Gipdac's Trilogy Of Terror Vol. 2

What happens when cookies try to kill you?...

Chapter 1

Hammy sat in the log, eating some cookies.


Then, a storm appeared overhead, and everyone had to take cover under a tree.

Hammy grabbed a bunch of cookies, but accidently left three in the log...

Lightning was flying across the sky, and even hit a telephone pole, which fell to the ground on impact.

But, it landed over the hedge, and struck the cookies, sending thousands of volts of energy through them.

The cookies began changing, and evolving.

Eyes appeared, and then a mouth.

They opened their eyes...

When the storm was over, everyone went back to the log.

Hammy immediately ran over to his cookies, and picked them up.

Then, he heard growling...

A cookie opened its mouth, and bit Hammy's hand, making him drop them.

They began hopping everywhere, and they had big sharp teeth.

They attacked...