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Title: Under the bus

Pairing(s): SoraxKadaj

Rating: T

Summary: Kadaj wondered why the brunette was hiding under the bus. But did he really want to know?

Genre: Romance

Additional Notes: I bet you are thinking, 'What?' Yes, A Kadora, bitches. It's the sexiest couple ever. Too bad there's only four of these. Well, this is fifth.

"Why are you in there?" The silver haired teen asked as he kicked the yellow of the bus with one black boot. There was a scuffle from underneath the bus, but the silence remained. Kadaj sighed in irritation. Why was everything so difficult with Sora? He grumbled and sent another kick to the bus. "Are you still not talking to me because of yesterday?"

"What? Oh . . . shut up!" Sora retorted from underneath the bus.

This caused the silver haired teen amusement. "What? It's not my fault we were drunk." He heard a snort of 'whatever' from below and he smirked. "Yes it is. You gave me that drink!" Sora argued, this followed by another scuffle. "Hey, you drank it." Kadaj responded back. Sora sighed from underneath. "Hmmph." He responded. "So is it because of the drink, or is it because we had sex?" Kadaj finally asked after a long pause.

Scuffle. Scuffle. "Shut up." Came Sora's reply. Kadaj laughed. "Well, to tell the truth, I was sober."

Scuffle. Thump. "WHAT?" Soon that was followed by an, "Ow!" Curtesy of Sora. The brunette crawled out from underneath and glared at him. "Well, why did you do it?" He demanded, brushing the dirt of his legs and placing his hands on his hips. Kadaj, deciding not to comment on how girly that was, laughed. "It's not my fault you were throwing yourself at me." Sora blushed. Okay. Maybe he had been sober too. And maybe he was regreting last night's . . . er, actions.

"I did not! You were the one that kissed me first!" Sora exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at him. "Oh, you remember?" Kadaj leaned towards him looking smug, and Sora blushed furiously, forcing a glare on his face. "Only that." Was the brunette's reply.

Of course it was.

"You and I know both know you are lying," The silver haired teen answered, "Either you were sober or half drunk, and I think it's the first."

"I-it is not!" Sora argued back. Kadaj sighed and leaned towards Sora. "Fine then. Since you are sober now, how about I make it up to you?" Sora's eyes widened as Kadaj pushed him against the bus. "You're not serious, are you?" He asked, his voice slightly strained. A deep kiss however, told him otherwise.

"But . . . w-we're in public!"



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