Chapter 3

"What the heck do you want from us?"


"Dude, if you can talk, I don't think you need any brains."

The cookie growled, and held up his hand.

He flipped Hammy the middle finger.

Hammy gave him it in return.

The cookie growled again in irritation.


The cookie jumped towards Hammy.

Hammy was thrown onto his back, holding the cookie away from his face.

The cookie was snapping and struggling.

Then, Hammy sniffed the air.

"Hey, wait a minute! You're a cookie!"

Hammy licked his lips.

The cookie's angry look vanished.


The cookie screamed as Hammy began eating him...

After Hammy got back to the log, RJ ran over to him.

"You okay, Hamsquad?"

"I'm just fine, RJ...mmm, that cookie was good!"