Find My Sister a Boyfriend

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Everyone belongs to whoever made them. The crossover universes will be a surprise and identified at the end of each chapter in a authors note.

Authors Note: This is set about two years after Buffy. Anya is still alive, because I love her and I hated that Joss killed her. Its my story, so there. Also ignoring the whole Immortal thing.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Little D? Somehow I don't think B is gonna like this." Faith watched as Dawn prepared some of the ingredients needed for the spell she and Willow were about to cast in order for their plan to work.

"This is a great idea, Faith. Buffy has been so busy taking care of everyone else since we took over the Council, she isn't taking care of herself. She hasn't been happy in a long time and I want that to change." Dawn replied without turning around.

"Plus, it will help those of us who do get smoochies to not feel guilty because she hasn't since Sunnydale and Spike." Willow added as she stood from drawing the necessary symbols on the floor to deligate where the portal will open. She stretched her back from the bending and turned to approach Dawn to confirm her work.

"That is a bonus."

"I agree with the child. The Slayer has been neglecting herself. Her loneliness grates on my skin. She concerns herself with everyone else before herself. Therefore, it is upon us to see that she is well taken care of." Illyria stated without inflection.

"Not a child, thank-you."

"You will always be a child. I drew breath for centuries before you were made into human form." Hoping to avoid an argument Faith interrupts.

"So it boils down to you wanting to get groiny with your sex-buddies?"

"I wouldn't put it that way." Dawn protested as she and Willow brought the prepared items over to the table containing the cauldron to be used. "Can you move those chairs out for me? I don't want them to be damaged if anything happens with the portal. Giles would kill me. They are like from the 17th Century or something." Faith and Illyria moved the chairs and an end table out of the way. Willow began adding things to the cauldron and a low chanting.

"But that is what it is. Not getting enough make out time with the Miracle child, huh?"

"No, every time we get alone for two minutes Buffy shows up or someone comes looking for us with out a good reason. I know she is forcing them to find us. And you know he hates being called that."

"Duh, it's why I do it."

"It is ready. I just need a drop of Dawn's blood to open the portal."

"Uh, it that wise, Red?" Illyria and Faith moved to flank the two magic users. Willow pricked Dawn's finger and let one drop fall into the simmering cauldron. A small shimmering point of green light appeared in the cleared area. It slowly grew to the size of a doorway. The four women turned to face it and approached the portal.

"Should it be blank like that?" Dawn asked.

"We haven't added the requested attributes yet." Willow replied.

"Oh, yeah." They turned as they heard footsteps nearing the study they were working out of. Anya entered and quickly closed the door behind her.

"I bribed Andrew to let us know when anyone arrives." She moved over to join them. "Oh pretty."

"Who goes first?" Willow asked.

"I vote Dawn, that way when B finds out we can say she started it."

"Hey!" The others smiled at the Oldest Slayers younger sister. "Okay, I wanted to go first anyway." Dawn turned back to the table and removed a scrape of paper from the pile. Grabbing her pen, she wrote the traits she thought most important for the task at hand. As she moved to add it to the cauldron, unnoticed behind the young women the door opened and a young man entered.

"May he be handsome and a good swordfighter." She dropped the paper in and a small puff of smoke rose.

"What are you doing!" The women turned quickly and found the youngest ones boyfriend standing there looking very jealous. "Who needs to be handsome and why?"

"Connor, hi. Uh, we're just, uh..." Willow started. The five women guiltily traded looks, with the exception of Illyria who merely raised one of her eyebrows. Dawn stepped forward and took a deep breath before speaking.

"We are trying to find my sister a boyfriend. What to help?"