The Other Dark Side

Summary: We have all read stories where Harry goes Dark and joins Voldemort, or goes Gray and becomes a third power. This is the story of how Harry chose what side to fight on, and it is NOT cliché of that I promise.

Rating: T for angst and drama, Slash if you squint deep respect if you chose to see it that way.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter and would never claim to, it all belongs to J.K. Rowling I am just playing with the world she created.


September First, every Hogwarts student's dream, right? Wrong, at least wrong for me. Oh, I used to be just like them. Hoping and dreaming for the day to come, the day I would be whisked away from my life of neglect and harassment to a world of magic.

Bollocks, I was a child then, and to tell the truth I'm not that much of an adult now. I have seen things and done things no child should know. I have memories that do not belong in the head of a child. But in my heart and in my mind I am still a child in so many ways. Anyway back to the point.

This September First would be different then all the others. You see the world I will be whisked away to will be expecting a hero. A wizard so powerful Merlin would quake in his shoes as I walked past. They wish upon me all these abilities and heritages that are not mine to possess. I am an adult in their eyes, and thus they expect me to live up to the media and hype. To prove to them my past was just a cover or a smokescreen hiding my true power.

It will be my duty to point out that I am not the hero everyone is looking for. I am just a boy who got very lucky when he was little. I am just like any other student. While, I now admit I might have a bit more power then the average wizard that means nothing in the grand scheme of things. I was a boy who was horrible at Potions passable in Transfiguration and decent in Charms. I hated Homework and loved Quidditch. I had admittedly slacked off so badly in my first six years of schooling that my power was a moot point I didn't know how to use it, what a waste that was.

I wanted to kill Voldemort, just like everyone expected, and I was angry at Dumbledore for everything he had put me through. I just wanted to break away from all of it,

But I couldn't.

I did not have the strength to do it alone. I did not have the courage to ask for help. I really didn't have a clue how to lead anyone. If I tried to do it on my own I would be signing my own Death Warrant and that of any one else that was deprived enough to follow me.

I needed to find another Master. One who had the strength, courage, and skill that I did not possess, someone that could teach me, harshly or not, how to use the power I had, someone that didn't want me for my fame or my scar, someone that chose me for me.

I wanted to give my loyalty freely and without worry that it would be abused. I needed to find the one person who could stand between two evils and come out all the stronger. I just wanted to be taken care of and maybe I can help in return.

That is why when I enter the hall this September First I will shock the world. I will hold my head high and defend my new Master to the point of death.

I have chosen the man who has hidden in the shadows.

The man who has survived his duties for longer then I have been alive.

The man whose allegiance has always only belonged to one being, himself.

The man who held my loyalty, and my strength.

The man whose name could strike fear into the hearts of every student at Hogwarts.

A true master like the others tried and failed to be.

A Master who has already saved my life more then he would care to admit.

My new Master is Severus Snape, Spy, Professor, Lord and Master. I am on his side and no others.

A/N Well what do you think? I know it is incredibly short but I had a new plot bunny viciously attack me, and I could not work on my others before writing this down. I currently have seven stories being written and until some of them are finished I can't start any new ones. This could morph into a full story if I get the time, but in the interim if anyone would like to write a story like this I would love to read it and if you know of one tell me so I can enjoy it!