By Melanie Doucette

Disclaimer: I do not owne princess mononoke but I wish I did this is a pure fiction about Moro's life.

Chapter 1 hital and Soto

The forests are pure and unscathed by human hands. A place were the animal's grow to

amazing size. The responsibility is even more amazing gods and demons lurk the forest

Human's live outside this forest because they fear the god's all this is the flow of life. The doctrine of the way one lives a life …..

Long white fur, dark blue eye's, strong regal wolf master, Hital was a young 220 year's old ,a wolf unigod .Next to him stand's his heavily pregnant mate., Soto ,her fluffy gray fur's brissels in the light breeze. They stand over looking the forest below them ,a mighty vast valley of vine tree and life of the wilderness kind a real forest. For thousand's of year's it's been thriving and growing until,

,"damn those human's ,dare moving in our forest" hital pursed, his growing untrust for the human's lingering in his voice. Soto look'd over the valley ,for this was her first venture into their new home, hital has spent most of his life living in the mononoke forest. He may not have been born in this valley but he was no stranger, matter of fact no wolf has been born in this ravine ,since it is a newly discovered forest ,even the god's didn't know about this forest till recently. Not far behind are the human's...masters of discovery and destruction." this forest is clean, I smell no human's but if they do venture here will destroy them!"hital looking at Soto now, her soft short muzzled face with gray specal's covering her snout and her deep blue eye's glowing a fire glaze.Hital had meet her outside the mononoke forest near the ocean, she was living on land along side the human's they all lived together at fist human's were a noble race that lived by nature's code, now man is blinded by greed.

The mighty wolf tribe's would protect their forest. Only thing is the forest chooses its wolf god, every forest has a spirit and this spirit will chose who will protect it souly. This mononoke forest's spirit hasn't chosen a god thus far. "Shall we continue mate?" Hital now walking slowly down the revine, toward the bottom into the valley. Soto followed her mate down carefully; this was a new chance for the wolf tribe's to find a better home.

Once reaching the entrance Soto sat her self down "I can't bare to carry these pups any longer!"Hital looked lovingly at his mate, feeling a bit guilty. They were very much pleased to enter the forest, the leave's are so dense they could taste the dew on the leave's, as they brushed by a bunch of low branches of newly planted tree's."

The ape tribe have been continually planting trees allover hopeing to enlage the forest.. Soto marveled at how dense the forest really was. "Look at this wonderful place, hital it's amazing" Soto walked quickly around tring to see it all. Absorbed in her joy she ventured to far ahead and collided paths with a giant wild bore." Ahh… help hital!" Soto backed away from the disgruntled bore its face showing aggravation" why doesn't u watch ware your going runt" the bore spoke barely moving his lips.

"You .you spoke didn't you?" Soto asked surprised she never encountered an other intelligent creature. The bore got up it's size out matching even Soto's large size.Hital came walking up to the bore,"im sorry Nago she doesn't know of the bore tribe", the bore looking much more friendly "hital why didn't you tell me you have found a mate?"

hital smiling now" I didn't know rather to tell you or not" nago began to giggle his laugh was silent heavy and harty you could tell his laughter was there. Nago now looking at Soto"welocome to mononoke forest".

After reaching a small trikeling stream ,Nago sat him self down his emence weight quakeing the ground."well I don't realy know ware you two would like make a den or whatever it is wolves do, but this is a good place to rest for tonight" Nago looked up to the darkening sky , night was evadeing the sky effortlessly .Hital sat down next to his bore friend, "thank you Nago we will rest here till we are ready to search for a home"

Soto looked tired and well so she had journied far to this forest. Soto drank from the stream lavishing the clean taste, hital on the other hand was sniffing about searching for food any type of easy pray nearby. Nothing seamed to be close to them at all, hital knew his mate had to eat soon.

Thank you this the revised and reread version .2 of life long led, chapter one I hope it's easyer to read , thanx for reading! What will become of soto and her mate hital? Will they eat and will they love thire knew home!? Read on to chapter two!!!