Final Volume: Gipdac's Trilogy Of Terror Vol. 3

Sometimes, secrets are best left being secrets...

Chapter 1

Ozzie was practicing playing dead, when he found an old underground tunnel.

He crawled down into it, and found an old book.

He looked at the title.

"Black Magic For Dummies..."

He crawled out of the tunnel, and began reading the book...

He tried out of spell, just out of curiousity.

"Bring zombies to life...yeah right."

He began to chant the magic words.

"Neg. Nalaka. Unlockma. Lafala..."

Then, as he began to chuckle, the ground began to shake...

Zombies burst out of the ground!

They began attacking people, wanting brains...

"What have I done?" Ozzie asked himself.

Him and the others were hiding in a hole in a tree.

"I have to stop this..."

He jumped out of the tree, and ran towards the book...