Nothing left but the end.

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The End

The end pure and simple nothing more but the endless night that is eternal slumber. I have one last task before I leave to tell my story of the last days of my life and the fallout of my death. Who am I you ask, I have gone by many names, Hero, Villain, Freak, Savior, evil, Dark, Light, Boy-who-lived, insane, and many others, but the one name I never heard was me. Just plain me, Harry James Potter. I have saved a world and paid the ultimate price. This is the story of how I did it, and what I left behind. We will begin now and go quickly so I can get to the peace my immortal soul so craves.

XXXXXXXXXXXXX 3 days before my mortal death XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

The war had been long and hard. His body carried scars upon scars, too many for one so young. This was Harry James Potter barely twenty years old yet had been the hope of the light side since he was just an infant. In the last three years his best friends and him had been fighting and training hard. They had seeked out and destroyed five out of the seven horcruxs the only two remained, Voldemort's current body. The seventh and final horcrux was only known to two people on the planet. The one destined to die and the one foreordained to kill him.

Harry was busy now running as many laps as his bulging muscles would allow trying to keep himself from dwelling on what he had lost. As what always happened now that was not possible. Names and faces of the deceased ran through his head.

Neville Longbottom had fallen defending his grandmother from a large contingent of Death Eaters. Draco Malfoy had been killed by his own father for deifying the Dark Lord. The Weasley family was hit hard, only Ginny, Ron, and Molly survived. The others fell in battle all except for George who when he heard about his beloved twin's death used a knife to follow him into oblivion. Hermione's parents were killed along with an eight year old younger brother. Hermione survived but she was still numb with the shock of the loss. His mentor Albus Dumbledore went down with fame and glory. It took over forty death eaters to take him out and only ten survived the encounter. Severus Snape was loyal to the end and fell defending the aged wizard.

There was more so many more Harry's heart ached when he thought of it. Over 75 of the children who attended Hogwarts had either been killed or lost someone close to them. Half the staff was gone only Flitwick and McGonagall survived from Harry's first year.

Out of those that hadn't died only very few would even speak to Harry. You see in his training Harry had reluctantly delved into the Grey and Dark arts. He was going to fight fire with fire and in doing so alienated himself from the everyday wizarding population.

The remaining Weasleys and Hermione had turned on him when he ha failed to save their families. They conveniently over looked that Harry had tried and it took a team of healers from St.Mungos to save him after both battles. Harry was carrying around more then physical scars the mental wounds wound deeper within his conscience.

He knew what he was going to have to do the next time he faced Voldemort. To say he was nervous would be an understatement he was terrified, but he at least took comfort that if his plan worked and he succeeded then no one would miss him. He finally finished his run after a good ten miles. He returned to his chambers and showered and changed before heading to his War Room.

This was the place he met with the last few people the remained loyal to him. There was Alastor, Mad-Eye, Moody, Nymphadora Tonks, and Amelia Bones. All high ranking aurors and Harry knew it was these three amazing people that had kept him alive for so long. These were also the ones that were helping to orchestrate the final battle plan. Although even they were unaware of the last step Harry must take before Voldemort would be destroyed forever.

It was in that meeting that Harry learned his fate was sealed. After years of searching they had finally found Voldemort's hide out. They would attack in three days. That battle would hopefully be the last.

They spent that last days before the battle training and learning. Harry composed letters the contents of which he refused to let anyone see. He wouldn't even tell them who he was writing to.

Harry fell into bed the night before the final battle tired, sore, but ready for anything. He was prepared and knew what he had to do. His only wish was that the others would move on and live the life he never had the chance to lead.


It had been a hard battle there was many losses on both sides. The stench of burning human flesh and other ungodly smells permeated the air. All the soldiers were covered in blood sweat and grit. Many just wanted to give up and go home to lick their wounds in peace. Unfortunately there would be no rest for the weary.

At least not until a meeting took place. This meeting had been in the makings since someone beyond the stars sent a prophecy down to a hopeful Divination teacher in a dingy pub in the small wizarding village of Hogsmeade. That prophecy had ruled the fate of two men for the better part of two decades and it was finally coming to fruitation.

Finally Harry had a clear picture of his enemy Lord Voldemort, and Voldemort saw him. Even now after everything that vile creature had put him through Harry still had a small seed of compassion in his heart for the used to be human in front of him. What he saw was not the evil twisted creature that stood before him today. No what harry saw was a handsome youth who used to be the Headboy at Hogwarts. Who through circumstance and abuse plus a healthy dose of neglect had mutated to this pitiable creature in front of him.

In other words he saw himself if he had let his own past rule him. It was a credit to the human spirit that he was still sane and fully capable of feeling pity or compassion. In a way he was using his upbringing to help him. It made what he was about to do a lot easier.

In fact if he didn't start his plan now it wouldn't work. So he quickly withdrew a vial of pure black liquid and gulped it down. He shook off the feeling of ice sliding threw his veins and concentrated on his opponent.

Voldemort had already advanced on him, so he threw a curse. It was a fairly low level Impedimenta hex. Voldemort easily blocked it and answered with Cruciatus. Harry took the unblockable curse without pausing. He had taken a lot of time over the past few years to build up a tolerance to the Cruciatus.

He used Voldemort's moment of inattention to send a slashing hex his way. Voldemort leaped to the side and sent a burning hex chasing after Harry. Who just used a fairly strong Shielding Charm to block it. Harry knew by now that he was strong enough to take down Voldemort but if he did it too soon Voldemort could come back. He had to wait untill just the right moment or all their efforts would be in vein.

So all he was left to do was keep Voldemort occupied untill that right moment. Even now he could feel stiffness in his joints the first sign of his plan.

Harry and Voldemort continued to trade curses and hexes. Harry slowly moved out of the low level stuff and into the powerful Dark Arts. He matched Voldemort curse for curse using some that astonished everyone including the Dark Lord.

Soon though he knew he was running low on magical strength, his plan was working he could feel it with every passing second. Knowing this he used every ounce of magical energy left to throw another spell. Nothing major no Dark Arts nothing especially Dark or powerful or anything like that. No the spell he chose was actually a simple Expelliarmus hex.

That simple spell with all that power behind it blasted through Voldemort's shield and Lord Voldemort for the first time since he regained a body found himself without a wand. Acting on his last line of defense he brought out a sword, and not just any sword this was Slytherin's sword forged out of silver with emeralds encrusted on the hilt. Voldemort and Harry not only had brother wands, Harry just happened to be carrying the brother to Voldemort's sword. Harry had brought with him through every battle and skirmish the ruby encrusted golden sword of Gryffindor.

Then the two brother swords came together with a bell like note for the first time in over a thousand years. Slytherin and Gryffindor were back and just like the first time they thirsted for the blood of the other.

Anyone not occupied with fighting and watching the battle almost thought their eyes were playing tricks on them. In the place of one maniacal Dark Lord and one famous boy stood two figures out of history. Slytherin battled with cunning and tricks while Gryffindor fought with bold moves and advanced skill.

They fought on and on, thrust parry strike block. The continuation of a battle that should have been ended long ago was now taking place. Two titans of power marked as equals neither truly living while the other drew breath. The entire cosmos waited breathless for even they could not foresee the outcome of this epic battle. The future was cloudy and misted for both the figures.

All movement on the battle field stopped to watch the dance of death playing out in their midst. Not a sound was made neither by voice or movement. It was utter silence except for the steady sound of metal on metal and the harsh breathing of the two combatants.

Finally Harry felt himself growing colder and his reactions slowing down. The time had come for him to implement his final plan. He knew he didn't have ten minutes before it would be too late.

He dredged up his last bit of energy from a reserve he did not know he possessed. He fought back harder and faster then he had before not fighting for himself but for the rest of his world. Voldemort fought back just as hard but Harry could tell he was wearing down as well.

He just kept fighting until Voldemort made a mistake he left a hole in his defenses a fraction of an inch too large and Harry slide his blade home.

Voldemort just looked down at the solid two feet of cold metal sticking out of his chest. A fountain of blood was spilling out with every beat of his monstrous heart. Bloody froth spilled from his nose and mouth as Harry observed with shock. Voldemort's eyes changed from violent crimson to deep blue. His features melted from their serpentile look back to his handsome features of youth. Finally the now blue eyes got a look of peace and he slowly fell to the ground and drew his last breath.

Harry with his last iota of strength sunk to his knees. He reached over the remains of his vanquished enemy and softly closed the staring eyes. He whispered something even those closest to him couldn't hear. "Rest in peace Tom Marvolo Riddle, the Flight of Death. May your soul find the peace your mortal body could not." Then with that last sentiment Harry's strength gave out and he slumped down next to his mortal enemy the one he had been destined to kill.

Harry James Potter then died with a smile on his face.

There was a major uproar, both Light and Dark wizards rushed to the side of their respective leaders. There was nothing either side could do both Voldemort and Harry were gone never to come back to the mortal realm. It was one of the light supporters that found the vial Harry had drank out of before the battle. He recognized the residue to come from a potion called the Draught of Eternal Sleep.

It was a very slow acting poison. It was designed to give and easy and pain free death to terminally ill patients. In this case it allowed Harry to kill both Voldemort and the final Horcrux at the same time. It was only then the wizarding world figured out what a wrong they had committed against their savior.

XXXX about a week after the death of Harry James Potter and Tom Marvolo Riddle XXXX

Five letters magically appeared in for of seven very startled people. Harry's three teachers immediately knew who theirs was from the others were in for a big surprise. They were mostly the same with a few alterations depending on their recipient.

To my Loving teachers, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Molly

I am writing this letter to you to tell you some truths. First of all I don't want anyone blaming my death on anyone other then myself. I have known for a long time now that I was going to have to die to end this. I am just sorry it could not be in time to save your families. I found a potion that would let me have just enough time to kill Voldemort before I would die myself. I had to do this because I am the final horcrux if I live Voldemort could come back through me.

To Molly and the remaining Weasleys I left you everything I own in Grinngotts. While it will not make up for the loss of your family I want no others to have it. You were the first and only family I will ever think of like a family other then my own parents. To you all I will miss you always and hope you will be able to rebuild your lives after everything.

Hermione you will have control over my properties. You are an amazing witch and one of the best friends I will ever have. Even though things have been rough I think of you like a sister and always will. In many of my manors are fully stocked libraries. Never let anyone bring you down over your intelligence. If it weren't for you I would not have been able to stay alive long enough to kill Voldemort.

Take care all of you and remember I will always be watching over you.

Even if you have stopped loving me. You have my loyalty and my love for all eternity even through death and beyond.

Harry James Potter.

XXXXXXX Some indefinable time XXXXXXXXXXXX

A beautiful young women with bushy red hair and chocolate brown eyes was carrying a bouquet of snow white lilies threw the silent grave yard. It was an early misty morning. It was the anniversary of the final battle, and all of this woman's life had been spent hearing stories about Harry Potter from her parents. This young woman was Harmony Grace Granger-Weasley.

She was walking in the small cemetery in Godric's Hollow to the three graves in the back. There were two heads stones, one that was large and signified the burial of a married couple. That was the grave of Harry Potters parents James and Lily Potter. Harmony stopped and put half the Lilies onto that grave and hung her head for a few seconds in a gesture of respect.

She got up and moved to the next grave over the one she had come to see. It was a beautiful black granite stones with writing chiseled deep into the stone and inlaid with silver.

There was a small but simple epitaph written below the dates.

"Here lies Harry James potter the savior of us all. Rest in peace to the Boy- Who-Never-Truly-Got-To-Live."

Harmony slowly spread the rest of the lilies onto the grave and whispered to the stone like Harry could hear her. "Mom and Dad never forgot you. You were wrong they never stopped loving you and you will never be forgotten."

She stayed for awhile longer then rose. She sniffed a bit to keep her emotions in check then walked slowly and respectfully back out of the cemetery. Although she did pause when she saw another stone she recognized. The inscription on it rose.

"Here lies Tom Marvolo Riddle. The one the world forgot beneath the Flight of Death."

She spared a few moments of understanding near that headstone then finished leaving the hallowed ground. Once she was a respectful distance away the silence of the morning was shattered with the crack of apparition. The same thing would happen every year on that date and the tradition would be passed through the generations no one would ever forget, either Harry James Potter or Tom Marvolo Riddle for as long as the wizarding world stood strong.

XXXXXXXXXXXXXthe End or perhaps the beginningXXXXXXXXXXX

Well that is my story. Now you know how I saved a world and died all in the same day. I will never forget my lessons on earth but it is time for me to move on. I have been awake long enough, and to quote my old mentor "Death is but the next great adventure." So long and never forget the lessons my story has to tell.

With that the sprit of a boy with killing curse green eyes and hair as black as the raven's wing faded out of the mortal plan, and began its advancement into the afterlife.

H was greeted their by several other spirits. For the first time in decades he got to hug his parents, slap his godfather on the back, bow to his mentor, and shake hands with all those that past before him just to be certain he would live to complete his task.

The strangest meeting he would have would be with the spirit of a handsome man with piercing blue eyes who had something very simple to say that would carry with Harry for the rest of eternity. "Thank you Harry James Potter for releasing me from my pain. I am now free and I have you to thank for that."

It was indeed true a young man had managed it all. He not only saved a world but two troubled souls. That of Tom Marvolo Riddle and lastly and possibly most important his own Harry James Potter.

Rest In Peace for you indeed saved us all.