully aware of what is happening around her as the strange alien man placed her back in the driver's seat.

The moment the imposter has Jeanette sitting comfortably he looks over the back seat and grinned widely at the three young scared chipmunks.

"Hiya kids, ever been to an island?" He said with an evil chuckle.


Flying over a dark body of water – through thick fog, the air is cold. Up ahead is an object floating in the black water. As the current speeds up the closer it is – it is an island. The shape of it is familiar, but not sure from where it was seen before. Flying faster till a large building is in view. Instead of stopping the flight continues. Ghosting through the walls and stopping in a dark damp room. A shape of a woman's spirit materializes into view. Gliding closer, she looks up. Closer she becomes till all is seen are her eyes. The woman's eyes blink a few times and each time her eyes transform into a big oval shape and wearing indigo-blue glasses. Backing up, the eyes now belong to a young chipette. She sits, petrified along with her brothers on either side of her. All three of them are scared of something or someone as they sit alone in this dark damp room.

A woman wakes up with a jolt and a scream. Cold sweat runs down her forehead. It takes a moment to get her bearings together but soon she remembered where she is. A hand reaches up and grabs her arm. She looks over to see her husband look up at her with concern.

"Judy, are you alright? What is it?" He asks.

"It's Simon and Jeanette's kids, Rob. They're in trouble." She replies.