Farmergirl/Jamie – Beta theme set


#01 – Walking

He hated her instantly; everything about her annoyed him, but especially the way she walked, with that little bounce in her step, arms swinging blithely at her sides, head up, beaming happily at everyone she passed.

#02 – Waltz

"Why shouldn't I set my dog on her, when she just comes waltzing into my fields, uninvited?" Jamie demands sulkily when Theodore suggests delicately that he could be a bit more welcoming to Siobhan.

#03 – Wishes

She's been a little depressed through the whole Star Festival, because she likes Kurt, he's very nice, just better with Dia and she's better with someone else; but she feels a lot better when she notices the Jamie's bedroom light beaming out through the darkness, because that means he's at home and didn't take a different girl.

#04 – Wonder

When he finds a prettily arranged, prettily wrapped basket on his doorstep, filled with little jars of a dizzying variety of jam, he can only shake his head and wonder if that Siobhan girl he's been avoiding since she came is all there.

#05 – Worry

"Actually, Jamie always looks like that," Ellen informs her sadly when a deeply frowning young man hurries past them, and Siobhan asks her friend, alarmed, if he's okay.

#06 – Whimsy

"Um, I don't know that the occasional strange dream is really sign of serious illness," Alex admits hesitantly, but Jamie knows otherwise, because he's been having these nightmares about being married to Siobhan every night for the last two weeks, and now he's starting to feel dizzy and giddy when he sees her during the day.

#07 – Waste/Wasteland

Maybe she could have thought it through a little bit more, but when Jamie came by the day after a terrible storm that entirely decimated her already meager field of crops to taunt her that she could start working anytime, scooping up a handful of mud and flinging it straight at his head seemed the most natural thing in the world.

#08 - Whiskey and rum

At least they're on sort of speaking terms now, though, because she offered to buy him a drink to make up for ruining his hat, and it took getting drunk together to show them that they had all these things in common.

#09 – War

But just because they're almost-friends now doesn't mean their rivalry has dulled, and at every town festival the war continues, and the villagers smile at the two young farmers having the time of their lives.

#10 – Weddings

"Disgusting," she overhears Jamie mutter at the fourth wedding this spring alone, and when Gwen smushes a piece of wedding cake in Bob's face and he returns the favour with a big sloppy kiss, Siobhan decides that she kind of agrees.

#11 – Birthday

It was just a stupid crush, and she got over it a long time ago; nevertheless, when she finds a plain little card from him, wedged between Gina's dainty best wishes on your birthday and Ellen's giggly make sure you eat lots of cake today, congratulating her on not dying this year even though she's an incompetent klutz, she spends a week sleeping with it under her pillow.

#12 – Blessing

The rest of the town tells her regularly what a blessing it is that she answered the advertisement; so far, Jamie's only concession is that maybe she hasn't completely ruined Flowerbud Village.

#13 – Bias

She's the only girl in the village who really likes chokecherries, and she suspects that it's because they remind her of Jamie's company: at first the sourness is a shock, but once you've had a little you want more because everything else seems bland afterwards.

#14 – Burning

It was easily the worst three minutes of his life, pinned between Doug and Gwen so he wouldn't do something stupid, watching Bob bolt into the little farmhouse blazing against the winter sky, and then having to wait until the hulking soft-hearted man emerged with an unconscious little brunette tucked securely under one arm.

#15 – Breathing

But the best moment of his life followed soon after, when he dropped, shaking, to the snow next to Gwen and Siobhan to see for himself the little white puffs her breath made in the chill air.

#16 – Breaking

She's been staying with him – on Theodore's knowing, twinkling insistence – while her house is rebuilt, which means she's been constantly nearby and cheerful and sweet and beautiful, so it was only a matter of time before he broke down completely, shouted at her that she was a careless little idiot, and what did she expect him to do if he lost her?

#17 – Belief

Jamie is full of contradictions, and sometime they're annoying, but there are some that she loves: like the way he seems so cynical and jaded and hope is for losers, but his whole life right now revolves around finding a way to rescue the Harvest Goddess.

#18 – Balloon

"You're such a child," he grumbles, fighting back a smile, as she hurries back from the balloon stall at the big-city carnival she's dragged him to, and presents him proudly with a bright red balloon to match hers.

#19 – Balcony

"Well, I think it would be pretty," she pouts when he remarks scornfully that putting a balcony on a farmhouse is a stupid idea.

#20 – Bane

He's already better with animals than she is, and most vegetables, so none of the villagers can quite understand why it bothers Jamie so much that Siobhan's strawberries are always redder and sweeter than his.

#21 – Quiet

It wasn't the best day to pick on her anyhow, so when he tells her flatly that she talks too much, she snaps back that he should just go find a quiet girl then, like Maria or Gina or Dia, and storms away, leaving him staring after her in annoyed bewilderment.

#22 – Quirks

She doesn't know if she'd really call it a quirk when Jamie ignores his special young lady in the hopes that she'll go away, but Siobhan looks so blissfully happy that Gina just smiles encouragingly and asks to hear more.

#23 – Question

With all the time he spent stammering and blushing and looking away, she expected him to propose; so when he finally spits it out, invites her to the Starry Night Festival, she's less than strictly elated.

#24 – Quarrel

She's always heard that fighting makes you closer, and she thinks that if that's true, she and Jamie ought to be one entity by now.

#25 – Quitting

Sometimes, when he thinks about how she's done more to help the Goddess than he has, he feels like giving up altogether; then she'll give him that smile, and he'll feel his ambition returning.

#26 – Jump

When she comes to the door, her cheeks are bright red with exertion and her eyes sparkling with laughter, and when he asks in bewilderment what the heck she was doing, she confesses sheepishly that her brand-new king size bed was delivered today, and she was trying out the bounce.

#27 – Jester

"No way in Hell," he said flatly when she pulled his costume for Eve's costume party out of the bag: a purple suit, green vest, green wig, and a lot of face paint, to match with her red and black leotard, pointy shoes, and funny clown-hat thing.

#28 – Jousting

"So, basically, it's like playing Chicken, but with horses and spears," Siobhan said thoughtfully when Gina and Dia finished explaining the principles of jousting, and Jamie, seeing that strange sparkle in her eye, broke in with a hurried "No, we're not trying it."

#29 – Jewel

"You have a lot to learn about women, don't you?" Eve giggles when Jamie demands, annoyed, why he would bother giving Siobhan jewelry when she never wears it.

#30 – Just

She probably shouldn't have stayed over at Jamie's so long, laughing and chatting and teasing under the title of helping him redecorate, because she just barely made it home in time to lock the barn and the coop before the first hurricane of summer hit.

#31 – Smirk

"It's not funny," she snarls when she looks up to find him watching her with a smirk, as a precariously stacked basket of oranges go toppling out and roll across the dusty ground, one by one.

#32 – Sorrow

He's the nicest he's ever been to her, when she receives word that Dad's fishing boat got lost in a terrible storm and never came back, and as she curls up in his lap, too wracked with misery even to cry and relieve the ache in her throat, she thinks away at the back of her mind that it's too bad she can't even enjoy it.

#33 – Stupidity

"Yeah, but when am I not?" she mutters, tears finally coming, when he tells her she's being stupid because she's followed him the whole way to the pier, begging him not to go out to the island today because it's supposed to rain later.

#34 – Serenade

When she shows up at his doorstep at one in the morning, exhausted and miserable and unable to sleep, he marches her back home without a word and puts her to bed with a cup of chamomile tea, then shocks both of them by singing her a lullaby and staying with her until they're both sound asleep.

#35 – Sarcasm

"Well, yeah, but he's a cute sarcastic little wombat," Siobhan points out, very seriously, when Gwen asks her laughingly what the heck she sees in him.

#36 – Sordid

Jamie's in despair right now, because they forgot to close the curtains and someone could have seen the whole thing, but Siobhan just laughs, because she thinks that there are more scandalous things happening all around town – the thing with Alex and Gina and the supply closet, for example – than one shy, awkward little kiss.

#37 – Soliloquy

Jamie likes to compare them to Ann and Blue – Siobhan talks and talks, and he listens when he can follow and ignores her when he can't – but from the way she fell immediately silent and spent the rest of the day pouting, she doesn't agree.

#38 – Sojourn

After the third time she spent two days being antsy and lonely until he came back from his trips to town for supplies, the obvious solution finally dawned on her, and now he's staring, bewildered, as she beams at him from the passenger seat of Hank's truck, borrowed for the excursion.

#39 – Share

Since they were already doing everything else together, it only made sense that rescuing the Harvest Goddess became their quest; and maybe there's a reason that children are taught from a young age to share, because only a few weeks later, the beautiful deity was returned to them and to the Sprites and to the village and they ate cookies all night to celebrate.

#40 – Solitary

But sharing everything doesn't mean that he doesn't still have times when he just needs to be alone, whether or not she shuffles dejectedly back home, peeking back over her shoulder at him with big, sad eyes.

#41 – Nowhere

Which usually leads, eventually, leads to him half-slinking and half-storming over to Siobhan's little plot of land to apologize, because as long as he keeps imagining her alone and despondent, he's not going to get anywhere on his chores anyway.

#42 – Neutral

Gina and Dia have quickly learned not to take anyone's side when Siobhan is fighting with Jamie, because she might get angry when they tell her Jamie is in the right and she's being silly, but she gets even angrier when they agree with her that Jamie is in the wrong.

#43 – Nuance

"Geez, Jamie, could you being so subtle and just tell me what's bothering you instead of hinting?" Siobhan teases when Jamie's lengthy rant finally comes to an end.

#44 – Near

"We live two minutes from each other," Jamie scoffs when Siobhan suggests timidly that it would be really nice to live together, so they wouldn't feel so far away all the time.

#45 – Natural

He doesn't know when it started feeling so natural to catch her and kiss her good-morning when she came pelting down the road and over his fence at him – or when the very fact that it felt natural stopped scaring him.

#46 – Horizon

She was too afraid of being scornfully refused last year, so this is the first year they've gone to the Moon Festival together; and the view is beautiful, up at the top of the mountain, but the most beautiful part of the evening is when he shrugs out of his coat and wraps it around both of them, and she gets to cuddle up a little bit.

#47 – Valiant

Truth be told, she's not crazy about heights, but when Theodore explains the Blue Feather ritual, she races off to the base of the mountain without a thought; and by the time she's halfway up, her enthusiasm has worn off, but she keeps going, because Jamie's worth a lot more than that.

#48 – Virtuous

"I guess the guy's really supposed to do this," he mutters, feeling terrible at the scrapes all over her arms and knees, even through his elation at the feather she's presenting to him and the hope sparkling in her eyes, because he doesn't like that she went through that kind of danger for him; "Sorry."

#49 – Victory

And now, a year later, they're still competing, even though they're working on the same ranch miles away from Flowerbud Village, and on those rare days that she can manage to milk a cow faster than him, she becomes quite insufferably smug for the rest of the day.

#50 – Defeat

...Even though she knows she's going to pay for it tomorrow when he wins again and spends the rest of the day giving her those looks that somehow gloat more effectively than if he did it out loud.


End Notes: Whee, that was waaaaaaaaay more fun than I expected! Even though I suspect that it kind of petered out towards the end, when I started running out of ideas. XD