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Chapter 1: Vertigo or something like it.

Uno, dos, tres, catorce

(Turn it up loud, captain)

Temperance Brennan was pacing around her lab at the Jeffersonian. She was waiting for the results on some lab tests done by her assistant the brilliantly smart Zack Addy. but her mind kept wandering to her partner Special Agent Seely Booth.

Lights go down

It's dark, the jungle is

Your head can't rule your heart

A feeling's so much stronger

Than a thought

Your eyes are wide

And though your soul

It can't be bought

Your mind can wander

Booth was what her friend Angela Montenegro called "her shiny white knight in FBI armor." she hated to admit it but Angela was right.Though she kept bickering with Booth, Tempe couldn't help but be madly in love with him but she didn't want to tell anyone.

Hello, hello (¡Hola!)

I'm at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?)

It's everything I wish I didn't know

Except you give me something

I can feel, feel

Just then the guy she was thinking about came in and said "Bones... do you have the results yet on how Judy Quinn died?" he gave Tempe his usual lopsided grin. She turned around and saw Booth."Booth, How many times must i tell you stop calling me Bones."she sounded irratated but she really loved it now. she looked out of the door and asked Zack if the results were in.

The night is full of holes

These bullets rip the sky

Of ink with gold

They twinkle as the boys

Play rock and roll

They know that they can't dance

At least they know

Zack said"not yet couple more minutes."while Tempe and Zack were conversing, Booth was watching Tempe thinking about all the cases they have been through together. and how he admired her and must he say love her. but he kept his feelings hidden or so he thought.for as he was staring at Tempe he was imagining them together in a way that he would never thought he would be thinking of.he had a dreamy look on his face.

I can't stand the beats

I'm asking for the check

The girl with crimson nails

Has Jesus around her neck

Swinging to the music

Swinging to the music

Just then Angela came in and noticed the look Booth was giving Brennan.she said"oooh the hunky FBI Agent has the hots for our little Tempe Brennan"Booth heard Angela's comment and shook his head to get his head out of it's trance."no... yes...is it that obvious?"he asked looking away from Brennan to look at Angela.she said "sweetie yeah it is so obvious and she likes you too so why don't you just ask her out?"Booth shook his head and said"how can someone as beautiful and intelligent love me? and besides doesn't she have a boyfriend,David or something?" Angela smiled and said,"she is only going out with him to make you jealous.but all she can think about on the dates is you."

Hello, hello (¡Hola!)

I'm at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?)

It's everything I wish I didn't know

But you give me something

I can feel, feel

(Checking it)

(Shadows fall)

(She'll make it)

Meanwhile the results from the tests came in. knowing that Booth would want to hear it in English she looked at her clipboard and said"Booth,The results are in. She died from being strangled and the throat was sliced after her death." but Booth didn't pay attention to what she was saying because he was still looking at her amazing beauty. she noticed that he was looking at her in a way she wasn't used to she blushed and said"did you hear what i said?" Booth said"uh yeah."

All this, all of this can be yours

All of this, all of this can be yours

All this, all of this can be yours

Just give me what I want

And no one gets hurt

Booth looked at Angela and smiled as if to say i'll take your word for it an ask her after this case.then he said"ok now you just have to sign this and report and send it back to my superior.after Brennan signed the paper she was about to go and get some coffee.Booth tried to stop her ."Temperance wait. i need to tell you something." Brennan turned around and said "what is it Booth?" Booth took a deep breath and said "I have to say i enjoy being your partner and friend but there is one thing i must say,I Love You,Temperance Brennan."

Hello, hello (¡Hola!)

We're at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?)

Lights go down, and all I know

Is that you give me something

I can feel your love teaching me how

Your love is teaching me how

How to kneel, kneel

Brennan was shocked. but oh so happy. she said"what did you just say? did you just say that you love me?" Booth looked her in the eyes and said "yes that is what i said." Brennan smiled and she thought i must be dreaming but who cares she said,"oh my gosh Seely,I love you too. i always had since our first case together."her heart was beating so fast and loud as Booth said "do you want to kiss me?"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

after two minutes thought she said"yes,seely i do want to kiss you." then Booth came closer to Brennan and they shared a magnificent passionate kiss afterwards Brennan said "wow this is so much better in real life." and Booth replied "i must agree with you there."