Ed knew everyone would notice. First of all, he had his hood up, which he never did. And, he was walking with the coat closed. And it was the end of spring. So it was no surprise when everyone in Central was staring at him. In fact, the second Ed had walked in that door; Hawkeye had gone up to him.

"Edward," she said. 'Is there any reason as to why you have your coat like that?" and of coarse Ed didn't want to answer that honestly. "No" he had said. And they just left it at that.

But now Ed was waiting outside of Mustang's office. He had to turn in his report, which was long and quite boring. The mission Mustang had sent the Elrics on was pointless, and was NOT at all connected to the finding of the stone. Ed sighed. It would be a while before Mustang was done listening to Hughes…


Once Hughes had gotten out of his office, Roy thought that he would get a little peace and quiet. Little did he know that someone had been waiting for him. He put on his trademark smirk when he heard the loud banging coming from outside his door.

"Okay," began Ed as soon as he came in the door. Roy raised an eyebrow at the young prodigy's clothing choices. "I did that pointless mission," the blonde continued after putting the papers on Roy's desk. "And I did the freakin' report. Now I gotta go." Ed started to turn when Mustang chimed in.

"So is that the new style, Ed?" Roy smiled as the teen stopped. He could tell that Ed was hiding something.

"Yeah, that's what it is, bastard colonel. A new style. Now I'm going."

"What a short answer, Ed." Roy smiled as he prepared himself for a rant from the height challenged teen. But instead, the blonde just turned back around to face the colonel up-close and looked right into his eyes. Roy blushed.

"I. AM. NOT. SHORT." Ed replied in a whisper. He then turned around to feel a tug on his hood.

"It's hot, Ed," said the colonel. "So let me help you with that hood…" He quickly pulled the small hood off of the even smaller alchemist. "Oh, my, GAWD" said Roy almost in a laugh. Ed punched Roy in the face, but it was blocked. "So this is why you were wearing a hood, Full metal?" exclaimed the flame.

"Just forget it!" screamed the little blonde. Just then Hawkeye and the rest of the unit busted into the room. They all gasped at Ed, and Havoc almost dropped his cig. ALMOST.

"ED!" they all asked. "Yeah…" And they all were silent.

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