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And now, on with the show!

The Huntress' Confession.

A Danny Phantom's story by Acosta Perez Jose Ramiro.

-A Secret, No More.

"Okay, Val, take a deep breath… it's just him, so don't panic… right, keep repeating it and maybe your stomach will stop dancing The Macarena."

Valerie Gray kept talking to herself while pacing back and forth in Casper High's football field. It was almost midnight, and way pass her curfew, but she handled to sneak out of her house so her father didn't suspect a thing; the fact he had a lot of work that day, and was extremely tired to hear her escaping through the window helped a lot.

"I hope he doesn't have any problem to sneak out of his house at well. Otherwise, I'll really feel like a maniac just talking to myself." Valerie sighed, and sat on a bleacher, looking at the night sky. She was sure her call and request to see him at this hour and place was a major surprise for the boy, but she just couldn't wait to talk to him. Maybe, if she allowed herself to think better about what she was about to do, her common sense would click and stop the girl, as it had happened many times in the past.


The girl turned when hearing a male voice whispering her name, and smiled slightly. At a distance, Daniel "Danny" Fenton entered the field, and spotted her. The boy, with a face showing both confusion and happiness, approached her.

"Danny, thanks a lot for coming!" Valerie said to him while giving the boy a tight hug. Danny got a slightly pained expression, but hugged her back. Valerie then gave him a good look, and gasped.

"Danny, what happened to you?" Val asked him in surprise. Now that she could see him better, the girl noticed a few bruises on the boy's face, and was almost sure that his body ached him a little, judging by his reaction when they hugged.

"Well… you know me. I'm the school's official punching bag." Danny rubbed his neck while Val sighed, guessing what happened.

"Danny, I know you boys don't want a girl to protect yourselves, but if you don't tell Lancer about Dash always bullying you, then I'll have to take the problem on my hands, and kick his butt." Valerie told him, making the boy to smile a little; the girl was a ninth grade black belt, so, even if Dash was way stronger, Val could send him to the hospital without breaking a sweat if she really wanted.

"Thanks, Val, but I would hate to see you having problems with him and the rest of the football team. Remember, Dash is the quarterback, and, if he gets suspended because of me telling a teacher, or injured by you, the team will blame us if they lose because of him not playing." Danny told her, and then placed a hand on the girl's shoulder. "Don't worry. I can handle him most of the time; normally, he just shoves me inside a locker, and I have enough practice to escape from it in no time."

Valerie saw the boy's smile and bright blue eyes, and remembered why she had called him. If anyone was kind and forgiving enough for hearing what she was about to confess, it was Danny.

"Good. Look Danny, I really appreciate you coming here… I have something really important to tell you, and it's kind of freaky."

"My family has an inter-dimensional portal on the basement, Val. I don't think you can really freak me out."

"Yeah… that's another reason I called you. Star is a good friend, but she wouldn't understand this as well as you." Valerie paused, and walked a few steps away from Danny. "Okay… it's a little hard to explain it with words, so…"

The girl took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. A moment later, a beeping sound was heard, and her body was covered in an instant by a dark red battle suit that protected her whole body, with a plastic/crystal cover on her face that allowed her to see. Danny gulped, and wide opened his eyes.

"Val… you're the flying ghost huntress?"

"Surprise." Valerie said, removing her cowl so her head could be totally uncovered.

"How? And, most important, why?"

"Remember when my dad lost his job?" Valerie asked him while rubbing her arms. Danny silently nodded. "As you know, it was because that ghost boy and his stupid dog broke into the labs; because of that, my dad and I lost our house, and for the first time in ages, we got money problems. To make things worse, I also lost my popularity. That's when Mister Masters appeared."

"At first it was an anonymous help; he provided me with the weapons and stuff without me knowing who was sending them. When Amity was invaded by that ghost army a few months ago, he finally told me the truth, and started helping me openly. He said he chose me because I was motivated to fight ghosts, plus having the physical abilities to handle the weapons; sure, most of the time I can't go toe-to-toe against a ghost because they can turn intangible, or have super-strength, but my karate training gave me the reflexes and stamina needed both to use the weapons and use the flying sled correctly."

"But ghost hunting is a very dangerous business, Val!" Danny said to her. "My parents have enough gadgets and gizmos to stop almost any ghost, and even they rarely fight alone. You hate Phantom that much to risk your life fighting him on your own?"

"Certainly, there's no lost love between us, I can tell you." Valerie confessed. "Every time I had been tempted to give him a truce, he had done something to make me anger. First, he made Dad discover my secret, and, of course, he wasn't happy. And then, well, remember when that red suited guy attacked you? It was my first battle outfit, controlled by a ghost… and Phantom destroyed it in a snap! That could have been me, Danny!" Valerie wide opened her eyes and gulped a little because of that memory. "And finally, he stole a space suit from Axion Labs… good thing that now ghostly attacks are common knowledge, so nobody blamed my father for that, but you get my point."

Danny looked down, and, for a moment, Valerie thought he was actually getting a guilty look. She shook her head, since obviously Danny had no reasons to feel that way, so guessed he was just feeling sorry for her problems.

"And… why you suddenly decided to tell me this?" Danny asked after a few seconds. Valerie sat again in the bleachers, and Danny placed next to her.

"Not surprisingly, because something happened today between me and Phantom. And… it kind of changed my whole perspective… or maybe he just gave my common sense a very need push." Valerie told him, and then started narrating her last encounter against her nemesis.