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Seven years have passed… since Sasuke left. Konohagakure stayed the same. Of course, it did have a new head in the Hokage monument but that's about as much as it had changed. The people in Konoha were the ones that actually changed… well at least some of them…

Inside the Hokage's office was a commotion that could leave anyone who's near the office deaf.

"Tsunade-baa-chan! You let her go off on another suicide mission again! How could you? Didn't you say that you loved her like if she were your daughter? I demand an explanation this minute baa-chan!" Naruto said screaming his head off and slamming his hands on the Hokage's desk.

Tsunade was doing her usual paperwork and completely ignored the blonde's screaming. During these seven years, Naruto had changed into a handsome young man. He became Jounin at the age of sixteen and then finally became an ANBU last year. His blue eyes had widened into two large sapphires and his blonde hair had grown a little. His body is well-toned and any girl would die to be with him.

Tsunade stared at the loud-mouth and then went back to her paperwork, trying to ignore him. Naruto noticed this and he wouldn't let that happen. No one ignores Naruto Uzumaki!

-"If you don't answer me I'll tell Shizune what you actually do when you go on your weekly "meetings" with the council." Naruto whispered to Tsunade. Tsunade jeked her head up and glared daggers at Naruto.

-"You wouldn't dare" she said showing anger in her voice. Naruto grinned at this and was heading towards the door to leave the office. The fifth looked at him and sighed. "So Jiraya told you about my little outings to ditch the office and Shizune but that doesn't mean you can go and tell anyone about it." Naruto looked back at her and his grin disintegrated. He went and sat in a chair in front of her desk and his face turned instantly into a frown.

-"I'm worried about her baa-chan. Sakura-chan has turned into a cold person. She always gives me one of her fake smiles and she barely does anything but train. Have you seen how skinny she's gotten? Everytime Kakashi-sensei and I invite her to eat with us she says no and before she used to love going out with us to eat. She barely laughs…. if I didn't know better I would think that she's turning into Sasuke. Ever since the incident with her...um...father she's like that and now you send her on another of those stupid missions again." Naruto said with a long sigh after.

- "I know how frustrating it must feel because I feel the same way Naruto but Sakura is an adult and she can take care of herself. I have an idea, Sakura is getting back from her mission today. Why don't you go and wait for her at the gates. I'm sure she might have some wounds of some kind that she couldn't heal. You could be there and get her." Naruto's face lit up and in a second disappeared in a poof. "Finally I got rid of him." Tsunade sighs and gets a bottle of sake that she hid under her desk. She starts drinking it when all of a sudden two ANBU barge into the office. She quickly hides the bottle back and stands up from her seat and looks at the two ANBU. "Don't either of you know how to knock?" she asks rather bitterly.

-"We're sorry Hokage-sama but there's an emergency"one of the ANBU informed. Tsunade looks at him waiting for them to explain further. Seeing this as his cue the Anbu said "Uchiha Sasuke is back in Konoha and is in the hospital needing your attention".

-"Who let him in?" The Anbu glanced at eachother and then finally the other that hadn't spoken cleared his throat.

-"We did Hokage-sama"


-"He was severely wounded and he may die if you don't help him" Tsunade gave them a nod and left with them towards the hospital.

Meanwhile in front of Konoha's gates, a kunoichi in an ANBU uniform is walking with a feline's mask in her left hand. Her pink locks, that are up to her hips, are mixed in with blood. It isn't her own blood, it is the blood of those that got in her way during her last mission. Her clothes are filled with blood as well and she has several gashes on her legs and a few scratches on her arms. Her chakra is completely depleted and only a few is left of it. Her face remains without a scratch because all of the men she fought didn't try hitting her there for some reason. As she entered through the gates, everyone looked towards her, stopping everything they were doing to gaze at the beautiful kunoichi that everyone knew as Sakura Haruno. Her emerald orbs that used to shine and brighten anyone's day are now dull and without emotion. After all these years, the people in Konoha call her "the blossomed beauty". She has the perfect body and a perfect face. Although she risks her life and recieves many wounds, her skin stays as wonderful as ever.

As she walks, she feels the gazes on her from the townspeople. Sakura is used to it because they always do that, as if having her around is dangerous. People are scared of what she can do to them and she doesn't blame them. Her twelve year old self would've been thinking the same thing as all of them if she had seen herself seven years later around the streets of Konoha. Breaking her train of thoughts by a loud yell of a person that she knows all too well...Naruto.

-"Sakura-chaaaaaaaaan!" came running Naruto towards her.

-"Hey Naruto, what are you doing here?" she asked as she lifted one of her eyebrows.

-"I came over to wait for you to get back from your last mission". He said with his fox grin.

-"Aa" she said as she started walking and him coming along right next to her. Naruto looked at her and he knew that most of the blood wasn't hers so that meant that she wasn't very injured. With this in mind he started thinking about a few things and went off in his world. 'I wonder what my Hinata-chan is doing right now' Naruto started thinking about what his girlfriend was doing when Sakura knocked him out of this thought when she said "what are you thinking?" Naruto looked at her.

-"Why do you ask Sakura-chan?"

-"You're drooling and you were smiling".

-"Um...well...you see...I was thinking bout...-"


-"Huh? How did you know?"

-" I didn't". Naruto looked at her with a questioning look. Sakura was staring at something so he turns around to where she was looking to see Hinata coming their way.

-"Hello Sakura-san and Naruto-kun" she says with a smile. Hinata was one of those people that didn't change a lot. She doesn't stutter anymore unless she's very nervous. Her hair is still the same though and she's still as shy as ever. Her body is probably what changed the most. She has beautiful curves and she has a nice body.

-"Hello Hinata-san, it's good to see you but I have to go to the hospital. I'll see you both later" Sakura said as she walked off leaving the couple alone. Naruto and Hinata had gotten together four years ago when Naruto was assigned a mission with Hinata and she told him that she liked him. After that Naruto started noticing her more until he saw the beauty and everything wonderful about Hinata. He asked her out after the mission ended and since then they're together.

-"Bye Sakura-chan" Naruto said as he saw one of his best friends leave towards the hospital. He turned his gaze to look at Hinata. She was nervous for some reason and he knew it when he saw her. "What's wrong Hinata-chan?". Hinata turned to meet his gaze.

-"Naruto-kun I was looking for you because their is something you have to know." Hinata moved her eyes to another direction and tried to avert his eyes. "Um...well... the thing is... Sa...Sasuke...He...He's b-b-back-k". Naruto's eyes widened and couldn't contain himself.


-"Naruto-kun please let go. Hokage-sama knows about Sasuke-san and he's in the hospital right now. I'm worried about Sakura-san. I don't know how she's going to take it when she sees him and that's why I'm worried Naruto-kun." Naruto let go of Hinata.

-"I'm sorry Hinata-chan. I hope Sakura-chan doesn't have another breakdown like she used to. Let's go see Sasuke-teme! I'm sure he'll be happy to see me and we can go tell Sakura-chan about the teme before she sees him." Hinata smiled at this. Although still being a little uneasy about the Sakura thing, she decided not to show it so Naruto wouldn't have to worry more than he's already worried. Naruto and worrying don't go together in her opinion. With that thought in mind, Hinata left with Naruto holding her waist with his arm.