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Ed: I do

Me: WHAT? Why?

Ed: that last chapter has made Al go after Roy.

Me: whoops.

Ed: yeah.

Me: but did u enjoy it?

Ed: turns as red as his coat

Me: yeah… I don't own FMA, do I?

Ed: no.

Me: damn



Many people in Roy's unit had suspected the little crush. They didn't, however, think that the colonel would actually move into a relationship with the blonde. After all, he was underage, MALE, and a subordinate. But hell, Mustang did always get the woman… er, the object of his desire.

But to be so loud was a tad rude. After all, they did NOT want to hear Roy's name so many times, nor the moans, nor other noises that came from behind the closed door. No, they just wanted Roy to be happy. So if Ed made him happy, so be it. But damn, they sure did know how to make their relationship known.


Roy stroked his new lover's hair as he thought of his other subordinates. Ed was most likely right about them hearing the two, but it didn't matter at the moment. All that mattered was that they had just… 'Holy shit.' thought Roy suddenly, his eyes widening. 'I could get demoted… no… ARRESTED for this.' He glanced down at his new lover, to see him stretching.

"Man, please tell me that wasn't a dr… ow. Holy crap. OW. Yeah, no dream." The blonde seemed to be muttering to himself. Roy smiled as the younger of the two sat up. "Dammit, Roy." He turned his head to face Roy and pushed some hair out of the way. "You really know how to break a man." He smiled.

Roy smiled and placed his hand under the blonde's chin. "Damn right I do." He began to stroke the kitty ears on Ed's head. Purring soon followed, which reminded Roy of how he got into this very predicament.

"Ed?" the man asked. Ed didn't stop purring, and he had his eyes closed. "ED?"

He opened one eye. "Yeah?"

"You know that I didn't…mean…"

The purring stopped. A tail froze. Ears went back.

"You didn't what, Roy?" Ed's eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

"I didn't mean to… I don't feel…"

Tears filled the young alchemist's eyes.

"You regret it?"

"No, it's just I wouldn't like-"

"-like me normal?" Ed got off Roy, ignoring the pain in his ass. (A/N no pun intended) He grabbed his clothes and started getting dressed.

"That's not what I was gonna say, Edward."

Ed was fully dressed by now, but his hair was undone. "Go to hell, Mustang."

A neko stormed out of the building.


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