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It's been five years since Mikan transferred to the academy. She is now a three star student and found out that she is a multi-alice user. She can nullify other alices, she can control the four elements and can copy anybody's alice except it shortens her life span. She is now doing some missions for the academy (but still Natsume and the other doesn't know this except for koko) and is already popular to the boys of the academy, she grew up very beautiful, she wears her hair down and now she is using her brains and sense. She already has her own fan club. Natsume already confessed his love for her, even though they are already together only five people knew about this they are: Hotaru, Yuu, Ruka, Koko and Yoichi. They kept this relationship a secret from the public, just to avoid any violent reactions from the fan club that might hurt mikan in any instance. Everything was just normal, they were acting just ordinary teasing each other but still after that they give each other a small smile.

Until one morning everything is about to make a little change.

"KRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING" mikan's alarm clock rung

"it's morning again (yawn) I can feel something good will happen today" she said to herself then went to bath and got dressed . She did her morning routine and as usual she bumped again to someone because she was in hurry for she will be late for class.

"ouch…." Mikan said while rubbing her butt as she was sitting flat on the floor

"do you always plan to bump me every morning, aren't you getting tired of this strawberry?" said Natsume teasing her then stands up, giving mikan a hand

"well sorry for bumping at you, PERVERT" she shouted and putting her tongue out then takes the hand of Natsume.

After she stand up she simply smiled at natsume and he smiled back at her

"You should be going now Strawberry, I saw Narumi headed towards your class" Natsume told her

Then off she goes and went inside her class. (A/U Since they already in Middle school and in a new semester they aren't classmates anymore, they have different sections)

As Mikan was running she waved good-bye to him and the same goes for natsume.

Mikan arrived at her class room just in time. Narumi- sensei isn't yet there. She was relieved and after that she saw hotaru and said

"Good Morning Every one" then proceeds beside the desk of Hotaru " Good Morning Hotaru" she said then went to her seat and was hoping that this day will be an exciting one. As soon as she took he seat the door swung open and there Narumi- sensei came in and said

" Good Morning class" he greeted enthusiastically " as you all know today is the start of the new semester, I hope everyone will enjoy this new semester and have fun and be friendly to your new class mate"

as Narumi said this everybody in the class was making a noise and they were all exited to know who is their new class mate.

" Every one please listen first" narumi told them " I know you are all excited to have a new classmate, so I want you all to meet Ryuu Shouhei, Come in now" as mister narumi Instructed a boy outside the door waiting

Everyone was quiet when they saw a very handsome boy entered the room. He has Black raven hair which looks like natsume's, he has dark blue emotionless eyes. His hands are inside his pocket. He wore his uniform's jacket open. He is just like Natsume.

"Wow… he's so cool" the girl's of the class said in unison except for Mikan and hotaru who isn't paying any attention to him. Hotaru is busy doing an invention and Mikan is staring at the window. And as for the boys they were envy at him because of all the attention he is attracting

"Mr. Narumi what is his alice?" a girl asked

"Ryuu show them your alice" Narumi ordered

Ryuu who started to look around as if finding a target spotted Mikan who is Starring blankly at the window. So Ryuu decided that she will be his target. Soon afterwards he produced a lightning that was headed towards Mikan who still is clueless

"Mikan watch out!" Yuu shouted

the lightning was close to her, suddenly it disappeared, Mikan nullified his alice attack.

"huh?... what's the problem Yuu?" Mikan asked him then Noticed a boy was standing infront of them

"Mikan you were almost got hit by his alce" Hotaru said in monotone and still doing her invention

"what the….. hey why do that?" Mikan said shouting at him

Ryuu just gave her a smirk, which all of the girls blushed at. But before they could start a fight

"Mikan, calm down he is a new student " Mr. Narumi told Mikan

"oh well…" she then smiled at him " nice to meet you"

she already had forgotten about his attempt. Mr. Narumi explained to Mikan everything about Ryuu. He repeated everything for the sake of Mikan.

"Mr. Narumi what is his star level and ability type" another girl asked

"well he is a 3 star student, and the same class as Mikan's" Mr. Narumi said winking at mikan.

Everyone was puzzled. They were thinking that he's going to be a dangerous ability type. But the question didn't hit Hotaru, Yuu, and Koko. Because they already knew what Mr. Narumi is talking about. Mikan is in the Special Ability type but still a Dangerous ability type. It's because of the sudden appearance of her other alice.

"Sir who is his partner?" asked a boy

Narumi- sensei is puts his finger in his cheeks and is thinking the most suitable partner for him. He saw all the girls with puppy eyes to choose them, while the boys are praying hard for him not to pick them. suddenly he heard someone say "he is so like natsume….."

After that, he had an idea of the most suitable partner for him.

"I suppose since he is just like Natsume, I think someone who was Natsume's partner can be his partner" Narumi- sensei said

"WHHAAAAATTTTTT!" Mikan shouted

"Mikan is really lucky" one of the girls commented and is being jealous at her

" Is it all right for you Mikan?" asked Mr. Narumi

"N-" she said but was cutted off

"Yeah, it's fine for the little girl" Ryuu said

"well then it's settled, Mikan you are Ryuu's partner" Mr. Narumi said happily

"hey, where is my seat" Ryuu said Mr. Narumi

he pointed at the seat beside Mikan. And Ryuu started walking that way. While he is walking all the girls drool over him.

"stupid, hags" he said coldly at them

"I thought this will be a great day, I wish Natsume was here" mikan said to herself then sighs

before he sit on his seat Mr. Narumi announced that they are going to have a free day for today, the teachers are going to have an urgent meeting. Mikan was so excited about the news, she could spend the day with her best friend and with Natsume. But before she could start to dream a boys voice interrupted her

"hey, you stop thinking mushy stuffs " Ryuu said coldly "You're starting to disgust me"

"I have a name it's Mikan" she replied " Sorry to DISGUST you and you don't have a right to tell me what I should think" then puts her tongue out

suddenly Ryuu stands up and leaned forward Mikan, he then hold her face with his right hand, his face close to her and said


She pushed him away from her and started to pack her things for she is already irritated with Ryuu and is excited to be with her friends and of course Natsume. When she is about to approach her best-friends

"Mikan sorry me and Koko can't be with you, you see we promised Anna and Nonoko that we will be with them so bye" Yuu said and off he goes

Mikan faces Hotaru but before she can say anything to her

"Mikan, I'm going to finish my work at my lab so I wont be able to spend this afternoon with you, and don't even bother to follow me" Hotaru said emotionlessly "by the way you need to show Ryuu around since you are his partner" and then went outside.

Mikan was disappointed, her head was down and she was left inside the room with Ryuu.

She faced Ryuu

"So I guess since you are my partner I'm obliged to be with you" she said then sighs

Ryuu stands up and started walking towards the door

"what's taking you so long, let's go now baka" he said with a smirk

"I'm not and idiot, and sorry for keeping you waiting" Mikan said then smiled at him "he is just like Natsume, wonder what is Natsume doing right now, maybe he is at the sakura tree" Mikan thought

"hn…" was only Ryuu's reply

So Mikan and Ryuu started their tour around the campus. Mean while Natsume is waiting for Mikan to come at the Sakura tree.

"what's taking that girl so long" he said irritated to himself

then he heard a bunch of girls talking near him but just didn't mind them until he heard the name of Mikan. So Natsume who is sitting on the branch of the tree listened to the conversation

"You saw the guy who is hanging around Mikan?" one girl said

"Yeah he is really handsome…."

"first it was Natsume she was with last semester and now it's gonna be him"

but before the girls could finish their chat, the temperature around them rise and it was getting hotter by the second, so they decided to leave the place. Natsume is already full anger. He jumps off the tree and finds Mikan. Back to Mikan and Ryuu they are touring around the school when suddenly a metal rod was about to fall right on top of Mikan……

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