This little story garners a "T" rating to be safe, so please, read responsibly.


(A poem by Rufus and Ron)

Naked are we, we are naked you see

We are as naked as naked can be

Our minds are not dirty, nor are we flirty

We just wanna be naked you see

So not a stitch is the sitch!

Not a stitch over here, not a stitch over there

Not a stitch on anyone anywhere

It's the naked rebellion, so come on be a Hellion

And be naked with Rufus and me!

…x x x x…

After Ron read his poem in front of the class with Rufus on his shoulder (and not much else on I might add), his best friend Kim and the teacher Mr. Barkin sat looking at him with mouths open in utter horror at what Ron had just done.

Yeah, the assignment for today was to write a poem in any style and read it in front of the class, but no one thought he would go to this kind of extreme.

The entire room was completely silent for a good thirty seconds, and suddenly something flew across the room catching both Kim and Mr. Barkin's eye. It was a piece of clothing!

It took only a matter of seconds after that for the air to be filled with a flurry of clothes being pulled off and people proudly calling out "I'm naked!"

Students began to run out of the classroom without a care in various states of undress, ranging from just a shirt off to no pants, and even a bare female topside as well. But amongst all of this partial nakedness, one individual with short brunette hair and teal eyes literally streaked out of the room without a single piece of clothing on yelling "I'm naked!" louder than anyone else.

Ron continued to stand in front of the room with just his boxers on and Rufus still on his shoulder, looking quite proud of himself. Kim continued to sit in her seat, with her face in her hands not quite believing what just occurred, and all the burly teacher had to say in response to everything was "Well Mr. Stoppable, I certainly hope you are proud of yourself."

In fact he was, and Ron strolled out of classroom, into the fray of partial and full nudity that now covered the entire campus.

The End

Anyone else wanna get naked? ; )