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It was horrible. The screaming, the load bangs, the cries for someone to help. She could see everything that had happened during the fight with Overload, as if she was watching from somewhere above . Overload was just approaching Robin and herself when an earth-shattering scream echoed through the chaotic streets. It was then that she realized it was Robin who was screaming. She looked down to see herself flying over to help him when she was knocked unconscious from one of Overload's many tendrils of electricity. Robin was being burned by the electricity coursing through his veins. She could do nothing to help him. She was just another civilian, doing nothing to help. All this time the titans had helped save the city from unimaginable horrors, and when one of them needs help the people they save do nothing. Or so she thought. Just then a small trio of two men and a women ran out from the crowd, towards Robin. Robin was now on the ground wreathing with pain from the electricity and Overload's vice like grip on his arm. They pored water on his arm and sure enough Overload pulled away.

After Overload had pulled away things seemed to dim, and she realized she was being pulled away from the seen. Robin! Robin no!

"Robin! Robin no!" Starfire murmured in her sleep.

"Yo, Cy. She coming around?" Beast Boy asked in a concerned voice. "Yeah B. She's coming around." Cyborg quickly responded while checking some monitors.

"Oh, my head..." Starfire said quietly, while easing herself up from the bed. "Where, where am I?" She asked confusedly to her surrounding friends.

"Your in Titan Tower. You took quite a bump to the head. You'll be fine though, after you have a bite to eat." Cyborg answered while helping her to her feet.

"I had the most horrible dream. Friend Robin and I were fighting the villain known as Overload. I do not remember much as I believe I was thrown into a nearby wall." Starfire told her friends.

"Starfire, that wasn't a dream..." Raven instructed while trying to keep her voice somewhat sympathetic.

"It really happened Star." Beast Boy told her while placing a comforting hand on her solder.

"It can not be..." she stated nervously "Robin was badly damaged. The 'burned' I believe is how you state it. He is fine though yes?"

"Er, well we um we don't really know Star." Cyborg satiated, not meeting her gaze.

"We got a call saying you were injured, so we high tailed it out of there and came and got you. Robin was no were in sight. But I wouldn't worry Star, I mean this is Robin. The Boy Wonder he'll probably prance through the front doors any second as right as rain!"

"But friend Beast Boy, rain is most gloomy and unpleasing. Why would being like rain be pleasant?" She asked quite confusedly to her friends.

"Never mind, Starfire if Robin is injured we need to find him, and get him medical treatment." Raven deadpanned.

"Raven is right friends we must make with the haste and retrieve friend Robin so he is no longer broken!" Starfire was now quite obviously near tears. They all knew she and Robin were close, and not knowing his ware abouts were upsetting and worry some for all of them. Not to mention the fact that he had only just been freed from the med wing, after his little stint and being Slade's apprentice. Though he tried to hide it Slade had been harsh and he had some open wounds that needed stitching, once they arrived home.

"Starfire is very right. Robin needs to be found, we can't lose him again. Not again..."

This was going to work out wonderfully. He had everything in place. He would get his apprentice and he would love it. His plan was full proof. No little gaps for error. No matter which way Robin flew, he would always return to the nest. The nest that is, located in a dark cell, with water dripping in the far corner. He would obey Slade's every command, and if not. Well then if not he would brake the little Robin till there was no strength to fly home, to the titans and the oh so protective Bat.

No, this time it would work.

For sure.

Slade walked down the dark halls of his newly formed tunnel. Upon reaching Robin's cage he full realization hit him. To have the Boy Wonder at his side, would be like a younger form of himself, to continue his rein. To destroy the meaning of justice. If he broke the bird he would become legend. The Jump City Titans would fall without a strong willed leader. The Honorary Titans would fall without a system and dependable mentor. The Justice League would fall at the hands of a destroyed Bat. Losing Robin to Crime and Injustice would be the most wonderful thing. Slade was going to destroy the bird. And he would not fail this time. He would rip off the Robin's wings if he had to. The little Robin that was always taken for granted by the 'heroes' of today would be forever rewarded for his deadly sins at the hands of Slade. He would be forgotten eventually, by those he called friends but in the soon to be crime filled streets of Jump he would be an Idol. And Slade he would be a God.

Slade opened the steal cell door to reveal a damaged and broken Robin, who was clearly lost and nearly unconscious. "Get up!" Slade yelled at Robin while kicking him hard in the stomach. "I...I can't." Robin fumbled."

"You can and you will. Now GET UP!" Slade demanded.

"No." Robin hissed back after spiting on Slade's boot. "You'll wish you hadn't done that." Slade kicked Robin hard in his injured arm. Closely followed by a pain filled scream by a now fully alert Robin. "Robin, Robin, Robin. When will you learn. I am your master, and you will comply to my every demand. You fail and well... you won't like it." Slade taunted. (Though Robin couldn't see it, he knew that Slade was grinning behind the mask).

"You'll what? Tell me I was a bad little bird and throw me back in this cell. Beat me up. There's nothing you can do to me that's worse than what I've already been through. Why don't you just do the Titans and myself a favor, and just give up? You know you can't win."

"You see Robin. I've already won. I won a long time ago. The second I saw your fighting skills I knew you were destined to be my apprentice, and that I was destined to be your master. It was only your denial of the fact that got you this far."

"This time will be far worse, my little bird. It's not your abilities I am trying to harness this time. Those I will get eventually. But this time I will get you in the heart. For all your worth Robin you better rise to the challenge, cause if not well, lets say that your friends and FAMILY, will no longer be such a distraction."

"Slade don't! Do whatever you want to me. Don't hurt them. Please I'll do whatever you want. Just leave them out of this. Just don't hurt them." Robin pleaded to the madman.

"I'll do whatever you say. Just don't hurt them."

It was far too easy to get to the boy. Slade grabbed Robin by his hair and pulled him to his wobbling feet. "That's better." Slade purred. And threw him roughly into the wall.

"I told you I would have you as my apprentice. It is just a matter of time my little bird." And he slammed the door shut, once again leaving Robin alone in the surrounding shadows and soft drip of water in the far corner. "You are most defiantly in trouble this time. But no matter how loud the birdie chirps. Daddy Bat isn't flying to the rescue this time. No, not this time apprentice." Slade happily stated through the door to Robin. "No help is coming this time..."

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