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Angeli sat there on her bedroom windowsill as she admired the view of the sun setting gently atop a blue and orange horizon. She took a deep breath and smelled the ocean's perfume wafting around her. This was how it felt to be living on the coastal shores of Los Angeles, California.

All her life she'd been living in this heaven on earth paradise as if she had been locked in it. She never knew why she was here. Neither did she know the reason behind her life.

As a little girl, Angeli had always been a little WWE Diva, strong and spunky yet girly and delicate.

She looked around her room and found various WWE collectibles there. She had a replica of John Cena's Championship spinner belt. She had a Randy Orton hoodie hanging from the inside of her closet door and a Dave Bautista poster on her wall. She had always been an avid fan of those three, seeing that they were all extremely handsome, hot and of course… champions.

She sighed as she heard a couple of people screaming downstairs. Knowingly, she knew they were her brothers.

In the family, there were four children. Three boys and the youngest was a girl, Angeli. Their parents were both in their late forties.

Their mom was Francesca Reyes. She was a 5"9 woman with a slim figure. For her 48-year-old age, she seemed more like a 30-year-old. She had these almond shaped brown eyes that fit her so much, her lips were kind of pursed and were a hot shade of pink, her hair was blonde and it fell straight down her back.

Their father was Anthony Reyes. He was a 5"11 man with an extremely buff physique. He was 49 but his health was that of a 25-year-old. He wore these frameless glasses that encircled his blue eyes. His hair was short and was brown with a few strands of white now.

The eldest son was Mark. He was about your ordinary 29 year-old boy. Recently, he had been fussing about how to propose to his girlfriend of three years, Haley. He was a well-built man with shaggy blonde hair and captivating blue orbs. He was known for his incredible musical talent and his love for wrestling as well. His personal favorites were Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero. Oh how he grieved when Eddie passed away. He had his own band called the Tigris. He was the lead guitarist and vocalist.

The second was Matthew. He was born 3 minutes after Mark. But unluckily, Mark was born on July 25 at 11:58 PM whilst Matthew was born on July 26 at 12:01 AM. They were identical twins but their birth date differentiated them from each other. He, like Mark, had shaggy blonde hair. Unlike Mark, his eyes weren't blue but were brown. Unlike Mark as well, he wasn't known for musical talent, he was known for his athleticism. He was good in about every sport there was! One day, he says, he wants to be a wrestler like his idol, Triple H.

Third son was Jason. He was a 27 year old who was an almost perfect young man. He aced every subject in middle school, high school and college. He had brown hair, pretty much in the style of Randy Orton, and baby blue eyes. He was almost like a replica of the Legend Killer. He was an extremely attractive guy who, for all the girls out there, was still single! Judging by his looks, yes he was, and still is, an avid admirer of the Legend Killer, Randy Orton.

Angeli, the youngest, was by far the most different of all the family members. One, she had black hair with streaks of dark brown. Two, she had soft wavy hair which didn't run in the family. Three, she had emerald green eyes that made her look so captivating. She was like your ordinary 24-year-old young woman. Out to work in the morning and off to the club at night. Like I said earlier, she was an avid fan of Randy Orton, John Cena and Dave Bautista.

"Angeli! RAW's on!" Jason, who was the closest to her among all the Reyes brothers, hollered up the stairs.

"I'll be down in a minute, Jase!" she hollered back.

Her room was basically the attic. She had chosen the place herself. The window in her room was where you could see the best view of the sun rising and setting. Besides choosing the room, she also decorated her room! She colored it a shade of blue that was somewhere in between navy blue and baby blue, but not the normal blue. Her queen-sized bed had lavender bed sheets and bedspreads on it. There were assorted blue, yellow, green and lavender throw pillows on it. Her floor was carpeted with navy blue carpets and she had a baby green sofa in the middle of the room, directly in front of her 51" Plasma flat screen TV. She enjoyed her room. It was her personal sanctuary. It was where she could be alone and dream.

She hopped off the windowsill and out the door. She bounded down the stairs and reached the living room where the whole family was sitting down to watch RAW.

"Did I miss anything?" she asked as she sat beside Jason on the floor.

"Nope… It's just about to start…" Jason replied, handing her the popcorn.

"Good…" she said.

The whole family went on to watching their favorite show.


Ric Flair def. Johnny Nitro

Umaga def. Matt Striker

Batista, Randy Orton and John Cena def. Triple H, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon

Lawler: My God! Batista, Orton and Cena have triple-pinned Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Triple H! And here's the three-count! 1…2…3! That's it! Cena's team has won the battle!

Batista: You may wanna know, Vince… We are an indestructible trio… No one can beat us!

HHH: Don't ever forget that I made you, Batista, and pretty boy, Orton, over there who you are now!

Orton: Whoa whoa whoa! We never said you made us… We just… got a little extra information from you…

Vince: You three! You don't know what you've gotten yourself into! You've just opened the gates to your own personal HELL!

Cena: Yeah yeah… Whatever! We heard that same line with Shawn Michaels! And with all due respect to DX… He's still standin'! So your "hell" didn't really do a very good job now, did it?

Shane: It didn't with Michaels… But it sure will with you, assholes!

Batista: Oooh… Harsh…

Orton: A little dirty in the mouth aren't we, Shane?

Cena: I think you could use a nice floss and a good brushing… Colgate does best!

Shane: Shut up!

Batista: Well… Now that they're backstage… All you people down there in LOS ANGELES!

Orton: Get ready to be graced with greatness…

Cena: 'Coz we'll be down there in two days, baby! We're out!

Lawler: What's up with this? All three saluting? Then striking Randy Orton's pose? Then Batista's? Whoa! This is one hell of a trio! Well! That's all for RAW tonight! I gotta go pack for Los Angeles! We'll see you soon!

"Fudge! They're coming here!" Angeli squealed in utter excitement.

"Good timing too…" Jason said.

Angeli shot him a confused look as she quirked an eyebrow at him. "Watcha mean?"

"Well… Tomorrow's your birthday… Right?" Mark and Matthew asked at the same time.

"Yeah…" she replied.

"Happy Birthday, Angeli… Advanced…" Francesca, or Chesca, and Anthony, or Tony, handed her a white envelope with 'Happy Birthday, our little Angel… Love, Mom, Dad, Mark, Matthew and Jason.'

She ripped the envelope open and found two tickets to watch the RAW Live Event in two days.

Her eyes grew in shock and amusement.

"OMG! THANKS MOM! THANKS DAD! THANKS MY-EVER-SO-HANDSOME-BROTHERS!" she squealed as she hugged them all.

"Little sister needs some lovin' from her bros… especially this one who loves her so very much!" Jason said as he gave her a noogie.

"Hey!" she countered with a noogie of her own.

"No fair!" Jason said.

"Alright, you guys… Off to bed…" Chesca told her sons and daughter.

"Mom… We're not fifteen anymore…" Mark and Matthew whined.

"You're still my little babies… Now get up there to your rooms! Your father and I have a little talk to do…" Chesca replied.

"Night, mom… I love you…" Angeli said as she hugged and kissed her mom. Same went for her dad.

She ran upstairs and quickly changed into a pair of black pajama bottoms and a white razorback. She walked over to her laptop and turned it on. She had wireless DSL connection so she was instantly connected to the internet.

"Let's see where the RAW Superstars have an autograph signing…" she muttered to herself as she went to the WWE homepage.

Randy Orton, John Cena and Dave Batista- No autograph sessions scheduled

"Drat…" she said as she went searching for the reason why they weren't having an autograph session.


Todd: So, Dave, you were the one who declined on all of the autograph sessions you three were given… Why?

Batista: Because I don't have time… You see, Todd, I didn't just come to LA to wrestle… hell no… I waited so long for the WWE to come here so that I could find someone whom I've been separated from for an extremely long time…

Cena: That's right, homie… We gonna find his sister…

Todd: Sister? We never knew you had one…

Batista: Long story…

Todd: Mind sharing?

Batista: When I was young, my dad died while my mom was pregnant with my little sister. He had a car accident. My mom died when she gave birth. I was only 5 years old back then. My mom died and I had to take over. But I couldn't. I started training for wrestling when I was 8… And my lil sis was 3. She doesn't remember me, I know that. I left her with some family friends so that they could look after her. I wanted to pursue my wrestling first, then I'd come back for her. I didn't want to let her go but I needed to.

Orton: Sad sad story…

Todd: Could we, by chance, know her name?

Batista: I just named her after the city of Los Angeles… The place where I first held her in my arms and said goodbye to her…

Cena and Orton comfort Batista who is now beginning to cry.

Todd: That's all we have for today. Thank you, Dave, for sharing that with us. Maybe when you find your sister, you can introduce her to us.

Batista: I will…


"Wow… He has a sister… I can't wait to find out who she is!" she squealed in delight.

"Hey, sis…" Jason poked his head into her room. "You aren't going to sleep yet?"

"Imma go now… I was just checkin' some stuff…" she said as she closed her laptop and headed off to her bed. She jumped in between the sheets and laid her head on the soft pillow.

Jason walked in and sat on the edge of Angeli's bed. He gave her a kiss on the head and said, "Night, my little angel of a sister… I love you…"

"Love you, too, Jase…" she said.

He allowed her to drift off to sleep.

Once she was in dreamland, he spoke, "I wish I could tell you the truth, Angeli… I really wish I could…"

He stood up and walked across the room and to the door. He shut off the light as he exited and headed down to where his parents and brothers were.

"Is she asleep?" Mark asked.

"…Way asleep… Look guys… I really think we should tell her about it…" Jason said as he sat down beside his brothers.

"Let her brother be the one to tell her…" Chesca said rather grimly.


"Look, Bats, you gotta stop fidgeting like hell is about to break loose!" John Cena said to his friend who was pacing around LAX.

"Look, Cena… I am standing in a Los Angeles Airport… I'm back to where I came from… I'm looking for my sister who I haven't met for two decades… And you're telling me to stop fidgeting!" Dave screamed.

"Calm down, Dave… Take a chill pill and calm down…" Randy said as he wheeled their luggage to them.

"I'm calm… I'm calm…" Dave said.

"C'mon… We've got a long day tomorrow… We better get to the hotel…" John spoke.

All three superstars proceeded to their hotel, not knowing of what the next few days would bring.

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