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RFN: Failed Interrogation

"I'll ask again. WHERE did you come from?" The man was beginning to become annoyed and exasperated. He had no idea anyone could be so frustratingly simple, but apparently he was wrong. The man sitting opposite of him at a steel table was currently more interested in what his gloves looked like, and was currently fiddling with them. "Well?"

"Umm, I don't know." He replied, his attention never wavering from the fabric of his gloves.

The Interrogator punched the table, his patience snapped like a pencil. "What do you mean YOU DON'T KNOW? You came out of our molecular transporter from a place entirely different to our own!" The Interrogator was sure that he was going to blow a blood vessel in his head.

The man only shrugged and looked up, away from his gloves.

The Interrogator took a deep breath, deciding to take a different approach. "What's your name?"

"Demyx." The answer stunned the Interrogator for a brief moment. What kind of name was 'Demyx'?! Well, it was an answer at least…

"Good. Now. Do you know these three men?" The Interrogator reached into his jacket, withdrawing a photograph of three men in differing attire standing in an airport. One had flaming red hair, and was very lanky, sporting a very casual set of clothes that seemed to have a common theme color of red and black. Another had surprisingly pink hair, wore a slightly more dignified black suit with a pink dress shirt (undoubtedly to match his hair), and seemed to be annoyed in the picture. The final had a normal blonde hair color, and seemed the only one not conspicuous, wearing a very standard business suit, black. The Interrogator placed the picture on the table, in which the younger male took it and scanned it over. A grin spread across his face.

"Alright! Marluxia, Axel, and Luxord are here!" He said in a chipper voice, putting the picture back. He looked around, eyes scanning the room curiously "Are they 'here' here?"

"They will be in a few moments. My colleagues are transporting them here." The Interrogator took the picture back and crossed his arms. Time to try a different question. "Now. What are you?"

"A Nobody." It was a simple enough answer, but it made the Interrogator blink.

"A…Nobody?" He looked skeptical, leaning forward slightly in his seat. "And that is…?"

Demyx scratched his head, frowning slightly. "Zexion told me once, but I don't think it's true. Supposedly a Nobody is a being that doesn't have a heart, but that can't be true because we FEEL things sometimes, like when I was doing a mission one time and I KNOW I felt afraid when that huge dog came at me with HUGE teeth-"

The Interrogator's eye twitched noticeably, making Demyx stop his ranting. "Hey! Do you have a muscle-spasm disease? I think it's contagious actually, because a lot of people I hang around do that-"

"I can't imagine why." The Interrogator said through gritted teeth, his eye twitching only gaining more power. "Who's Zexion?"

Demyx blinked, "Zexion? …Oh, right, you don't know who he is. He's my superior, Number VI in the Organization." A flicker of something flashed through the young man's eyes, but before the Interrogator could have a good look, the betrayal of emotion was gone.

The Interrogator sighed in relief, finally he was making headway! "The Organization?"

"We're called Organization XIII, and all of us are Nobodies." Demyx explained, "We were collecting hearts to making our own Kingdom Hearts to get our own hearts back, but I didn't get to stay around to see it." He looked considerably put-out, a slight pout visible while greenish-blue eyes diverted away from the Interrogator.

The Interrogator was slightly mortified, collecting HEARTS? Either this group, this Organization, was some sort of organ harvesting party for the black market, or there was something more sinister, more darker than what the Interrogator could imagine. He decided to push the subject. "Why not?"

"I died." Demyx's eyes never blinked, not indicating any sort of lie. His voice was light, like he had told the Interrogator what cereal he preferred, but had an edge of seriousness that clashed viciously with the carefree attitude of the young man.

The silence in the room was deafening. Slowly, the Interrogator got up from his seat, went to the steel door on the other side of the room, opened the door with a key card, and left. Demyx waved, "Okay, see ya later!" He chirruped, immediately smiling.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Marluxia decided he disliked airplane rides, especially ones in which took hours upon hours to reach a certain destination. He had been stuck in the aisle seat and had been constantly woken up or annoyed by passer-bys that were trying to reach the lavatory or some bag that had been placed in the overhead storage bin. Needless to say, when the plane finally touched down at Honolulu, Marluxia was tired and irked, wanting nothing more than to create a portal and leave the forsaken world as fast as he could.

Unfortunately, there was a minor problem.

"Do you sense any darkness…at all?" Marluxia grounded out, trying desperately to not lose his sanity for the third time. Axel looked around, and dropped his bag.


"There probably was some here at one time." Luxord said, musing over the 'no-darkness' conundrum. "I sense the ethereal darkness, and it does seem that at one time it was fairly dense…"

Marluxia's eye twitched, "But it isn't here now, is it?"

Luxord was about to answer, but stopped short, noticing the murderous look on Marluxia's face. "Why don't we just get on the next flight back?" Luxord suggested in a light tone, hoping it would quell Marluxia's apparent mood.

Apparently it seemed to have worked, since Marluxia only degraded himself to growl obscenities ever other second. "I swear when I get off this world, I will send EVERY Neoshadow I find at Memory's Skyscraper STRAIGHT HERE." Marluxia's eyes twitched slightly, but he oddly found comfort in the idea. Soon after more fantasies of the world engulfed by squirming black Shadows, Marluxia became completely relaxed.

Axel and Luxord kept a very respectful distance from Marluxia afterwards, both wary at how fast the Graceful Assassin was able to calm down.

Before the three could even reach the ticket counter, they were abruptly stopped by three men in black suits, all of whom had slicked back hair with an either brown-red, black, or blonde hair color. Peculiar devices were stuck within their left ears, and all sported a pair of black shades. "Excuse us." The man with black hair started, blocking Marluxia's path. Both were about the same height, except that the suited man seemed more toned than the Graceful Assassin. "But you three gentlemen need to come with us."

Marluxia was still recovering from his close call to a rage attack, so his eye gave a very distinctive twitch. "Why? Listen, we are trying to catch the next flight off this forsaken island, so I SUGGEST you three get out of my way. Now."

The man to the left of the black haired one whipped out a wallet, revealing a photo I.D with a distinctive hunk of metal on the other end. "We're with the FBI."

Before Marluxia could reply with something uncharacteristically uncouth, Luxord posed a question. "The FBI? And why would you be needing our presence?" Axel, for the most part, stayed silent. His wary eyes were upon Marluxia, who was still apparently close to having a spaz attack like in the Los Angeles International Airport. People began to stare at the strange sight occurring in the middle of the airport.

"We work for the government of the United States of America, in the Federal Bureau of Investigation." The blonde haired man said plainly. He reached into his suit, withdrawing a single photograph, showing it to the group of Nobodies. "Do you know this man?"

Marluxia, Axel, and Luxord all took a glance at the picture, and all immediately deadpanned. "Demyx." Marluxia muttered, immediately recognizing the dirty-blonde mullet and the traditional Organization wear.

"I wonder why he was doing that in the picture…" Axel mused, looking at the photograph closely. "Did you guys make him?"

The blonde haired man slipped the photo away. "No, he got bored after a while and decided to sit still himself."

Luxord looked honestly surprised. "Amazing."

"Yes, well, why do you have Demyx's picture?" Marluxia asked suspiciously, "Are you detaining him AGAINST his will?"

The black haired man stayed calm and cool, "No, he is under our jurisdiction for emerging from a Class Thirteen machine." The man suddenly seemed a little angry, his eyes flashing dangerously. "And the two other machines must have allowed all of you in too."

"We have a policy against threats to our country." The brown-red head said ominously. Marluxia tensed, now things were hostile? "The mysterious weather in New York, and the surprise attack on an airport in Los Angeles…we can't have any more scares to the public you understand." Marluxia wondered briefly why they were so concerned about the little incident at LA, considering he had not hurt anyone innocent during his little fight with Axel and Luxord.

Luxord's smirked good-naturedly, "I don't suppose you gentlemen know what you are dealing with." Marluxia remained silent, restraining the urge to decapitate something. "If you are suggesting that we will willingly leave with you, then you are sadly mistaken."

Axel acted spontaneously. Fire flared from his hands, knocking the suited men back. The fire was unlike other kinds, burning the airport carpeted floor and causing a good amount of acrid black smoke. Marluxia held his bag tightly and tore down the airport terminal with Axel and Luxord, leaving the suited FBI members back, along with a bewildered group of witnesses.

"So what's the plan now?!" Axel shouted, turning a corner, neck and neck with Marluxia as they sped to the exit. Luxord was slightly slower than the two, but was trailing behind by a foot. Marluxia glanced at Axel briefly, swinging the door open. "We get Demyx and get off this island."

"Why can't we just leave him?!"

Marluxia's eyes steeled, "Because I said so."

And with that, the three Nobodies vanished into a crowd of tourists.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Demyx, honestly, was bored out of his mind. The men who helped him after he emerged from a weird portal-thingy had taken him to the place he was in now. And for some reason they locked the door. He supposed the men were a little surprised he came from the portal, and they constantly kept asking about the Organization after he let it slip to them earlier.

The Melodious Nocturne was not an idiot, but his training under the best interrogator in the Organization (Zexion) had taught him that in case he was ever drilled for information he was to act clueless and idiotic. So far, Demyx hadn't revealed anything too deep but was considering it. What was it to him if he spilled his guts? He was technically supposed to be dead, but he was alive in the strange world along with Marluxia, Axel, and Luxord. It was a win, right? No Xemnas or Saix to turn him into a Dusk for revealing classified information, THAT was good, wasn't it?

Sighing and kicking his feet onto the stainless steel table, Demyx stared at the ceiling. "What should I do?" The better sense of him was urging him, strongly, to summon his sitar and bust out. But the problem with that plan was the fact that Demyx could not portal. At all. Which was bad.

He sighed and brushed a hand through his mullet, frowning slightly.

The door opened, allowing the interrogator from earlier to enter. The brown hair of the man was slicked back, and his glasses were still on. He sat in the chair across from Demyx at the table and seemed to stare at him. Demyx started to fidget. He never did like being observed, it made him feel like a freak.

"But you ARE a freak…" The tiny voice at the back of Demyx's mind murmured. Demyx pointedly ignored the voice, and cleared his throat. "What do you want now?"

"I want you to tell me what a Nobody is. Your special abilities and such." The man said.

Demyx didn't see anything wrong with telling him anything pertaining to that. "Well, a Nobody is a being with no heart…I guess." Demyx shrugged, "We technically don't exist but we do, it's something called a paradox. Anyway, we usually have special powers that are elemental."

"Powers?" The man arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah, like I control water." Demyx explained, "And we have this weird stamina thing, we could get stabbed or something and it wouldn't be fatal."

The man was quiet, and Demyx suspected he was digesting the information or simply didn't believe him. Slowly, the man drummed his fingers on the table. "Can you show me your 'power'?"

"Huh?" Demyx blinked, honestly expecting the man to change the subject. He believed him? "Uhh, sure…" Demyx stood from his seat and took a couple steps away from the table. He took a deep breath and concentrated. In a fine spray of water droplets, the familiar sitar appeared in Demyx's hand, almost as tall as he was and still in marvelous condition.

The interrogator's mouth dropped. "Oh my god." He whispered, his voice a mere tremor of sound.

"See? I use a sitar to kinda control water." Demyx explained, testing the chords to see if it was in tune. Luckily, it was. "Alright! Now…" Demyx strummed a cheery tune, causing a large basketball sized water droplet materialize in the air. It formed into a bird that flew around the room, and landed upon the table, apparently preening its aqueous feathers.

The man's mouth was still hanging open in shock. Dumbfounded would have been a better description.

Demyx allowed the music to stop, causing the bird to dissolve into a puddle onto the table. Dismissing his sitar, Demyx plopped back into his chair. "And that's about it."

The man raced out of the room as fast as he could. The door swung into place, the lock clicking softly.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

"Government facility." Axel read, examining a sign posted on a fence. The interior of the fenced area was a large concrete building, with trees and foliage that tried to camouflage it, but failed badly. "Do Not Enter. Hm, how many times have I seen signs like THESE before?" He chuckled humorlessly and looked to the building, his green eyes already taking in every aspect of the grounds.

Marluxia carefully studied the surroundings, making a point to ignore Axel's slightly demented smirk that was slowly creeping over the Flurry's face. There were large trees, short trees, ferns, and varieties of multi-colored flowers. The fact that they were surrounded by such a boon of flora boosted Marluxia's spirit considerably. The fence would be no problem to overcome, and the trees and foliage would effectively keep the guards busy for a good while.

Above, dark clouds bloated with water hid the sun. The shadow cast from it darkened the area considerably well. All the more advantage to the small group of Nobodies.

Luxord stepped through a particularly dense growth of plants, smirking slightly. "There are a least seven guards outside. Inside, I only detected ten." He was messing with his deck of cards, invariably pleased with himself.

Marluxia nodded, "Seventeen should be no problem." Others probably would have been daunted by such a large number of guards, but the Graceful Assassin had single-handedly made an entire world engulf with Heartless in a matter of minutes. This challenge was almost laughably easy compared to his old missions from the Organization. The help from Axel and Luxord made it only easier, if anything.

"Axel, if you will begin?" Marluxia asked, glancing at the Flurry of Dancing Flames. One of Axel's chakrams appeared, and in a combination of fire and metal, the chain-link fence melted like chocolate. Sighing, Axel twirled the weapon between his fingers, a slight smirk apparent on his face. "Is it supposed to be this easy?"

Sirens blared loudly as soon as the three Nobodies stepped inside. Almost casually, the three watched as men in black ran over towards them. Marluxia yawned, waving his arm through the air gracefully.


Tree branches swung down at the oncoming men, slamming them into the building like flies. Vines crept up from the ground and held the men in place, their weapons taken and piled underneath a dark briar bush. Sharp spikes glistened from the bush, keeping the weapons from being retrieved if the men ever got out of their confines. Lazily, Marluxia strode across the grass with Axel and Luxord in tow. They approached the door to the outpost with no problem whatsoever. So far, so VERY good.

Luxord stepped forward, taking the Ace of Spades from his card deck. Easily, he slipped the card through the card-slot next to the door. The keypad fizzled loudly, numbers flashing across the screen in glowing numerical forms. Patiently, the three waited until finally, the door slid open obediently.

Smirking, Luxord slipped the card back into his deck. Marluxia raised an eyebrow, "As long as I breathe, I will never understand how you do that."

"Never you will, now, onwards?" Luxord asked pleasantly, ignoring the oncoming guards from the inside. A second chakram and a pink scythe appeared in their owners grasp as they continued inward, each of them equally amused and bored at the infiltration.

Bullets flew, but were easily swatted away by a perfectly timed swinging of metal. While Axel's chakrams protected his own being, Marluxia had the task of protecting Luxord and himself for the time of three minutes. Luxord took a pair of dice from one of his pockets and tossed them to the floor.

The dice landed on the floor, growing in size until they were half the size of the hallway. Both Marluxia and Axel leaped out of the dice's way as the cubes rolled on by, bulldozing through the guards and clearing a path. The guards fell unconscious upon impact of the dice.

Marluxia sighed, "World domination would be too easy."

"It's not much a challenge; why waste the effort?" Luxord questioned, nonplussed. Axel only rolled his eyes and continued onward, Marluxia followed him and kept a good grip on his scythe. They didn't have to walk for long before finding a door marked 'Containment'. Again, the door was locked with a key card slot.

Before Luxord could even pull a card from his deck, Marluxia quickly jammed the blade of his scythe into the crack of the door, then ripped it away quickly, twisting the weapon at the exact same time.


The door snapped out of its locked position, the metal links and bars ripped from their foundation in the wall. The door was wide open now, leaning against the wall, only held to the doorframe by two hinges with stripped screws.

Demyx suddenly poked his head from out of the room, grinning broadly. "Hey guys! I wondered when I'd see you!" Awkwardly, the Melodious Nocturne left the room and glanced about. He seemed to be impressed. "Nice."

"Indeed." Marluxia said dryly, a slight smirk apparent. "Although judging the difficulty it took to reach you Demyx, I assume that even you could have left this place on your own accord."

"Yeah, well, about THAT…" Demyx rubbed the back of his neck. "I sorta…can't make…a…portal." He looked sheepish. "If I could, I would've left hours ago! You guys have NO idea how boring and uptight everyone here is-!" Demyx stopped himself from talking and blinked. "Hey, why aren't we laving now?"

"We can't." Axel said plainly, twirling a chakram casually between his fingers.

"None of us can create a portal either, Demyx." Marluxia said, frowning slightly. "The portals require some outside source of darkness…and unfortunately, this island we're on now is woefully lacking in darkness." The curiosity of the darkness conundrum lead Marluxia's mind to a more immediate problem. How were they going to get to another location now?

Demyx's eyes were wide, "We're on an island?!"

"And pursued by the government that runs the whole place, obviously." Marluxia added on dully, "Of course, we took care of everyone here-"

"There they are!"

Whizzing bullets grazed the four, one finding a mark on Luxord's shoulder. The aforementioned Gambler of Fate grimaced and spun around. With an unpleasant realization, Marluxia turned also.

The hall, from at least a few feet away, was full of armored soldiers donned in deep green and holding large black guns. The front row were firing at the four of them fiercely, and Marluxia felt the biting sting as several bullets pelted his chest before dropping off of him, just dull pieces of metal.

Although discomforting, the rain of bullets slowly stopped. And to the very obvious shock of the soldiers, the men standing in front of them were unharmed, and still armed with VERY dangerous weapons. The worse thing was that now, all of them were only a LITTLE annoyed and angry now.

Before Marluxia could even move to swing his scythe at the nearest soldier, a gigantic wall of water exploded from the ground and rushed at the soldiers powerfully, sweeping the assorted people down the hall and around the corner like a makeshift broom. Marluxia heard the delicate hum of Demyx's sitar and smirked slightly.

"THAT was annoying." Demyx frowned and stopped playing his sitar. "I mean, it was just so rude! They didn't even talk to us; only shoot!"

"Get used to it." Luxord said sharply. Marluxia sighed, but caught a faint glimmer in the corner of his eyes. Something shiny lied atop of the wet tile where the soldiers were previously. Curious, Marluxia walked to the object and picked it off the floor. It was a tiny key with a card attached to it, the key glittering silver while the card only held the numbers: 18-2346.

Marluxia pocketed the key, knowing from previous mission to other worlds that items like keys were helpful in situations later, and looked back towards the end of the hall. It wouldn't be long until more soldiers would come…and there would be people out in the front.

Oh well, that was what scythes, chakrams, magical cards and sitars, were for.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Okay, MAYBE it wasn't as easy as Marluxia thought.

Whatever the military operation was using had changed weapons, from standard issue guns to high-powered rifles and such. Men were equipped with flamethrowers and poisonous darts that had inconveniently found Luxord as a target. Currently, the Gambler of Fate was snoozing big time, knocked unconscious from the dart.

Another volley of sleeper darts whizzed straight at their hide-out (in a shed outside of the building) and punctured tiny holes through the wood, ending up stuck in the ground a mere two inches where Demyx was standing. "Ah! They almost hit me!" He yelped, clutching his sitar like it would save him from such a fate.

"Just keep fighting Demyx!" Marluxia growled. He snapped his fingers, calling more vines and razor-like petals to attack, but unfortunately the flamethrowers quickly toasted Marluxia's plants in a matter of moments. He scowled and ducked again, bullets raced over his head and through the other side of the shed.

"We can't keep fighting them!" Axel snapped, sending flames at onrushing would-be intruders. The flames quickly made the people perform the basic 'stop-drop-and roll' maneuver, abandoning the attempt of getting close to the shed. "You're useless and Luxord's out of it! We need to get out of here!"

Marluxia glared at Axel, unwilling to let the redhead's truth sink in. He turned to think, they needed a quick and sufficient getaway, without being caught…But they couldn't exactly leave the shed easily. He glanced down at the wriggling vines that sat obediently at his feet. How easy would it be it they could travel just like the vines? Surely, traveling underground had merits-


Marluxia snapped his fingers, and the ground churned underneath the four Nobodies. Before anyone could utter a word, a large hole opened up, allowing them to drop down. Above, more bullets fired through the shed wickedly, making holes within the old wood.

Axel was confused for a moment, looking up at where he was. "How-…?" He looked forward and saw wriggling green vines churn in the dirt nearby, creating a large tunnel. "Huh."

"Cool!" Demyx grinned, dismissing his sitar at once. "Where's it going though?"

"Anywhere AWAY from here." Marluxia said. He walked into the tunnel, with Axel following cautiously.

Demyx blinked, then looked to Luxord's snoozing form. "What about Luxord?" He called out, but the two were too far in to be seen. Lazily, two deep green vines came from the ceiling of the tunnel and wrapped around Luxord's arms, hoisting him up and dragging him down the tunnel. Demyx stared, but followed. Behind them, thick vines twisted again, collapsing the entrance to the Nobodies escape tunnel.

They hadn't walked for very long before the tunnel began to take an incline upwards, breaking through the topsoil very near the military building. Marluxia didn't hesitate, immediately walking into the jungle-like growth of plants nearby. Axel followed suit, as did Demyx, while the deep green vines carried Luxord out of the tunnel and after them.

Marluxia scanned the area. There were many people stationed at the shed, still firing bullets at it and such. There were some vehicles that they could use to leave and-Hello!

A large helicopter sat on a landing pad not that far away. It was pure black with razor-like propellers, and was completely empty. Soldiers stood guard outside but that would be a situation easily remedied. It would be perfect for escape…but there was a minor problem. He didn't KNOW how to fly a helicopter. Driving a car? Sure, he could do that. Navigating a gummi ship? Yes, definitely. But a helicopter was a different matter.

Maybe it wouldn't be that hard to fly.

Motioning for everyone to follow, Marluxia dismissed his scythe and snapped his fingers. Vines came from the ground underneath the soldier and pulled them down firmly into the dirt, weapons again taken forcibly. Quickly and stealthily, Marluxia hurried to the copter and climbed in, finding that it was pleasantly large and accommodating.

Axel climbed in second, plopping into the co-pilot seat. "Great idea, you know how to fly?"

Marluxia didn't answer, instead allowing Demyx and Luxord room to get them inside too. Surprisingly, there was still room within the copter after everyone was seated. Marluxia pulled the key from his pocket and stuck it into the slot, a cool voice came from the helicopter itself, spreading through the cockpit.

"Welcome, please input security code."

"Security code?" Marluxia muttered, thinking quickly. He noticed the tag attached to the key again and ripped it off. He looked for a keyboard on the dash in front of him and quickly found it, typing in the numbers. 18-2346.

"Thank you. Initiating."

Nothing seemed to be happening. Marluxia heard a growl of frustration from Axel. "You DON'T know how to fly it?!"


The Flurry grumbled underneath his breath and pressed various buttons and flipped switches. Marluxia turned to yell at him to stop before they attracted attention-


Did it just start?

Axel flipped more switches and took the controls, looking absolutely peeved. "Next time you decide to take something, know how to drive it first!" Slowly the helicopter began to rise, and the soldiers began to run towards them, forsaking the empty shed.

Before they got even near, Marluxia shot a bunch of flower petals at them, making the soldiers hit the ground. The helicopter rose even higher…

"Let's get out stuff and leave." Marluxia shouted over the roaring blades of the helicopter. Axel flipped a switch, and suddenly it was all quiet. The blades were still moving, but there was no more sound.

"Nice, this must be a stealth copter." Axel grinned. "So, go and get our stuff? Got it."

Marluxia just stared at him, "How is it that you have no clue how to drive a car, but when it comes to a helicopter, you're suddenly an expert?"

"What can I say? I've always known how to fly one of these.' Axel replied smoothly, navigating the copter away from the government facility. Both Marluxia and Demyx stared and him, both completely surprised.

--- --- ---

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