Hmm…I don't want to die so I decided to update

Hmm…I don't want to die so I decided to update.


She woke up feeling better then ever. Sakura felt like a new woman and she was so happy about everything and everyone that she started kissing every picture she had in her room and hugging it.

She finally can open that chest that kept all of her mother's secrets! Sakura had to admit that if it weren't for Sasuke, one of her biggest dreams wouldn't have come true.

Sasuke….they're married now. This made her whole body tingle. Was it from excitement or happiness? No way. She didn't want to be with Sasuke. He made her marry him.

She sighed and decided that it was best for her to go wake him up. For some reason, she wanted him to see the chest with her.

As she entered his room, she noticed that Sasuke was still sleeping in his bed. For some reason, this made Sakura laugh. She always thought that Sasuke was a morning person, but instead he sleeps until late. After all, it's already 11:30.

She decided to surprise him as she crept towards him in slow motion, like a cat.

What Sakura didn't know was that Sasuke noticed when she opened the door and can hear her perfectly trying to surprise him.

When his bed started to feel the weight of something she had pounced on him, but he was ready as he grabbed her and pulled her right to his arms.

"Got you again." He said as he pulled her close to him so he could smell her scent. Sakura was so surprised, she tried to push herself off of him, but his grip on her didn't loosen.

"Let go, Sasuke-kun!" As this statement, both of them froze and stared at one another.

"Did you just call me….?" He looked at her and then smirked as he pulled her back unto him.

"I-I-I-I don't know what I was thinking. I was just so…happy this morning that I didn't notice and I really don't mean it because why would I call you that again if I don't like you anymore and I don't call you that anymore and…I-I-I-I-" She was cut off from her nervous rambling by lips that crushed onto hers. When they separated, Sakura looked in a daze at Sasuke's face. He smirked.

"Don't ruin the moment." He brought her lips back to his as he stuck his tongue into her mouth and she opened immediately. He started trailing one of his hands down to grip one of her butt cheeks. She squeaked and knowing where this would lead, she pushed herself off of him, this time succeeding.

AS she got out of his bed with a blush on her face, she looked back at Sasuke.

"I came to ask if you wanted to come with me to open the chest." She stated looking away from his eyes.

He looked surprised at her, knowing that the chest issue was a big thing for her. He kind of felt special. He smirked as he got up and hugged her from behind.

"Anything for my wife." He said as he kissed her neck. She shivered under his touch and he smiled a small smile, as he smells her hair. She grew even redder with the blush covering all of her face.

"Th-then I think we should go. I really can't wait much longer." She got out of his hug and got up. She looked back at him and then looked away nervously.

He got up while scratching the back of his head to take away the grogginess that he felt from waking up.

"So, where is the chest?" he asked. She looked at him straight in the eyes.

"The library. It used to be my parents room and I made it into a library after my f- he died." She couldn't help not wanting to say that word. Every time she was about to say 'father' something inside of her would start hurting.

Sasuke knew what was wrong and why Sakura was looking down at the floor. He grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the room.

"Let's do this." He said as he led Sakura to the door and opened it.

Although Sakura had already told him that he could go into the room a long time ago, he never did because he wasn't as curious about it. He was more curious about Sakura's room.

The doorbell rang before they entered the room and Sasuke looked at Sakura for approval. She let go of his hand and he went to open the door.

"This special delivery is for Ms. Haruno. Is she here?" Sasuke looked back to see Sakura walking towards the man at the door. "It's from your friends Tenten-san and Lee-san." He stated as an after thought. "I'm the messenger."

Sakura took the package and put it on the table next to the couch. It was flowers along with a card in the middle of it. She looked back at the man standing; he must be waiting for a tip. She went up to him and rummaged her pockets.

As she was about to give him something, Sasuke had beaten her to it and gave the man a tip.

As the man looked at how much money the dark haired man gave him, he started to bow and splutter out 'thank you' a million times over before he left.

Sasuke slammed the door shut and looked at the flowers. He then looked at Sakura as she stared at him.

"Lee? Is that man still infatuated with you?!" Sasuke's sharingan activated as he glared at the flowers. "Sakura I want an explanation now!" He looked like he was about to kill the poor flowers. Sakura stood in front of the flowers, just in case and shook her head.

"Im sure there is an explanation to this since Lee-san has been going out with Tenten for the past two years." Sasuke's sharingan deactivated and he decided too sit down on the couch in front of the flowers.

"So what is this about?" Sakura approached the card and opened it. Sasuke stared at her to see her expression and noticed how her eyes widened in shock.

"They're getting married!" Sasuke stood up from the couch and took the card in his hand. "It's an invitation, Sasuke. It clearly states right there," she pointed with her finger to a certain location in the card, "Haruno Sakura has been cordially invited to Tenten and Lee's wedding." She smiled at the thought. They were finally going to be happy.

She always wanted to marry like that with…Sasuke.

Said man threw the card on the desk and looked back at Sakura. He grabbed her waist and brought her to him.

"I don't see how you're invited to it, since there it clearly states that HARUNO Sakura is invited, not UCHIHA Sakura." He stated with a smirk as he put his forehead against hers.

Sakura blushed and sighed.

"Well it's your fault that they don't know we're married."

He didn't notice what she was saying because he was too busy staring at her lips. They seemed to be taunting him. They were just asking to be kissed, and who was he to deny them?

He plunged his mouth into hers and started licking her lower lip for entrance. Sakura blushed and gave in as Sasuke started to explore her mouth. Quickly she knew what he wanted, and she wasn't going to give it to him…yet.

She pushed him away and fingered her necklace, showing Sasuke what it was they were going to do before they were interrupted.

Sasuke sighed and nodded.


The chest was in full-blown sight. It was actually very big, nothing like he had imagined it.

Slowly Sakura approached the chest. She was slightly trembling as she unlocked the sword from the heart and put it on the lock.

It immediately clicked open and Sakura lifted the lid up.

She gasped as Sasuke's eyes widened clearly.

The chest contained pictures, documents, and jewelry but what made Sasuke and Sakura gasp was that the first picture in plain sight was of the Uchiha family and the Haruno family together.

Sakura lifted the picture up as Sasuke knelt right next to her to stare at it too.

There was a note in back of the picture.

The handwriting was her mother's. She was sure of it

The day the contract of matrimony was set. The Haruno family and the Uchiha family will finally become one. Haruno Sakura is going to marry Uchiha Sasuke, so both families can support each other's interests.

Sasuke looked at Sakura and Sakura looked at Sasuke at the same time.

"We were destined." The both uttered at the same time as a tear slid down Sasuke's right eye and Sakura's left eye.


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