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The noise that shattered the peace in the Deputy Director's office was sudden and explosive, causing him to send more than one important document fluttering to the floor. Letting out several explicatives, he attempted to gather them up while catching the source of the sound in a less-than-amused glare. Special Agent Seeley Booth countered the look with one of his own, marching into the room in a manner more befitting an Army Ranger than a subordinate in the FBI.

After a momentary staredown, Cullen's voice filled the room, low and deadly. "Is there a reason that you felt the need to storm in here, nearly shatter the glass of my doorway, and send documents more important than your career flying in all directions?"

"It's Bo…Dr. Brennan, sir."

Cullen sighed exasperatedly. That woman was the source of more problems than he cared to think about. She gave you answers about Amy… Shutting off the proverbial shoulder angel, the FBI vet snapped. "She possessed you? Because there is no other reason that she should have any relevance in this office right now. You have no cases with her, and if I hear that you have done anything unprofessional with her resulting in a mess I'll have to clean…"

"Nothing like that, sir." The response came out slightly quicker than an innocent rebuff, but his brown eyes didn't falter. "I had a message on my machine this morning…she's on a mission. An FBI mission. That I didn't know about."

Rolling his eyes, Cullen sat back down. "Do you really believe you are entitled to know everything, Booth? That's arrogant even for you."

"It's not that, sir. She's my partner, I just would like to know when she is getting sent on dangerous missions within my Federal Bureau of Investigation!" His voice was rising again, causing Cullen to grit his teeth even more.

When his answer came, it was cold and calculated. "First of all, unless you are under the delusion you are the President of the United States, it is not your Federal Bureau of Investigation. Secondly, why do you believe it is my responsibility to inform you of your partner's whereabouts? She is not under me, and I certainly didn't send her on this mission."

Booth seemed to deflate slightly at the realization that he had just yelled at his superior for no reason. "She said…she said its about some bones found in South America somewhere…they believe its some sort of American diplomat…she's needed for the investigation, but she can't tell me anything, because the militia group behind it is supposedly 'very dangerous. But don't worry Booth, I can handle it, even without a gun of my own'."

The last words were said in a slightly higher, much more sarcastic tone, and Cullen was sure that Booth was no longer talking to him. The Deputy Director felt himself softening slightly at the younger man's worry, even though he'd never let the Special Agent below him know it. Clearing his throat, he brought Booth out of his other world. "I've heard about that case, but I don't know much more than that. I'll look into it, just for the sake of my office window. I'll tell you when I know something, otherwise, I don't want to hear anymore about it. Leave now before I write you up."

Ducking his head in the proper gratitude and submission, Booth took the cue and left the office. Sighing at his own weakness, Cullen shook his head and reached for his phone. He had some calls to make.

Two weeks of very little information later, another director was in his quiet office, ignorant to the FBI agent that had just come through his door. A slight knock took him away from the article he was reading, and Dr. Goodman raised his eyebrows at the unexpected guest. "Agent Booth…do what do I owe this pleasure?"

Setting himself down in one of the big chairs opposite the museum director, Booth sighed. "It's about Dr.Brennan, sir. I was wondering if you had any idea as to her whereabouts."

Goodman returned the article he was reading to its folder and leaned back in his chair, a quizzical expression on his face. "Agent Booth, it is my understanding that she was called out by the FBI. That would mean you should have a little better idea than I about her whereabouts."

Making a frustrated noise that could be described a mix between a sigh and a groan, Booth massaged his forehead. "It's not my case, I have no authority to look into it."

"Still, I'd think that your director would have more of an idea than I would."

With that comment the shadow of a smile appeared on Booth's face. "You'd think. However, I've been threatened with insubordination should I go back in that office with that topic in mind."

The archeologist had to smile at that, even if only for an instant. His face turned grave a second later, and he shook his head. "I'm sorry, Agent Booth, but I'm afraid that I have no more information than you do at this point. She merely said she'd be back when she finished the assignment. Her team doesn't know anything either, so it would be a waste of time to go interrogate them."

Standing with an amused expression, the FBI agent nodded. "It was. Thank you for your time, sir, and please call if you get any new information."

"If I hear anything, you'll be the first to know. Unless Ms. Montenegro's psychic ability kicks in and she intercepts me beforehand." Their shared chuckle was interrupted by the phone ringing, and Booth started to take his leave before hearing the conversation.

"Dr. Goodman….Yes, I did understand that Dr. Brennan was on assignment for the FBI…What? She was…you can't be…dear Lord." All the blood drained out of Booth's face as he slowly turned, hearing the shocked horror in the man's words. "How did she…You don't know? Booth's here." Hearing his name gave him the permission he didn't really need, and he was at the desk in an instant.

Goodman held out the phone with the most shell-shocked expression Booth had seen in years of Army life and FBI cases. With a terror that threatened to explode within him, Booth took the black receiver like it was toxic. "Booth here."

"It's Cullen." His superior's voice sounded even gruffer than usual. "Listen, Booth, there's no easy way to say this…Dr.Brennan, she…The militia group got to them before they got to the remains. She was killed in the firefight." The phone dropped to the desk, and somewhere he thought he heard Cullen's "Booth, I'm so sorry" before heading for the door. Where he was going and why he didn't know, all he could register was blinding pain and numbness.

Goodman's voice sounded somewhere behind him, still strong in spite of the shock. What the words were he didn't care; he didn't care about anything right now, except the three words that shattered his existence – She was killed.


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