The Inferior of an Inferior

Chapter: 7

The First Assignment

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Kabuto continued to look around the room. His papers were strewn all over the floor; there was medicine bottles of all kinds smashed and broken, their contents spilt on the floor and walls; the hospital bed that Chiyori had been in was turned to the side, the sheets were bloodstained and wadded up in the corner of the room.

Chiyori done this..? Kabuto thought.

The silver-haired medic turned to look at his master, who, too, was speechless. Orochimaru's golden eyes were surveying the room carefully. "Kabuto…" Orochimaru said finally," that girl truly has some sort of hidden power, and, with the way you have been acting lately, that only confirms my suspicions. Find her. Keep your eyes on her at all times. The last thing I need is to lose you to some foolish little girl."

At about the same time that the Sannin finished speaking, a small yawn was heard from behind the two men. The boy and his master both turned to see Chiyori rubbing her eyes and holding a small glass of water.

"Kabuto-sensei, what happened here?" her voice barely audible.

Orochimaru and Kabuto gazed back at each other in disbelief. How could this girl not know what happened? Hadn't she been the one who committed the offense? Orochimaru sighed and left the room.

"Chiyori…aren't you the one who done this? You were the only one in here, and I locked you in…" Kabuto asked, bending down on one knee and holding onto the girls shoulders, as if he was ready to shake her to death.

The frail girl just shook her head, her green eyes glowing innocently. "I left to get a drink of water…since you weren't here I went to find it myself." She stated, "The door wasn't locked…and I had no trouble opening it."

Kabuto let go of her and stood up, attempting to remember if he had actually locked the door. He was pretty certain that he did. He brought a hand up to his forehead and sighed restlessly. "The point is, Chiyori, is that you weren't even suppose to have left the room."

"I wouldn't have left, Kabuto-sensei, if your sink worked in here." Chiyori confirmed a hint of rebellion in her voice.

That little brat! Kabuto thought his ever-calm expression becoming something stern.

"I wasn't aware that you needed water, and don't you ever smart off to me again! As long as I'm your teacher you shall do as I say. I think I have just the assignment for you to keep your little nosey self busy while I clean up this mess!" Kabuto stated, his eyes narrowing and burrowing into hers. The medic started out the door," Come."

The green-eyed girl lowered her head, tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she followed her sensei out of the demolished room.

After many twists and turns through the maze-like hall they came to Kabuto's own room. The medic opened the door and the two stepped in. His space was the same way it was as when he left it earlier after his confrontation with the Uchiha kid.

"I assume you know how to read and write." Kabuto said walking over to his desk and opening the top drawer. He pulled out some scrolls and a black ink pen and placed them on a desk. He, then, pulled out his chair and motioned for Chiyori to sit, not waiting for her to answer his question.

Chiyori sat down and looked at the scrolls in front of her. They were brand new, she could tell, and when she unrolled them they were blank. Kabuto walked over to a cabinet and flung the doors open. Chiyori's eyes went wide as she viewed the cabinet. There were little shelves in the tall cabinet each having a small label under them with one letter of the alphabet printed on it. The shelves had many scrolls on them already, and the girl already had a hunch of what she was suppose to do.

She gulped, her sensei's room was creepy, and it looked more like a chemistry lab than someone's bedroom. This dwelling wasn't going to make her task any easier. Kabuto's room was dark, only lit by a few candles here and there. His little 'lab' over in the corner had many beakers and flasks positioned over top of burners, heating liquids of different colors. The glass containers were situated a little higher over the flame than usual, probably to have the contents simmer for a long period of time and not get too hot. His room was unpleasantly cold and a little puddle of water had collected in the center of the room. The air tasted damp and it was so quiet that she could hear her own heart beat; at least, until the medic nin broke the silence by clearing his throat to get his inferior's attention.

Kabuto brought over a stack of small notebooks and sat them off to the side of the desk. The girl eyed them curiously.

"These are my lab books. Each entry has a title, so this task shouldn't be hard at all. You are to simply copy over each experiment onto a scroll, and then categorize it in my cabinet over there according to the first letter of the title name. Think that that is easy enough?" Kabuto began," One experiment per scroll and I don't want any errors on the scroll. There are tons of errors and changes in my data in the books, of course, but I only want the correct formulas and data wrote on the scrolls. Make one mistake and the scroll is useless; I want everything to be perfect, neat, and organized. Am I clear?"

Chiyori's bottom jaw dropped and her eyes grew big. There were at least fifty lab books there, and each book probably had fifty or more individual experiments in it.

"Kabuto-sensei, there are so many…" the black-haired girl began but she was quickly cut off.

"I don't want to hear any whining. I didn't say anything about having them done today now did I? And I don't recall saying that you couldn't stop for a break every now and then. I just want them done sometime by the end of this month, which is at least three weeks away. If you work swiftly and diligently you will be able to finish in time. Next month I plan to start your medical training, but these experiments are important and need to be organized promptly." Kabuto finished turning to leave his room.

"Oh, and one more thing, please refrain from touching anything in my room. Most of the chemicals and drugs in here I have forgotten what they do; nevertheless, if you feel any burning sensations please come and seek me out so you don't wind up mutating into anything." Kabuto declared, smiling politely before stepping out his room and closing the door behind him.

Now, while she is occupied, I shall gather Orochimaru-sama's lunch and tend to the mess in the infirmary Kabuto thought, once again making his way to the kitchen.

A bit later the medic stopped in front of the kitchen entry. He was a bit reluctant to enter, recalling what had happened to him only a half hour earlier. Kabuto sucked in a deep breath and stepped through the door.He saw no one in the room, he sighed, relieved. He stepped over the counter and started making rice balls and tea. After he was done he placed all the rice balls neatly on a small wooden tray along with a pot of tea and a clean cup.

He proceeded out of the kitchen and set out to find his master with the wooden tray in hand. The first place he looked was in Orochimaru's bedroom, and of course, there laid the snake Sannin on his bed, resting, somewhat peacefully. The older Nin had taken his shirt off and the glow of the candle cast an orange glow over his pale, white skin. His coal black hair was strewn out over his cheek and the pillow. The thin, white sheets were pulled down to his waist, leaving his entire upper body exposed. His chest rose and fell gently.

This told Kabuto that he should probably come back later; it wasn't often that his master slept like this, calmly and undisturbed by his arms. Just as the medic turned to leave his master's chilling voice called out to him.


The said ninja smiled and shook his head slightly. "I will come back later if you'd like; although, I did bring lunch."

Orochimaru chuckled," Finally…come over here."

Kabuto did as he was told, setting the wooden tray down on Orochimaru's bedside table as he pulled up a chair to sit down. The silver-haired boy began pouring Orochimaru some tea as the Sannin's long tongue extended, wrapped around a rice ball, and pulled the food back to his mouth. Kabuto's master seemed delighted to finally get some food in his stomach.

"So," Orochimaru whispered between bites," what did you do with the girl?"

Kabuto smirked, poking his glasses up on his nose. "I put her to work copying my experiments from my lab books over to scrolls and categorizing them in alphabetical order. She'll be busy for a while…" the boy smiled helping Orochimaru to sit up. Kabuto rearranged the snake's pillows so when he leaned back on them they would be comfortable.

The pair fell silent as Orochimaru continued to eat and drink, using his tongue like an extra hand. Kabuto smiled thankful that his master could still feed himself. As he sat there, though, he contemplated about what sort of hidden power his young charge possesses, and what kind of tests he'd have to run just to draw that power out…

There, I know, there wasn't much action in it, but Kabuto needs a rest every once in a while. lol. I got the whole lab book idea from school. Doc (my chemistry teacher, he use to be a doctor before he started teaching, so everyone calls him Doc) makes us keep a lab book that has all of our experiments in it. We have to keep a table of contents, record results, tell about how we went through the experiment, what materials we used, details about all of our chemicals; and it has to be all neat and organized, and we have to write it in pen and if we make an error we aren't allowed to use white out, we have to cross it out, sign out initials above the error and write the correct data beside of it. It is pretty hectic and aggravating keeping a lab book, but I absolutely adore chemistry class. I can't tell you how many times I've burnt myself, and one day I burnt myself and cut myself on a peice of glass I was fire polishing, and I had to build this gigantic contraption just to evaporate water to separate it from the salt in the E-flask...wait...I'm sorry, I could talk all day about chemisrty. (sweatdrop)

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