Summary: stuck in an apartment on the labs tab, with alcohol, a pool and board games. Doesn't that sound like fun! GSR and YoBling

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"I can't believe the lab finally came through after they refused to refund my hotdog money," exclaimed Greg.

"Your hotdog money?" asked Sara looking quizzical.

"I had to buy twenty brands and they refused to pay up," cried Greg shifting in his seat.

"Are you blackmailing Ecklie?" came Cath's voice from the front passenger seat of the Tahoe.

"No. What makes you say that?" asked Grissom looking away from the road for a second.

"Well its Ecklie, all of a sudden he decides to pay for us all to stay in a apartment out of town"

"Well he sent us to the crime scene it's only fair he gives us somewhere to stay" said Warrick shifting and almost elbowing Sara in the face.

"Isn't it someone else's turn to sit here?" asked Sara directing the question at Cath. Stuck squashed in the back seat were Greg, Warrick, Sara and Nick.

"If we swap now I'll have to go out in the rain and we'll get wet. It' s really not worth it" said Cath

"But it was worth it when you got to move "smiled Nick

"It wasn't raining as heavy then" replied Cath. It was true the rain had increased from a slight drizzle to a downpour with added thunder and lightening.

"I bet it's a small apartment where we all have to sleep standing," said Greg twisting the map round on his lap.

"Well you can all stand and I'll lay in the back of the car" smiled Sara.

"It's probably infested with bugs," said Nick

"Grissom can stay in it then" laughed Sara.

"Are you implying something?" asked Grissom

"I'm implying you'd probably find a house been fumigated the most interesting place in the world."

"No, infestations are only one species I prefer verity," replied Grissom getting a groan from the back of the car.

"Are we nearly there yet it's nearly ten" said Greg looking at his watch and waving it around.

"Is it past your bed time?" asked Sara in mocking tone.

"Funny" replied Greg trying to reach across Warrick and hit her but got nowhere.

"Children, see this is why were not allowed too far from the lab the children get over excited," mocked Cath.

"Ha ha" mocked Greg turning the map once again.

"So which way?" asked Grissom as they approached a turning.

"Straight on" replied Greg looking down at the map

"Well that's going to be hard because there's no straight on" replied Grissom slowing down.

"Oh um…then I think we may be lost"

"GREG" shouted everyone.

"Sorry" mumbled Greg.

"There's a gas station over there we could ask for directions" suggested Warrick making out a light through the downpour of rain.

"At least we get a shift off," said Greg trying to get himself out of trouble.

"Only because we'd arrive back in town about five minutes before It, Ecklie's worried we'd all collapse and sue him," laughed Catherine.

"I'm hungry has anyone got any food" asked Nick looking hopeful

"No, but we can get something from the gas station I could use something to eat" replied Sara.

"How can you be hungry after the scene we just worked" asked Warrick

"Oh come on Warrick we've seen worse," said Cath turning round giving him a look.

"Yes but that made me consider been a vegetarian" he said smiling at Cath

"He's seen the light," mocked Sara

"I thought you were going to start crying when you saw the pig," laughed Greg getting hit across the head as Sara reached behind Warrick hitting him as well.

"I thought Grissom was going to ask to keep it," laughed Cath.

"Even I wouldn't want that in my office!" remarked Grissom.

"A dead pig with flags and bugs poked in it. I think it would fit right in," laughed Sara.

"What I didn't get is why would the kid feed it to his sister, I mean even if you don't' get on that's a bit extreme giving cooked decomposing pig to your little sister" said Nick making a disgusted face.

"And that is why I'll be put off food for ever, well about an hour at least" said Warrick as everyone gave him looks.

"Well you may never get the chance to eat if we don't get to the apartment soon" said Cath as they pulled up at the deserted gas station. "This looks like where they go in the movies and find everyone inside dead" she added.

"Just our luck we'd find another crime scene," commented Sara

"I was thinking more you go inside and never come out, then we go in looking for you"

"And the man says they've been dead twenty years" mocked Greg in a spooky voice

"Give me the map," said Grissom taking it from Greg as Cath glared at him

"We'll go inside and ask for directions," said Greg shoving Sara along the seat as he climbed over Warrick.

"And get supplies encase we get lost again" said Sara.

"You make it sound like he would get us lost," commented Catherine as Sara pushed the door open against the howling wind.

"Your mad going out in that" said Cath as rain came in the door.

"I've been sat with this lot for over an hour if I don't get out there is a chance I'll murder them all" said Sara grabbing her waterproof and holding it over her head as she made a run for the door followed by Greg and Nick.

It was funny watching them run. Sara seemed to be having trouble staying upright in the wind along with Greg; Cath almost expected them to take off.

"Were on the wrong road" said Grissom suddenly flipping through several pages off the map. "In fact according to Greg we were in the wrong state" he added.

"Translation?" asked Cath

"We should have turned left three turnings ago," replied Grissom shutting the map and handing it to Catherine.

"Where did everyone go" he added realising the back seat was empty except Warrick who was taking the opportunity to stretch his legs.

"They went to get food, that or they've all done a runner" added Cath.

"No their coming back, damn their going to make the seat all wet" said Warrick moving over to the far right hand side so that he wasn't stuck in the middle any more.

The rain was lashing down. Nick was first holding a carrier bag in one hand and his hood up with the other running but not going fast because he was almost blown sideways by the wind. Behind him was Greg who looked like he was dancing as his feet skipped around been pushed by the wind.

Last of all was Sara who was running full pelt towards the car in attempt not to get soaked through after her waterproof took off, unfortunately in her hurry she tripped on a rock. She fell face first down skidding forwards slightly palms outreach in front of her and legs spread out behind her.

Nick was getting in the car as she fell closely follow by Greg who burst into laughter. Quickly Sara got herself up and ran back to the car slamming the door as she got in, her face was red with embarrassment and her hands and knees stung slightly.

"Oh I wish I had my camera then" laughed Greg.

"Ow" mumbled Sara rubbing the dirt of her hands. All three were now dripping wet onto the back seat and Greg and Nick from their coats which they were removing and throwing across into the back.

"Are you ok?" Cath asked Sara tuning round in her seat.

"She's bleeding," said Warrick pointing to where a small red patch was forming on Sara's trousers at her left knee.

"It's fine," said Sara looking at the floor trying to hide her embarrassment.

"If your hurt you should get it looked at," said Grissom starting the engine as he suddenly became concerned about Sara but knowing if he showed it he would embarrass her more.

"Let me see," said Cath going into mother mode. Sara rolled her trousers up to reveal a small cut and then showed the grazes on her palms.

"See nothing" said Sara

"Here put a plaster on it" said Cath fishing around in the first aid kit.

"I don't need one"

"God I swear Lindsey wasn't this difficult when she was seven" said Cath as Sara snatched the plaster from her and placed it on her knee.

"So asides from your trip what did you get?" asked Warrick looking at the bag Nick was fishing through.

"Food" he replied handing out sandwiches and chocolate bars.

"Give me the chocolate," said Sara grabbing a bar

"Sara a secret chocoholic" smiled Cath taking a bar.

"It's from not eating meat she has to have something good" laughed Nick

"You shouldn't give them one they didn't go out and get wet," said Greg ruffling his wet hair up.

"Your dripping all over the seat" said Warrick shifting away from Nick who was trying to wring out his trousers.

"At least your not all muddy" laughed Greg looking at Sara who had wiped the mud off her hands onto the top of her trousers that had mud on the knees.

"Right" with that Sara unscrewed the lid of the coke bottle she had and poured it directly over Greg's head.

"HEY" shouted Greg as everyone else laughed including Grissom who allowed a small smile to grace his lips as he looked at Sara. "Oh now I'm all sticky" he said almost whining trying to brush it all out his hair.

"Children when you have finished" said Grissom bringing the car to a halt "were here" he added.

TBC ……………..

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